2022 Ford Ranger Raptor USA V6 Engine

Ford is one of the top automotive brands in the world. Even though they have been closing some factories in Asia, but they are becoming more assertive in other parts of the world

Their plan can see this in releasing the 2022 Ford Ranger that will be coming out soon

so, what’s new brought by this new Ford’s mid-size pickup truck?

There hasn’t been any official announcement yet about the truck. However, you can see that the new Ford Ranger exterior design has the character design of Ford. So, if you have loved Ford’s car designs, you will not have any problems with the new design.

Other than that, the 2022 Ranger will have some new features and engines that will make the ride faster. To know more about the truck, let’s continue to discuss each part in detail.

2022 Ford Ranger Redesign

One of the main reasons people love Ford Cars is that they have an original and characteristic in all their designs.

And in this upcoming truck, their characteristic can be seen in the front part of the car.

Like other Ford cars, the front design of the 2022 Ford Ranger will be a bit square with some lines on the middle part with the logo.

From the pictures leaked out in the market, there aren’t too many changes in the exterior.

However, the exterior is more furious and more of a monster at a glance than the previous model. It looks a bit like the F-150 Raptor design.

Well, one thing that is new to the 2022 ranger is the large arch extension and bumper.

This additional design to the truck has made it look more aggressive and manly. The physical look and the materials used for the car are as strong as it seems.

Another additional part of the exterior design is the front lighting. The lights used in this new model are sharper and bolder.

So, not only will it make the look bolder too but also lighten your ride on day night. So, traveling with the new ranger will surely be more safe and exciting.

The previous generation ranger has nine color choices, including:

  • Saber
  • Lightning Blue
  • Shadow Black
  • Rapid Red
  • Magnetic Silver
  • White Platinum
  • Oxford White
  • iConic Silver
  • Race Red

2022 Ford Ranger Interior

There isn’t much difference coming for the interior design of the truck. However, Ford is always known to have a significant and wide interior inside their cars. And this also applies to their newest 2022 Ford Ranger.

The upcoming design is made with 5-seat passengers entering from the front or back.

The space between each seat is just enough to make your traveling comfortable and enjoyable. The base trunk can even be extended to make a bed when camping. All you need to do is open the truck’s backside and develop the bed.

However, there is nothing too special yet for interior design despite the ample space. There will be additional features that will make it better than before. But the design itself is still the same as before.

2022 Ford Ranger Engine Specs & Hybrid

The one thing that people can surely wait for in the 2022 Ford is the engine and machine they will be using.

Reports have been saying that it will come with a range of 2 to 3.2 liter 5 cylinder diesel engine. However, the primary engine will be the 2-liter engine with four cylinders that can produce 210 horsepower (157 kW).

But people who seem unsatisfied with that amount of power can upgrade it themselves. They can upgrade it to 3 liters with six-cylinder diesel engines, producing 250 Horsepower (186 kW) and 500Nm of torque.

Other than these two options, buyers also have the option to plug-in hybrid engines for their trucks. So, not all cars will be available with this option, so you must pay additional fees. However, Ford does hope that the hybrid engine can lure buyers into using this engine for a better environment.

Additional Features & Entertainment

Ford is making sure that its upcoming truck is more advanced in appearance and technology. Therefore, they will be installing much new technology and advanced features to ease your riding, including New Ford Co-Pilot360 features driver-assist technologies.

One of the most interesting ones is the Ford Pass. This is an application that you can download on your phone and use to control your Ford Car. By connecting it with your car, you can locate, lock, unlock, and your vehicles from a certain distance.

Safety is also one of their primary concern. Therefore they have applied new safety aids for the truck.

This safety aid consists of alerts that will help the driver notice any kind of danger.

It is also supported by a 360-degree camera to make drivers see their area better. Hopefully, drivers can drive more safely and stay on the road with this additional feature.

2022 Ford Ranger Price & Release Date

The Ford Ranger 2022 Model Year is coming soon, at the very least in early 2022. The 2022 Ford Ranger Super Cab will start at $25,285, while the SuperCrew starts at $27,685.

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor USA V6 Engine Pictures

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