2022 Ford Fusion Active Wagon; Specs, Pricing & Release Date

The station wagon has not been a favorite to the market since it is in the middle of sedans and SUVs. Therefore, not many companies have the guts to release this kind of car to the market. However, seeing the Fusion Sedan’s success, Ford has decided to release the wagon version of this car. They will release it and call it the 2022 Ford Fusion Active Wagon.

So, yes, this is the wagon version of the Fusion Sedan but with a mild lift. The size is bigger than a sedan but smaller than most SUV cars. It is one of the cars you will possibly use for family needs rather than hanging out.

However, Ford guarantees that the performance will not be boring even though it is a wagon version. Just like the Sedan version, they will make sure that it will be just as good and make you active on the road. That’s why they don’t want to call it the Wagon, but more likely the Fusion Active.

2022 Ford Fusion Active Wagon Price

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Design of the 2022 Fusion Active

The exterior design of the upcoming Fusion Active is not the best from Ford. However, it is not bad and still stylish compared to its competitor. So, just like other wagon cars, the dimension of this car is quite long. However, Ford released metallic colors such as silver, gold, and red to make it interesting.

This wagon’s front design is not like other Ford cars because it is a bit square. However, on the car’s sides, there are sharp lines that are bolds the overall look. So, Ford is making sure the 2022 Ford Fusion Active Wagon will not be just a boring wagon.

2022 Ford Fusion Active Wagon Interior & Comfort

There is not much information yet about the interior design of the upcoming 2022 Fusion Active. However, we expect that the interior will be the same style as Ford cars coming out.

If so, then the Fusion Wagon should have comfortable seats for both the front and back seats. As it is a family car, the space in both rows is expected to be wide and spacey. Therefore, the kids can go back and forth without complaining.

Another thing that the car should have is big cargo space. As you will be using this car for traveling, you have to a big cargo to place everything in. With these additional specs, Ford hopes to compete with its competitors in the market, such as the Subaru Outback and Buick Regal TourX.

Infotainment & Connectivity

One thing many people like about Ford cars is the entertainment and features they usually have. Hopefully, like other Ford cars, this wagon will also come with the same features as before.

Some information says that the car will be available with a touchscreen. With this screen, people can control their Apple CarPlay or Android system at once. There are also navigations, Wi-Fi, and Hotspot available on the system when you buy them.

2022 Ford Fusion Active Wagon Redesign Interior

Another great thing about the Active Wagon is that it has an upgraded audio system too. So, even though you are inside the car, you can enjoy your music while driving.

Just like other Ford cars, it will also have driver-assistance technology to help the drivers. Some of the available features are emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring. There are also cameras on both the front and back to help people park.

Engine Specs & Performance

The 2022 Ford Fusion Active Wagon will likely be coming with a 2.0 Liter and 8-speed automatic transmission. This means it can produce up to 250 hp turbocharged, great for a wagon car.

Even though there isn’t too much information yet, one thing confirmed is that the all-wheel drive will be available. There are also rumors saying that it will offer a hybrid and plug-in hybrid in their powertrain. Well, to see whether this is right or not, we’ll have to wait until the end of the year.

2022 Ford Fusion Active Wagon Release Date & Price

The wagon may not be a familiar car to most people, but there is a market in society. Therefore, Ford is taking a chance to make the Wagon happen and compete with its competitor. The existing competitors are Subaru and the Regal Tour X that is already available in the market.

However, those loyal to Ford can wait until the end of the year to buy this car. Some people say that the car will be on sale from $27,000 to $31,000. So, make sure you prepare for it too.

Verdict – Buy or No Buy?

If you’re still confused about whether to buy the 2022 Ford Fusion Active Wagon car or not, check out the warranty. They have one of the best and competitive warranties compared to other brands. It covers up to 3 years or 36,000 miles of use. And for the powertrain it covers up 5 years or 60,000 miles.