2022 Lexus LQ Release Date, Price, Engine Specs & more

2022 Lexus LQ will come as the new SUV from the luxury category from Toyota automakers. This LQ model will include the SUV class, together with Lexus LX, UX, RX, NX, and GX. Lexus LQ. Most people believe that the LQ series will substitute Lexus GX and LX.

However, it is only speculation from the auto experts. Then, We cannot predict complete information about Lexus LQ yet. However, from the previous launching of the Lexus LF-1 Limitless in 2018, the auto fans expect the Lexus LQ to appear in 2021 at Detroit Auto Show. This car’s central concept is an SUV crossover that combines the futuristic & elegant design with the last Lexus RX model.

2022 Lexus LQ Price

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2022 Lexus LQ Specification

Like the other luxurious SUV, the 2022 Lexus LQ is predicted will have two types of engines. Firstly, the fuel engine will use V-6 twin-turbocharged engine with a 3.5 liters fuel capacity. The V-6 Engine can perform up to 416 horsepower with maximum torque is about 442 lb-feet.

Then, the sporty model will be equipped with a V-8 twin-turbocharged with 3.8 liters of fuel capacity. It estimates can perform until 600 horsepower for maximum power. However, it still not fix yet about which engine will be used in Lexus LQ 2022.

Then, the auto fans also predict that this new Lexus SUV will have a hybrid model. Yes, the hybrid model is available for Lexus NX, RX, UX. So, the Lexus LQ maybe can have a hybrid model with CVT as the controller. It will have an 800-volt charging battery that can perform up to 450 horsepower.

2022 Lexus LQ Design Exteriors & Interiors

The exteriors of Lexus LQ will bring aerodynamics and a futuristic model. LQ series will have a slight appearance of Lexus RX at a glance. However, the luxurious crossover SUV has a rigid and stable configuration in the front body. Then, this SUV seems like a hatchback car model with an extensive and massive body. Also, the four-wheel-drive system will be able to perform the high expectation from Lexus.

For interiors, Lexus LQ will bring high-quality materials. The leather seats will attract executives and business people to have the Lexus LQ. Also, the doors will be equipped with premium leather materials. Inside, the cars will experience the classy style and futuristic together, so the elegant and edgy vibes will feel together.

The additional features will complete the luxury of this car. It will have a massaging and heated seat in the front row. Also, it will have an individual control panel in the rear seat. This LQ series will have spacious legroom that can make the passengers feel comfortable and enjoy the ride. Lexus LQ will have two front and two back seats, so the total number of passengers is only four.

2022 Lexus LQ Interior Capacity


The safety of this car will be the same as the last LF-1 series. It also has the all-in-one safety package of Lexus SUV, like the ABS Braking System, lane-keeping assistant, and stability controller. Also, the auto fans expect that this LQ series will be the next flagship SUV from Lexus.

Almost forget about the automatic driving assistant that gives precise information about the traffic, climate, and blind-spot monitor. The driving assistant named Lexus Enform Safety Connect makes the driver drive safely, and the passengers can enjoy the ride peacefully.

You do not need to worry about the winter season because Lexus will be ready to give a cold-weather package of the windshield, headlamps, taillamps, and the extra heater. Lexus’s safety features are the SmartAcces using an electric key that can help you find your Lexus LQ.


For entertainment, we will have 12.3 inches touchscreen display as entertainment monitors such as playing video and music. It will be built-in with Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity and music platforms such as Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, and Android Auto. The other connectivity is Bluetooth technology that can be transferring the contact number from your phone. So, this car can make a call using the call button on the steering wheel.

2022 Lexus LQ Price

The estimation price of this Lexus LQ 2022 is more than $80,000. If the LQ series is the new flagship SUV, the cost can be started from $100,000. It is quite expensive. You do not need to worry because Lexus dealers will give you special offers using lease deals. So, you can ride your dream car.

Generally, the lease term is about 36 months or three years, for the down payment due at signing the contract start from $3,500. Then, the monthly payment starts at $800. So, there are no reasons not to buy this car.

2022 Lexus LQ Release Date

The release date of this car is not officially confirmed. However, some people predict that Lexus LQ 2022 version will launch in the summer of 2021. Detroit Autoshow always is the first place for every new Lexus series that appears in public. So, wait and see the upcoming Detroit Autoshow in 2021.

Finally, the 2022 Lexus LQ information has been delivered to you. So, you can think and prepare for the new Lexus SUV that brings the lux, elegant, and edgy vibes for the driver.