2022 Ford Courier Updates: Render, Specs, Release Date & More

2022 Ford Courier Exterior Look

2022 Ford Courier is a small pick up that Ford is bringing to the lineup. The car will not look like others. The unibody of the pickup will come in a more rugged style to satisfy American tastes.

According to the publication, Ford will apply to the trade-mark the Courier. The company thinks outside the box to keep its range from being a bunch of bland crossover vehicles of different sizes and knowing that the car manufacturer is moving away from the sedan and small cars.

This new pick up will dramatically expand Ford’s North American range with all new vehicles and enter new segments with designs Fresh and white-space silhouettes that will position Ford for even more growth.

This pickup is the small pickup truck that is underpinned by Ford’s front-wheel-drive-based compact platform, and some sources say this truck base on Ford Escape. The front-wheel-drive-based compact platform also underpinnings many recent Ford models. This new ford courier will be built in the same plant as other current Ford cars in Mexico, as the Bronco Sport.

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The Design

For the exterior design, the new small pickup will appear more rugged, not like other recently released pickups. The pick up will ride on the unibody architecture. It is a compact vehicle. Many design elements will copy the Ranger pickup truck and the Bronco Sport SUV. So the result would make this pickup seem boxy with a blockier front face. However, it will still have the traditional look of a truck.

As for the first glance, we know that the new 2022 Ford Courier truck will be anything but cute. The Courier will look stylish yet sporty. With an upright, blocky front end and a detailed truck profile, it will achieve the desired look. Also, we can expect a tailgate trim panel just like the Ranger, and the notorious beefy wheel arches.

I was reported that it would share styling cues with the also brand new Bronco Sport. Not to mention, there’s also some resemblance with the Chevrolet Avalance about the flow back of the cab to the bed.

The exterior of this car will look sharper and not having a bulky design like other trucks. But there is not much information about the rendering and official design that was published. Looking from the leaked document and picture, it indeed is a four-door model car.

2022 Ford Courier Interior

The upcoming small pickup truck Courier will provide exceptional comfort and a very modern interior. An 8-inch touchscreen should become built-in as many people know those technology systems already come in the latest Ranger model.

Many luxuries and premium materials on the upper trims rumored will be appearing in this car. So, the buyer would have a relaxing and luxurious moment while driving this car.

As a pickup car, the inside of this Courier will be spacious and expansive. At the same time, this car will also become a capable, luxurious, and technologically sophisticated small truck.

Being a small truck, it means the compact pickup truck will indeed offer less interior room than its other larger siblings. But the comfort will still be a priority.

Ford has not given any information about the material and the color of the interior. But many people expect the interior would be all black. The interior should promote a luxurious and stylish style.

2022 Ford Courier Interior Based on Escape

Engine and Specification

The New Ford Courier will be having two EcoBoost engines—a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder and a 2.0-liter turbo-four. Those engines can also be found in the mechanically related Escape crossover. It’s where they make 180 hp and 250 hp.

There are two options for Ford EcoBoost engines that will be coming this time. The first option is the 1.5L EcoBoost three-cylinder that will produce around 180 horsepower. The second available option is a 2.0 liter EcoBoost four-cylinder that can produce up to 250 horsepower.

An 8-speed automatic transmission will come built-into the shifting. The codename of the truck program is P758.

Will 2022 Ford Courier Having A Different Name?

In terms of name, Courier is the most likely to be chosen because of the model. However, new rumors say that Ford might choose another new name. The name Courier is still not official yet so that it could be released as one of the Ranchero families.

With that, it is also possible that this pickup would be named the new Ranchero. The ranchero model was pretty popular several decades ago.

There also might be a third name that becomes the candidates for the title of this car. The new small pick up could become one of the Bronco family pickups. If that is true and happens, the new small pickup truck will be released with Bronco’s name on it. It will offer a suffix next to its original name.

2022 Ford Courier Release Date & Price

The release date for this Courier pickup in the United States is scheduled for next year. Ford will launch this pick up in Canada and Mexico as well. Ford has not released the exact price yet. So it is still a mystery. But the small pickup will surely cost not above than $30,000.

And that is all the overview of 2022 Ford Courier new pickup truck. I hope the information is clear enough. And also useful for those who are seeking for the outcome of this small pickup.