2021 Tesla Pickup Truck, Things We Can Expect | Price, Release Date

Tesla is undoubtedly among the pioneers that popularize electric vehicles. And now, with its planned 2020 Tesla pickup truck, it is going to enter one of the most popular market segments: the pickup truck market, mostly in November this year said Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla.

The question is, what kind of a pickup truck will Tesla make? Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has boldly claimed that the upcoming pickup truck will cost no more than $50,000. He also claimed that it will be better than the Ford F-150 in terms of performance. At the moment, the concept of the upcoming truck hasn’t even been released yet. Here are things we can expect from Tesla’s future pickup truck.

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2021 Tesla Pickup Truck Interior

Many of Tesla’s vehicles are not just capable and technologically advanced, but they are also stylish as well.  That goes well for vehicles like sedans and SUVs alike, but wouldn’t be the best thing to do for pickup trucks.

The pickup truck segment is filled with tradesmen and businessmen. Seeing the pickup truck as a very competitive segment, Tesla must conform to this whether the automaker likes it or not. As such, Tesla must put its focus on providing cutting-edge technology but also practicality. It can still be stylish, of course, but practicality comes first. It is the first and foremost thing for a pickup truck, after all.

What does this mean for Tesla’s planned pickup truck? That means the pickup truck will have less touchscreen and more physical controls. That means less glossy, smudge-prone, white surfaces, and more durable materials.


Aside from materials, the practicality comes in the form of features and configurations. To make its pickup truck more competitive, Tesla would likely to equip it with driver-assistance features and various latest technologies, especially as the automaker has a good experience of semi-autonomous and autonomous drive modes.

Creating a configurable and features-laden pickup truck would give Tesla a better opportunity to gain its market share in the segment.  It is, after all, a competitive market filled with tradesmen and businessmen as the main buyers. This is why we think that a pickup truck with various configurations and features will fare better than an all-in-one pickup truck.

Powertrain and Performance  

As of now, we can only speculate about the powertrain that will power the 2020 Tesla pickup truck. It will be not just a robust a very powerful electric powertrain, with enough power to compete with gas-powered pickup trucks on the market, at the least, or surpass them altogether, at best.

It is very possible that Tesla will equip the pickup truck with dual electric motors. This way, the pickup truck will use the all-wheel-drive drivetrain system. The motors should be able to deliver a good amount of torque so it can be competitive in terms of tow ratings.

Tesla has been surprising many with its lineups of electric vehicles. The automaker’s vehicles can be just as good, and in some cases, better than their petrol and diesel counterparts. We wouldn’t be surprised if the same goes for the upcoming pickup truck. It would be nice to have a greener alternative pickup truck that is just as capable and powerful as the petrol- and diesel-powered pickup trucks.

Elon Musk’s claim of the upcoming pickup truck is quite bold. He said that, in terms of performance, Tesla’s pickup truck will surpass the Porsche 911. This surely is a bold claim alright. Will his claim be proven true? Only time will tell.


We expect it would take a few years for Tesla to develop the pickup truck. By that time, more advanced technology will be developed. It is known that charging technology has been evolving rapidly so it is likely that Tesla’s pickup truck will utilize advanced electrical architecture.

What kind of advanced electrical architecture Tesla will use for the truck? Probably more or less like the 800-volt system, which will make its debut on the soon-to-be-released Porsche Taycan EV. This kind of electrical architecture will allow the truck to charge its battery a lot faster, possibly faster than Tesla’s current lineups.

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck Release Date & Price

from several signals from the CEO of Tesla, most likely this November there will be an important announcement regarding the Tesla Pickup Truck.


These are the things we can expect from the 2020 Tesla pickup truck. Assuming Elon Musk’s claims and the above things are true, the upcoming pickup truck would be a very interesting electric vehicle.  It would have so many amazing features, cutting-edge technologies, and of course, environment-friendly alternatives. How the pickup will actually be, however, no one knows for sure. For now, we can only wait.