New Ford Kuga 2020 Update – Specs, Interior, Price & Release Date

Brace yourself, a new Kuga is coming. It won’t be an ordinary family SUV. Besides the petrol and diesel, the 2020 Ford Kuga will also come with hybrid, mild hybrid and plug-in options.

With such additions, it wouldn’t be surprising if the new Kuga will beat its rivals like the Kia’s Sportage, Hyundai’s Tucson, and Nissan’s Qashqai. What kind of family SUV will it be? Read our overview below and you will know.

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2020 Ford Kuga Redesign Exterior & Interior

Let’s start with the styling. The new Ford Compact SUV gets a redesign. Indeed. Now it looks a lot less boxy than the current Kuga. What is interesting is, however, the fact that despite being less boxy, now the inside is both more practical and roomy. It is an amazing improvement.

From the new styling, it is obvious that Ford listened to what the customers want. Ford’s design director, George Saridakis, has stated that both existing and potential customers wanted not just more space but also a more practical and larger design for the car so it stands out. And that describes the new Kuga perfectly. It is an SUV that looks more desirable and sophisticated with plenty of space inside.


So, how practical is the interior? Very practical. The Ford Crossover uses the latest Ford Focus’ underpinnings. As a result, the Kuga is wider and longer than the current model. It also uses a larger wheelbase as well. All these mean that the new Kuga has not only more interior space but also improved handling and stability.

The upcoming Kuga’s new underpinnings free up more space, giving more headroom, hip and room than before. The seating can be split and folded, which means you have lots of extra space in case you need it.


Now, let’s talk about the engines of the 2020 Ford Kuga. The upcoming Kuga is going to have multiple engine options available. The conventional engine options will be a 1.5-liter petrol engine and a 2.0-liter diesel engine.

For the hybrid engine options, there will be a plug-in option which uses a 2.5-liter petrol engine linked with an electric motor, a self-charging hybrid which uses the same engine plus hybrid system technology to allow for self-charging, and a mild hybrid, which uses a 2.0-liter diesel engine with additional electric technology to improves its efficiency.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the plug-in engine is the most fuel-efficient. It is estimated to be able to go as far as 34 miles using electric power alone and has a combined fuel economy of 235 mg. The next most efficient are the mild-hybrid with 56 mpg, followed by the self-charging hybrid with 50 mpg. The petrol and diesel engines are the least efficient, estimated to have between 36 to 50 mpg depending on the drivetrain system.

As for the transmission, a six-speed manual transmission and an eight-speed automatic transmission will be both available. Both two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive drivetrain systems will be available as well.


The upcoming Kuga is going to have lots and lots of technology. Many of its features and safety aids will be available either as standard or optional at affordable prices. This, according to Ford, is how the automaker “democratizes” technology.

Some technology that the new Kuga will have include FordPass Connect, a head-up display, automatic braking system, self-parking system, wireless charging, boot opening system with a hands-free feature, lane-keeping assistance, and Wrong Way alert, among others.

Ford Kuga 2020 Release Date and Price

Unfortunately, the exact release date and price of the new Kuga haven’t been confirmed by Ford yet. That being said, we do know that it will be released somewhere in early 2020. After all, it is meant to be a 2020 model year SUV.

As for the price, the price range of the 2020 Kuga shouldn’t be too different from the price range of the current Kuga. As such, we can expect the upcoming Kuga to have a starting price of $31,000. The hybrid models are expected to be more expensive, but their fuel, as well as tax savings, may worth the cost.


That’s what we know so far about the upcoming 2020 Ford Kuga. Many more details should be released soon, especially the exact release date and price. Based on the current details known, we can say that the new Kuga is going to be an excellent family SUV, particularly for families who would like to drive a more environment-friendly vehicle.