2020 Ford Escape Redesign, Specs & Release Date

Here is The New 2020 Ford Escape Updates. Ford is one of the most popular luxury car makers that produces powerful city cars worldwide, especially in the USA. Ford Escape is one of their ford models that is available in the market today. The latest model is the 2019 Ford Escape, and according to a rumor, this car will be upgraded for 2020 Ford Escape. In this upgrade, it seems that Ford will redesign and replace the engine with a more powerful one. How does it look like? Let us find out the specifications that the next generation of Ford Escape may have.

2020 Ford Escape Price and Release Date

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2020 Ford Escape Redesign & Changes

There are some expectations that everybody wants in this Upcoming Ford Escape including the all-new interior and interior design, body style and all-new platform. Meanwhile, the body redesign of this new Ford Escape will be available in two styles. The first style will be larger than the previous generation and it also provides a third-row seat. The second style will be slimmer and sportier than the previous model that is only available with two rows of seating. This model will be categorized as Ford Escape Mini or Sporty. In general, New Ford Escape will look different from the third generation because it is totally upgraded.

Exterior Updates

What makes you interested in this new Ford Escape? Perhaps, the exterior design will be the priority in the manufacturing. It is known that the company will really give a different touch on its body including the headlight and backlight. The body will be more futuristic and it is also sharper. As it is mentioned, this new Ford Escape generation will also have two body size option. You can choose the bigger one with the third row of seating or the slimmer one with two rows of seating. Overall, the exterior will still become a secret until the officials inform the release date next year.

Color Trims

  • Ruby Red
  • White Platinum
  • Lightning Blue
  • Blue Metallic
  • Cinnamon Glaze
  • Magnetic
  • Oxford White
  • Ingot Silver
  • White Gold
  • Shadow Black

Interior Changes

In addition to the exterior, we also assume that Ford redesigns the interior with something cooler and more futuristic. There will be so many features in the cabin that are usually used in many modern cars. You can check the seat first. The seats are coated with the leather material and memory foam for comfort. Moreover, it is also designed with a special accent that will not make you feel bored when driving the car for a long time. Furthermore, the entertainment system is also complete with a touchscreen display. You can also connect your smartphone to make a call via Bluetooth or you can also listen to music as you wish. Moreover, it will also look incredible with an illuminated speedometer in blue accent.

2020 Ford Escape ST Interior Colors Changes

Engine Specs & Performance

We really expect that 2020 Ford Escape will use a better engine to support its performance. According to a rumor, this new Ford Escape generation will be equipped with 1.6 V4 engine that can produce power up to 180 hp. This engine is quite strong for such a  family car as it is also designed with fuel economy. We also expect that it is also equipped with 3.5 L Ecoboost. In this engine sector, we cannot hope that much until we get the official information about the specifications once this car will be released soon.


What are the features offered by 2020 Ford Escape? You may not get so many features in the next model or the maker still keeps it a secret until the release date. But, the basic feature is always available as you also can find it in many other cars. This car will be equipped with GPS function that you can control on the touchscreen display. Moreover, it also has a comfortable wheel with some functional buttons. We do not want to talk about more features because we have no idea about it yet. Since this car is not released yet, we have to wait for the official debut until the end of 2019. There are so many things that we do not know yet, so you must be patient.


Safety becomes the most important part that you need to check when buying a new car. What about 2020 Ford Escape safety? Anyway, this new generation of Ford Escape will not only be equipped with basic safety feature, but it will also have some safety features such as a rear camera for parking, auto braking, and much more. We cannot confirm the addition to safety features that will be used in this car. But, the basic safety like seatbelts and airbags will be available. Therefore, you must be patient to wait for the release date so you will know the safety feature offered.

2020 Ford Escape Release Date & Price

When will this New Ford Escape be available? According to a rumor, this new generation of Ford Escape will be released at the end of 2019. We hope that the officials will launch it sooner. However, it is still unknown because it is still a long way to go. So, let us wait for it together just in case we really wonder how this car will really look like.

The price is always the last thing that you want to know when you want to buy a new car, especially a car that will not be released soon. So, we put the price section in the last line. How much does 2020 Ford Escape cost? Well, according to a rumor that we check online, this car will be about $23000. It is very affordable, but we cannot confirm the truth because it is only an estimation.

Finally, that’s all you need to know about 2020 Ford Escape specifications. This car is the most awaited car ever because Ford is about to make a big change in this model. There are some features that will be available in this model, but we have no idea until the release date. When will the officials release it? Hopefully, we can get this car at the end of 2019 or even sooner. So, you must wait for it first. You can prepare your budget before it is released. Fortunately, this car is relatively affordable.