2020 Tesla Model X Overview: More Power for the Crossover

2020 Tesla Model X Overview: More Power for the Crossover | Tesla has many electric vehicles. Among them is the crossover Model X. The Model X, along with the Model S, was the vehicle that got Tesla’s venture in the vehicle market rolling.

While the manufacturer is currently putting its focus on the Model 3 and the upcoming Model Y, it hasn’t forgotten the Model X. We can see this in the new 2020 Tesla Model X as Tesla improves its power and range. Read on and you will see that there is more power for the crossover.

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What Does It Use?

First, what makes the new Model X more powerful than the previous one? Here’s the answer: a new motor design. Tesla’s latest generation vehicles, including Model X, combine silicon carbide (SiC) power electronics with an optimized “permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor.” Add that with better bearings, cooling, lubrication and gear designs, and you get a 10% range improvement.

2020 Tesla Model X Specs – New Power, New Range

According to Tesla, the new and improved motor design improves the power and torque of the Model X, including even the Standard Range model. The Model X is said to reach 0 to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds for the Standard Range, 4.4 seconds for the Long Range and 2.8 seconds for the Ludicrous Mode. For a crossover vehicle, especially an electric one, this is quite impressive.

The Long Range and Performance trim levels, both of which are equipped with one electric motor per axle and driving on all-wheel-drive setup, have an output of 259 horsepower, while the model with Ludicrous Mode has an output of whopping 503 horsepower. It certainly is a huge jump in terms of power output.

That is the power boost. Now, for the range boost. The current Model X has approximately 289 miles range per charge. The 2020 Model X has a better range. Due to its brand new motor design, now it has a range of 305 miles per charge.

What makes it interesting is the fact that Tesla didn’t change the battery capacity. That’s right. The new Model X comes equipped with batteries with a 100-kWh capacity, just like its predecessors. Again, it all thanks to the new motor design.

2020 Tesla Model X Charging time

What about the charging? Although Tesla didn’t improve the battery capacity for the 2020 Tesla Model X, the manufacturer did improve the charging on it. Now, the Model X can pull up to 145 kW on V2 supercharger and 200 kW on the V3 supercharger.


In terms of features, the new Model X is very similar to the Model S, including even the interior. Inside the Model X, you will find a center console with a 17-inch touchscreen display and many other cutting edge technology and features, including the Tesla Autopilot.  Tesla also installed automatic, adaptive air suspension system, which enables the crossover to adjust its setting based on road conditions and driving style.

Why so many high tech features in the crossover? Well, this shouldn’t be something surprising. After all, this is Tesla we are talking about. It is a company that is well-known for its green and advanced technology.

2020 Tesla Model X Price

The starting price of the Standard Range model of the new Model X is around $83,000. Retrospectively, this appears to be Tesla’s attempt to lower the entry barrier for buyers who are interested in the Model X.

Since the $83,000 Standard Range is the base model, it will come with standard features and equipment. Will it be an ordinary crossover? Of course not. Don’t worry, this is Tesla. Even the base model is likely to come with high tech features.

What if you want something more powerful? In that case, go for the Performance model. The Performance model comes with Ludicrous Mode. Ludicrous Mode makes the Model X a very powerful crossover, with an output of over 500 horsepower. You can get the Ludicrous Mode for the base model as well, but it will cost you another $20,000. For the Performance model, however, the Ludicrous Mode is free of charge.

That’s the latest news about the 2020 Tesla Model X. Despite new models are coming, it seems Tesla hasn’t forgotten the starters models yet. Thanks to its new motor design, the upcoming Model X is going to more powerful, more efficient and overall better than the previous one.