2020 Ford Ranger Price, Redesign, Specs & Relase Date

2020 Ford Ranger is the most awaited mini truck that brings some new concepts and features. Ford is a popular brand for the US that has been producing some Ford ranger models worldwide. Ford Ranger 2018 is currently available in the market, but Ford has been planning to launch their new Ford Ranger series in 2020.

2020 Ford Ranger Redesign & Changes

What’s new? Perhaps, Ford is not the only automaker that is going to release their new Ranger series, but they seem so optimistic that the next generation of Ford Ranger will be accepted by car Ranger lovers. Let us find out all the specifications about New Ford Ranger.

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2020 Ford Ranger Redesign & Changes

As one of the legendary mini trucks in the world, this new model of the Ford Ranger certainly brings a new touch that is combined with Ranger’s distinctive design. The maker presents it in two-vehicle truck versions, called single cabin and double cabin. The 2020 Ford Ranger comes with a new face that carries a more masculine design that remains elegant. At first glance, the ‘Ranger’ of New Ranger does look bigger than the old version. This truly makes sense because Ford itself is targeting the commercial and business use on the Ford Ranger.

Somehow, it keeps the box headlamp that has become its characteristic. New Ranger’s face is increasingly ‘frightening’ with a larger front grille that is shaped with a spoiler and fog lamp on the lower end of the front. Ford itself presents New Ranger in seven types, they are Double Cabin Wildtrak 2.2. 2.2L Single Cabin, Double 2.2L Base Cabin, 2.2L RAS XL, 2.5L Single Cabin Base, 2.2L XLS Plus Double Cabin.

Exterior Changes

2020 Ford Ranger may not look so different from the 2019 series, but it is really amazing with its fascia display to make it look masculine and elegant. The New Ranger exterior looks sturdy and strong because the framework resembles a protective shield structure that is integrated between one part and another. With this framework, Ford Ranger will have a more manly character while making it have maximum protection for the drivers. The Ford Ranger design concept is still adapting the exterior look of the old generation Ranger. A typical American Style design can be found directly on the front of this car.

Interior Updates

After checking the exterior, now we can get inside the cabin. How does the cabin of 2020 Ford Ranger look like? Usually, mini trucks count on the performance sector and forget the passenger comfort. But, 2020 Ford Ranger will pay attention to these two functions in which Ford will embed the tagline where the New Ranger 2020 will be a mini truck or a car with a double function. It is not only for carrying some goods or items, but it is also used for a family car.

The interior of this car is very beautiful with a stylish and modern dashboard and has been equipped with futuristic features which are found in many modern cars. The dashboard panel in the New Ford Ranger is dominated by a black accent that makes it look more elegant and masculine.

2020 Ford Ranger Interior Features

Of course, the material used for the dashboard is made from the highest quality material. The steering wheel looks so stylish with a complete and informative instrument panel. The speedometer panel on the Ford Ranger also has a 4-inch screen on the side that can display phone calls, music playlists, and vehicle information such as trip meters, fuel meters, and others.

2020 Ford Ranger Engine Specs, Configurations & Gas Mileage

New Ford Ranger may still use the same engine as it is used in the previous series. It is equipped with TDCi Turbo Diesel Engine that is very powerful, but still efficient. It is time to get inside the main core to know the performance produced. Although it is divided into four variants, all types of New Ranger carry the same engine base. The four types of New Ford Ranger carry the Duratorq TDCi Mid-Power Diesel engine which is supported by a Turbocharger feature.

The diesel engine base that has become a mainstay of Ranger from generation to generation has indeed proven to be resilient. The machine has a capacity of 2,198 ccs, for the Ford Ranger with Single Cabin Base, RAS XL, and Double Cabin Base. Meanwhile, Ford will also present a new Single Cabin 2020 Ford Ranger with a 2,488 cc engine.

This Ford Ranger engine has also used EFI technology or Electric Fuel Injection which will produce more perfect combustion. It is not only powerful, but this car is also quite economical in fuel consumption. The maximum power that this new Ford Ranger can produce is 125 PS at 1,700 rpm while the torque can reach 320 Nm at 1,700 rpm.

Features and Safety

2020 Ford Ranger will become the most favorite multi functional mini truck that is not only used for carrying goods, but it is also good for a family car. The size of its body makes the car look incredible and powerful when you drive it on an uneven terrain. Then, what about the features and the safety? The next generation of Ford Ranger will still use an SYNC TM2 feature that allows you to do multitasking activities such as phone calling and playing music. Meanwhile, the safety feature of this new Ford Ranger is also complete including adaptive cruise control with collision warning alert. This feature will slow down your car automatically when you drive too close with other cars. There is also a blinking light to warn in order to avoid an accident. A rear View camera is also useful when you want to park the car that is also connected to the LED Screen. So far, this 2020 Ford Ranger mini truck is so perfect with its plentiful features.

Release Date & Price

When will 2020 Ford Ranger be released? It seems that you have to wait for the official date release until next year. Hopefully, the officials will inform the release date at the end of 2019. But, it is still a long way to go.

How much does 2020 Ford Ranger cost? It also still becomes a mystery because this car is currently not available or not released yet. So, we have no idea the exact price of this car. But, if we check the price of the previous model, the new Ford Range may cost about $40000 up to $45000. However, we still need to wait for the official release for the exact price.

New Ford Ranger Colors

  • Saber
  • Hot Pepper Red
  • Lightning Blue
  • Absolute Black
  • Magnetic
  • Ingot Silver
  • White Platinum
  • Oxford White