2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax Diesel: Specs, Price, Performance

A new model of GMC 3500HD will be released in 2020, although it is still a rumor. This heavy-duty truck is very powerful and can load so many things because it has a bigger cabin. This car can easily run on a highway full of speed.

This is the new product from Sierra that you really want to have. Somehow, you may wonder how this New GMC 3500HD Duramax looks like. Thus, let us find out what you will get on this new GMC 3500HD released in two years to go.

2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax Redesign & Changes

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2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax Redesign

The latest model currently available in the 2019 GMC 3500HD Duramax, and there is a chance that the new 2020 model will be coming soon with a new Duramax V engine for better performance.

We can say that it is the ultimate workhouse that is designed with lofty towing and spacious interior. This car’s basic design may not change too much, but it may be larger or better than the previous model.

There are so many things that the maker has to pay attention to. It seems that many car owners feel satisfied with the previous models, but they want something cool and new.

Interior Changes

When you get inside the cabin, you will be amazed at the interior design, which brings a futuristic concept with all black accents. The 2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax has a really complete interior that brings 2 airbags. You can see the floor covering that uses rubberized vinyl flooring.

This car is completed with large seating with a comfortable coating. The dashboard looks so perfect with multimedia function along with its color LCD screen.

It is also equipped with a 6 speaker audio system, cruise control, rear vision camera, and much more.

2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax Interior Updates

Exterior Restyling

2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax may get a little chance on its exterior. But, we cannot confirm yet because it is not released yet. Somehow, we can conclude that it may get a little change on its front side that will bring a new look despite its not being too significant.

The GMC letters will still be there because it is the typical style of this car. It will also still use the original black accent with a shiny coating. The front lights will use LED lights for the futuristic style.

2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax Engine Specs & Fuel Economy

This new model of GMC 3500HD 2020 will use the Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine that will be more powerful to give better performance on the road. Of course, this can produce speed at maximum compared to the previous model.

The current available GMC 3500HD Duramax can now produce 920 lb-ft of torque at 1600 rpm. This performance is enough to give better acceleration despite your drive on difficult tracks.

This new Duramax 6.6 engine will have a better driving experience compared to the previous model. It is only designed with 6 speed Allison automatic transmission and paired with an automatic speed of Hydra Matic.


THE 2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax has several features that you may not find in the model of 2015, 2016, and 2018.

However, it may look similar to the 2019 model. In general, this car is enough to become a modern truck. It is equipped with a double airbag, 3.5 diagonal monochromatic driver information center, a transfer case with floor-mounted shifter, trailering package, trailer brake controller, and much more.

One more thing is that the 2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax is fuel-efficient with a fuel tank capacity of 136 liters. It seems that the latest model of 2020 GMC 3500HD will bring a larger carbo box. Overall, the feature is not significantly different from the 2019 model, but we do not know the exact additional features.


In all modern cars, safety is the most important part that manufacturers must pay attention to. What about 2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax? When talking about safety, this car is undoubtedly equipped with 2 airbags for the front passengers.

Moreover, this car is also completed with a teen driver, a stability control system with traction control, proactive roll avoidance, and StabiliTrak. Another cool feature for the safety is the rear vision camera’s availability to go back without seeing the mirror.

Meanwhile, a few things are not included, such as hill descent control, forward collision alert, front and rear park assist, and others.

2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax Release Date & Price

Update: GMC 3500 HD Already available at the dealership. The Price starts at $63,700 for the HD Denali.

THE new GMC 3500HD Duramax is actually a new model that nobody knows when it will be released. You may check the previous GMC 3500HD Duramax release this year, but you have to wait for the 2020 model. Everybody is currently waiting for it because they want to know what’s new on this GMC truck.

Hopefully, a big change will make all truck lovers impressed, and they would like to replace their old car. We only have to wait for the release until the end of 2019, and according to the rumor, the maker is still producing this new model.


You may wait for the release date of the 2020 GMC 3500HD Duramax 4X4, and certainly, you also wonder the price that will be offered. As we know that the current price of the 2019  GMC 3500HD is about $40,000.

Maybe the 2020 model’s price will be higher, or it may cost about $45000. There is no relevant information about this car price until the official release date is officially informed. All we need to do is to wait for it.

In conclusion, we know that the 2020 GMC 3500HD Dually is not released yet, and it will not be released soon in 2018. However, the official has confirmed that the new  GMC 3500HD Duramax will be available in 2020, and we only have to wait for this moment to come.

Of course, there will be major changes in this new model compared to the previous one. It may have a bigger carbo box, a more sophisticated dashboard, 6 airbags, better design, and body-color options. This can be your great chance to replace your old new car, or you may add your car collection.