2021 Lexus IS Redesign, Specs, Interior & Release Date

One of the famous automotive manufacturers from Japan named Lexus. Officially released the latest luxury sedan model, titled Lexus ES. The luxury sedan is a Japanese factory that is still under the banner of the Toyota Motor Corporation. before this 2021 Lexus IS release for the first time in the automotive market.

The luxury car manufacturer from Japan has officially introduced the upcoming Lexus IS model with various changes. It is also known that the latest generation Lexus IS  model. That present by bringing changes that touch on the kitchen runway, design, and technology that is more sophisticated than the standard version. Now, what are the changes brought about by the latest Lexus ES presented in 2021? Getting more curious, isn’t it?

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2021 Lexus IS Redesign

Indeed, the exterior appearance of the latest Lexus IS specifications shows. Charming design style so that the impression of luxury also looks so strong seen on each side of the body. While maintaining the L-Finesse design style that it carries. The latest appearance of the Lexus ES is designed to look more sturdy.

That is by combining increasingly aerodynamic design lines so that it will provide better stability. And be able to reduce the noise level in the interior room to be more quiet and comfortable. Also, in this new Lexus IS face wrapping, the front spindle grille and a sharp headlight on the front with LED daytime running lights technology. Thus, making the figure of this car look more charming and stunning.

Interior Changes

Turning to the interior sector, this 2021 Lexus IS specification bring the latest and modern interior design.   so that the driver and passenger of this luxury sedan can feel comfort and luxury at a higher level. This interior sector where the Lexus IS sedan presents a wider cabin space so that the driver and passengers will feel more comfortable. because space will be felt more spacious with a soft leather seat.

On the other hand, the dashboard sector that is so luxurious and futuristic. And with several panels and advance technology features. Because the dashboard that carries this luxury sedan appears a larger TFT touch screen area of ​​4.2 inches. And 2DIN Audio with the instrument cluster, Lexus HDD navigation system, DVD / CD player. A more stylish steering wheel on this Lexus IS complete with Remote Touch controller.


Stepping on the next discussion will review the dimensions carried by this Lexus ES specification. The anterior segment, this Lexus luxury sedan does have cabin space for a class of sedan cars. The cabin space in this luxury sedan can accommodate 4-5 passengers including the driver. Of course, the flexibility in the interior of the cabin is come by the size of the dimensions that are fairly fitting.

On the other hand, this sedan will also come with two sturdy suspensions to provide comfort to its passengers. Namely the MacPherson Strut at the front and the Multi-Link type at the rear. Both suspensions are able to absorb any shocks or vibrations when passing through uneven. Do not stop there, to strengthen the legs sector, this Lexus IS.

Engine Specs

Now that we know the exterior, interior and dimensions, to invite all of our friends to view the kitchen runway sector from the specifications of the Lexus IS. As a luxury sedan that will be priced high, of course, Lexus does not only pay attention to its physical appearance and interior. However, Lexus will also pay attention to the machining sector which is the driving heart of this car. About the engine, the Lexus ES will rely on the DOHC VVT-I 2AR-FE engine with 4 cylinders 16 valves and has a capacity of 2,494cc.

The engine is able to spray maximum power up to 202 hp at 5,700 rpm rotation. And able to reach the peak torque to the point 213 Nm per 4,500 rpm rotation. Then, the power start from the Lexus IS engine will be through the E-CVT transmission system.


Only able to produce strong power, this Lexus IS specification will also come with a variety  modern supporting features. This can provide comfort and support the safety of its users, this Lexus IS specification can be so special.

  • Airbags System

First, to support safety, Lexus complements the interior sector of this car with the Airbags System feature that will protect the driver and front passenger when a collision or collision from the front.

  • ABS, EBD + BA Technology

Meanwhile, to control the speed of the speed, this Lexus IS already relies on braking with ABS technology, EBD + BA that is ready to provide reliable braking and prevent tire slippage when braking occurs suddenly.

  • Entertainment System Panel

On the other hand, to provide more comfort, the Lexus IS will complement the interior with an entertainment system panel embedded in the dashboard, such as a 4.2-inch TFT screen, USB Audio Minijack, and 2DIN Audio and several other navigation panels.

2021 Lexus IS Release Date & Price

Now, finally, we have arrived at the very last segment of this whole discussion. Wherein this last session will explain the price of this latest Lexus IS. However, before further discussing the numbers on this luxury sedan.  It is important to know in advance that this latest sedan from Lexus is a high-class. Car with classy display specifications and features as well. When viewed in terms of design, the price of the Lexus IS will be very expensive, because it provides a charming and elegant exterior appearance on each side of the body.

the price of this Lexus IS is $74456.52 Wow, a very expensive price tag for a class of sedan cars. What is clear, that it clear with the high price tag set by Lexus IS then only a few circles will be able to bring the expensive sedan from Lexus.

Now that’s a complete 2021 Lexus IS review. Prices may change at any time. So if you want to have this car you have to be ready to prepare funds at fantastic prices. But with all the full features it is worth the price.