2020 Ford Super Duty F250 Powerstroke Specs, Price [Update Gasoline Version]

The Truck War is coming. Three manufacturers are trying to sell their heavy-duty trucks. Among them is Ford. Ford’s truck, the Super Duty F250 lineup, is known as a lineup with competent heavy-duty trucks. Currently, Ford is preparing for 2020 by creating the New Super Duty F250.

2020 Ford Super Duty F250 Release Date and Price

So far, the details regarding the upcoming are scarce. However, many spy shots capture the mule of the 2020 model. If you want to know more about the 2020 Super Duty F250, you may want to read on. We will talk about the truck’s redesign, engine, release date, and price.

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2020 Ford Super Duty F250 Diesel Redesign

As the competition is fierce in the truck market, Ford must make the Super Duty F250 as one of the best trucks on the market. For that, some redesigns for its exterior and interior are expected. While the redesigns will not change the appearance of the F250 significantly, they will give a fitting look for a 2020 heavy-duty truck.

Total redesigns do happen in the truck industry. It happens once in a while. However, the Super Duty F250 lineup is unlikely to get it soon. Expect Ford to play it safe. In other words, the overall look of the 2020 Ford Super Duty F250 will be more or less the same as the 2019 model. It is not a bad thing, though. After all, the Super Duty F250 lineup already has a good look. There is no need to fix something that isn’t broken.

  • Exterior Updates

How will the exterior of the upcoming Ford Super Duty look like? We can’t say for sure as the mule is covered. That being said, we can see the shape of the grille is a bit different than the current model, which means the 2020 model is likely to get a brand-new grille. The same goes for the headlights. The headlights appear to be different from the current model’s headlights, so expect changes here, too.

The front end gets some redesigns, what about the rear end? Interestingly enough, the 2020 Super Duty F250’s taillights, tailgate, and tailgate latch look quite similar to F-150’s. There are two possibilities. That is, either the taillights, tailgate, and tailgate latch of the 2020 model are the same as F150’s or they are only inspired by F150’s.

  • Interior Changes

So far, there are only spy shots of the mule. There is no interior shot yet. That being the case, we expect the interior will not be that different from the 2019 model’s interior. There should be redesigns here and there, but it will not change the appearance significantly. There will be good quality materials, decent storage space, and more or less the same comfort level. Of course, these aspects will depend largely on the trim level. The higher the trim level is, the better these aspects will be.

Besides, the 2020 Ford Super Duty F250 should have an updated infotainment system. The truck market, after all, is a fierce competition. Ford could not afford to neglect the Super Duty’s interior and features aspect if it were to keep its share in the market. As with its predecessors, we expect optional features such as driver safety technology, ventilated seating, climate control, sunroof, and a premium audio system.

2020 Ford Super Duty F250 7.3 Diesel Towing Capacity

New Ford F250 Super Duty Gas Engine

A large engine on the brand-new pickup truck, 2020, the Ford Super Duty will get a super-large 7.3-Liter V8 engine. Ford officially announced Brand-new V8 for the F-250 and F350 Superduty lines; this pushrod V8 is the largest displacement engine available in any new pickup truck today.

Ford hasn’t provided the details of the power produced by the new engine. However, they say it should be the strongest engine in its class. The super-duty generation that previously offered a 6.2-liter SOHC V8 385 Horsepower engine. In addition to the Ford F250 7.3-liter V8 Gasoline, Ford still provides 6.7-liter PowerStroke TurboDiesel V8 and 6.2-Liter Gasoline V8.

2020 Ford Super Duty F250 Powerstroke Engine Specs & Towing Capacity

For the engine, Ford claims that the 2020 Super Duty’s engine will be fuel-efficient and more powerful than the 2019 model. Ford didn’t say exactly how much more powerful, though. The current model is already powerful enough. It is a good thing if 2020 will be even more powerful than that.

There will be no 6.8L for the 2020 Super Duty. The iconic Triton V10 engine will not be used to power the heavy-duty truck. Instead, it is likely that the 2020 Ford Super Duty F250 will inherit the 2019 model’s engine. If this is true, then the 2020 mode will be powered by a 7.0L Powerstroke V8 diesel engine.

The engine is quite capable of offering the power a heavy-duty truck needs. It is measured to have up to 7,360 pounds of payload capacity and up to 21,000 towing capacity. This engine should be paired with a 10-speed auto transmission gearbox.

2020 Ford Super Duty F250 Release Date and Price

UPDATE: Ford Super Duty already available in the dealership. The price starts at $34,000 for the base option. You can lease this F250 XL for $500 per month in 84 months with 0 down payment.

Ford F-250 Trims:

  • F-250 XL: $34,035 – Lease for $500/month
  • F-250 XLT: $38,815 – Lease for $567/month
  • F-250 Lariat: $46,930 – Lease for $680/month
  • F-250 King Ranch: $59,335 – Lease for $854/month
  • F-250 Platinum: $66,225 – Lease for $950/month
  • F-250 Limited: $93,930 – Lease for $1,198/month

Ford has to give an official statement regarding the exact release date and price of the New Ford Super Duty F250. So far, no such statement is given. As a 2020 model, we expected the upcoming Ford Super Duty F250 to enter the market somewhere in 2019. Since there are many spy shots of its mule, it is likely to enter production soon.

As for the price, while we don’t know exactly how much it will be, we can use the current model’s price as a prediction. The current model’s starting price is in the $33,000 range. The 2020 model should be more or less in the same range, albeit we expect it to increase slightly.

These are what we know about the New Ford Super Duty F250. What do you think? Are you excited about the upcoming Super Duty F250? The Super Duty has been on the market for years. The trucks from the lineup are not disappointing. In fact, they came with great features and are very capable of handling their tasks. We expect the 2020 model to at least offer the same thing as its predecessors. Hopefully, it gives more.

If you want to buy the 2020 Ford Super Duty F250, you need to be patient for a bit. Since we already see the mule, you can expect it to enter production soon. The truck should be available for sale somewhere in 2019.