Buying Tesla Model S 100D in 2020, is that really Worth it?

2020 Tesla Model S 100D Redesign & Changes

2020 Tesla Model S 100D:  Design, Performance, Driving Range, Price, and Safety | Do you know Tesla’s Model S? If you don’t know already, it is the pioneer of a long-range, electric vehicle. It has two variants: the 100D or Long Range model and the Performance model. Here, we will tell you about the design, performance, driving range, price, and safety of the 2020 Tesla Model S 100D. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

So, is buying the Tesla Model S the right decision? let’s find out

Tesla Model S 100D Design

When it comes to design, the Model S is very beautiful. It looks sleek, modern, and sophisticated. Its exterior look fits its image like the green car of the future. The defined lines, the clever curves, and aerodynamic design look really amazing.

That is the exterior of the Model S 100D. What about the inside? The inside is just as sleek, modern, and sophisticated as the exterior. In addition to these, the interior is able to provide comfort to every passenger. Yes, all the things that we expect from a quality luxury car.

The interior’s material is good enough, although it may not be as plushy or luxurious as its competitors in the luxury car segment like Volvo’s S90 or Mercedes-Benz’s E-class cars.

2020 Tesla Model S 100D Interior New features

The interior has a bit of modern minimalism touch to it. Inside, you will find a large infotainment screen with which you can control almost every function of the car. The cargo space is good as you can store many items even without having to fold the rear seating. Not to mention its truck with 26 cubic foot capacity.

Tesla Model S Performance

The 100D model may not be as powerful as the Performance model. After all, the Performance model is more focused on, well, performance. However, on its own, the 100D is a very powerful car. Not to mention it is an all-electric car too, making it even more impressive.

The Model S 100D is powered with two electric motors. Each of these motors is installed on an axle. Working together, these motors can generate up to 259 horsepower. The 2018 Tesla Model S 100D has 0 to 60 mph time of 3.9 seconds. There is no reason the 2020 Tesla Model S 100D can’t do the same. If anything, it should be at least as fast as the 2018 model. We expect it to be faster.

Driving Range

Since this is an all-electric car, one of the most important questions will be its driving range. In 2019, the Model S is able to drive as far as 335 miles per charge. The question is, how far can the 2020 Model S 100D drive in one charge?

Apparently, Tesla has upgraded the driving range for the Model S. While it is able to go as far as 335 miles per charge in 2019, it is now able to drive farther: up to 370 miles. The additional 35 miles are, of course, something impressive.

The increase in driving range is thanks to the proper engineering of the car. The front and rear units are different. The former is a motor with permanent magnet reluctance while the latter is an induction-based motor.


Is the green car safe to drive? Apparently yes. The Model S 100D has been tested by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). According to IIHS, the Model S has decent crash-test results.

Not only that, but the model S 100D also comes with various standard safety features. The most important features are automated emergency braking, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control, among others.

Tesla Model S 100D Price and Warranty

The Model S 100D has a starting price of around $82,000, down from $100,000 in the last year. Note that this is the base price of the model. Additional and optional features are not included in the price. Don’t be disappointed yet. Even the base model comes with tons of amazing features. It won’t disappoint you.

For the Model S, Tesla offers a warranty package to help protect the powertrain as well as the hybrid components. The warranty package includes 50,000 miles or 4 years of limited warranty covers and 8 years of powertrain warranty covers. Unfortunately, packages for complimentary scheduled maintenance are not offered.


so is buying the Tesla Model S the right decision? the answer is yes, because now Tesla is still the number one, at least for electric cars, although many variants of electric cars from other brands began to appear, Tesla still has its own appeal as a pioneer in its field. the price of the Tesla Model A is also the best for this beautiful electric car.

The Model S is the pioneer of a long-range green car. And as we have shown above, its latest iteration, the 2020 Tesla Model S 100D, is as capable, reliable, and comfortable as its predecessors. What do you think? Are you interested in Tesla’s Model S?


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