2021 Nissan Patrol Redesign, Interior, Price & Release Date

2021 Nissan Patrol is a refresher given to the sixth generation which was first launched in 2010. The Japanese manufacturer considers Patrol as an icon of its SUV heritage, specifically designed to overcome some driving conditions without compromising driving comfort.

In its long history, Patrol has been available in both a three-door chassis with a short wheelbase (SWB) and a long chassis (LWB) since 1951.

“Patrol is one of our longest-standing and most valued models, with a long and proud legacy,” said Joni Paiva, regional vice president of Africa, the Middle East, and India’s Nissan region. “The new Nissan Patrol represents the ultimate in luxury and highest capabilities and will continue to provide authentic experiences to loyal customers.”

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2021 Nissan Patrol Redesign

The early sixth generation, refreshment done by giving a sharper impression on this powerful SUV. The front and rear on the exterior of the Nissan Patrol 2021 look a little changed, with a side view that is almost the same as the previous model.

Front Exterior

In this facelift version, Nissan presents several new clearer display angles. Make a new Patrol in line with the design of the latest Nissan models. V-Motion grille on the front exterior of the Nissan Patrol 2021 looks sharp and prominent. The headlamp display gets the impression of an LED corner light. Seen from the outward appearance, loyal fans of this car will find various similarities in the Nissan Titan which made its debut this September.

Side Exterior

The sharp design at the corner becomes a new chance given to this car, not least on the side. Footrests are still provided, considering this SUV has a fairly high ground clearance. One of the changes is the addition of a black rearview mirror cover. And for the luxury of this car, the exterior side of the Nissan Patrol 2021 is equipped with an 18-inch rim, up to a 22-inch option.


The iconic changes from the off-roader look less dramatic on the back. Previously swollen rear bumper disappeared for a sharper design. The boomerang-style rear lights also provide a fresher look of Patrol along with a new chrome-plated nameplate.

Viewed from the rear exterior of the Nissan Patrol 2021, the overall shape is made much more cohesive. You could say the design is made more intimidating than before. One other fact, this new Patrol is the first Nissan to include an animated or sequential turn signal.

2021 Nissan Patrol Interior

This car embraces the macho concept thoroughly.  Also, Nissan claims there is a ‘significant reduction’ in noise and vibration – which became one of the highlights of this new generation of Nissan Patrol. The air conditioner has also been optimized for ‘faster airflow and cooling recalls’.


The dashboard section gets more changes. With a quiet cabin, the dashboard of the Nissan Patrol 2021 gets Nissan’s future design. Not just one, there are two screens on the middle stack for map display at the top and info, like HVAC, at the bottom. Compare with the pre-facelift version which only has one screen.

Steering Wheel

Just like a new vehicle in general, multi-function steering also implanted in this car. But the difference is, there are more buttons arranged neatly in the middle of the Nissan Patrol 2021 driver. Also, there is an accent that gives the impression of luxury to the driver’s grip.


Luxury is not only in the technology provided but also in comfort when driving for the driver and passengers. To facilitate you while on the road, there is heating and cooling technology on the front seat. Compared to the previous model, the Nissan Patrol 2021 seat gets leather seats with additional cushioning with hand seams.


Compared to previous generations, there have been many improvements in entertainment technology and vehicle safety. There are many entertainment features there are center consoles, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as several additional features that you can buy. All features of the Nissan Patrol 2021 include the Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which already uses in the new Nissan models.

Active Safety Features

As previously explained, there will be more active safety features for Nissan Patrol 2021 standards than the first generation. The two variants marketed are likely to get a complete package of advanced safety systems, such as autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection as well as blind zone warnings and traffic warnings at the rear.

Engine Specs

The latest Patrol standard equipment comes with a 4.0-liter V6 engine that able to produce 275 horsepower and a maximum torque of 394 Nm. Nissan also added an optional increase of 5.6 liters V6-powered 400 horsepower and 560 Nm of torque on the Nissan Patrol 2021 operating system.

For operation, it still looks the same. This car still uses a seven-speed automatic gearbox that delivers power to all wheels. With great power, Nissan claims this car is capable of pulling loads up to 3,855 kilograms. The V8 powered model is also available with Nissan’s adaptive Hydraulic Body Motion Control suspension system.

2021 Nissan Patrol Price

Nissan said that some markets will get this car next year. While in Qatar itself, the price of Nissan Patrol 2021 with 7 variants starts at $55,000 for the lowest version. As for the highest variant, consumers in the Middle East must spend starting at $86,000.

Although 9 years is a long time for Nissan to launch its new generation, the 2021 Nissan Patrol is one of the refreshments Patrol needs for this car. The addition of the latest Nissan technology and an improved safety system are the reasons for choosing this car.