2021 Nissan Rogue Redesign, Specs, Price & Release Date

2021 Nissan Rogue is not a foreign name in the Nissan catalog. This car has many names in various countries. For the Japanese market, this SUV carries the name Nissan Dualis. in some countries this Nissan compact SUV is known as Nissan X-Trail. While the American market calls this SUV by the name of Rogue.

In this latest series, Naughty try to offer a variety of newer specifications in terms of interior, exterior and others. What is the new look of this SUV? Immediately, we are together in this Nissan Rouge 2021 review.

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2021 Nissan Rogue Redesign Exterior

Through the exterior appearance of the 2021 Nissan Rogue, it looks more manly, brave and sportier than before. Nissan, as a manufacturer, also provides a variety of uses to make this catalog look fresher.

Refresh the Front Angle

From the front side, for example, the main lights which come with LED DRL try to come with maximizing lighting, especially at night. The grill also more ferocious with the air cavity made larger than before. Also, the V-shape chrome on the grill to give a dashing impression on this car.

As a complement, the greatness of the Nissan logo is also embedded in the middle to radiate identity. Also, the bumper with a large design is pinned to strengthen the front of this car.

Not only that but also use variations of black air in the middle to add the impression of aerodynamics and fog lights through the house to provide additional lighting. As a complement, it also features a light sensor and rain sensor and a camera. Quite complete is not the front of the Rogue?

Side View

While on the side, Nissan provides curved designs on this site to provide a difference from the previous series that use flat.

The addition of the arch also directly adds to the sporty side of this SUV. To keep it looking dashing, alloy wheels with 18-inch metal gun accents are also presented to strengthen the legs.

Rear View

Moving to the back, Naughty has a look that is quite similar to its competitors, the Toyota Harrier. From the curved side to the stop design and the taillights combination at a glance 11-12. As a differentiator, Nissan is trying to embed a larger bumper with chrome accents to reinforce the impression of a solid on the backside.

Do not stop there, the manufacturer from the country of this rising sun also pinned the power of the rear door and camera sensors on the back to support vehicle parking activities. Overall, the exterior of the Rogue is different from the previous series and Nissan as the manufacturer is quite telling to “refresh” one of these catalogs.

2021 Nissan Rogue Interior

From the interior, the Japanese manufacturer is also trying to bring comfort and support for its users by pinning significant space in the cabin. This is due to the wide legroom and pinned headrests. Even all the seats that are pinned are also low-fatigue design. Not to mention, you can also choose the interior coloring. Here’s the detail about the interior:


Move to the dashboard, monitor screen to support entertainment and information needs. From the entertainment side, features such as CD room, Bluetooth, USB port and others have been provided. As for the information feature, there are various needs to maximize such as the rear view of the camera to the navigation system. Not qualify enough? As a complement, the best quality Bose speakers also come to produce maximum sound.

Steering Wheel

While in the steering section, integrated steering wheel control features that function to activate various features on the panel without having to move hands on the steering wheel. The steering part itself also equipped with telescopic steering which functions to adjust the steering wheel by comfort.

The driver and front passenger seats are also equipped with an electric seat. Which functions to adjust the seat position so that it is as comfortable as possible. Finally, the dual panel speedometer also comes to provide the latest information about the vehicle starting from the mileage, the ratio of fuel usage and so on.


Looking at the rear seats, foot room and headrest provided is quite maximum. Even so, the available leg support is not exactly qualified because space is quite. Also, to support comfort, I pinned a small AC in the middle to provide coolness.

Both the foot room and headroom provided seem very narrow and uncomfortable. While in the trunk, this SUV is arguably having qualify space to store goods because the space provided is quite. Fortunately, Nissan provides another option to maximize space by folding the seats in the third row which is fairly minimalist. How do you feel about the interior of the Nissan Rouge 2021?


Besides the features provided, Nissan also inserts various additional features to support driving comfort such as the All Wheel Drive (AWD) which functions to move all parts of the wheel without exception. The existence of this feature is very useful for various extreme terrain. That is full of holes and uneven roads. Also, Hill Start Assist is given to strengthen acceleration. When the car is on a hill or a derivative. Active Trace Control is also present to make the car stable when there is a shift.

Engine Specs

From the engine side, Nissan armed the Rogue with a 2.5-liter DOHC engine with 16 valves and 4 cylinders. The engine has a combination of 2,488 cc which is capable of spewing power up to 170 hp at 6,000 pm. Besides, this car is also capable of issuing torque of 175 lb-ft at 4,400 rpm rotation.

Not only that, as a sweetener, also embedded Multi Points Injection which serves to maximize the power of the car but still fuel-efficient. Besides that, the tank capacity of this car is quite large namely 60 liters. Great for the Nissan Rogue 2021 engine?

2021 Nissan Rogue Release Date and Price

Nissan USA has announced updates and prices for the latest release of Rogue Nissan, with an initial price of $25,795. It also announced that his SUV will be a fuel-efficient model. The Nissan Rogue Hybrid powered by a hybrid four-cylinder powertrain that produces 176 hp. For the hybrid, it stated the price will be around $28,595.

Overall, the 2021 Nissan Rogue is a sporty and sporty SUV from the outside and comfortable and rich in features on the inside. The value of Rogue reflected in the engine’s capacity and the economical fuel combustion. Also, this car is suitable for use on various terrains. whether it’s urban areas with stop and go contours and other difficult terrains. In terms of price, this car is arguably quite competitive because it costs under half a billion.