2020 Ford Raptor Review – Specs, V8, Diesel, Price & More

2020 Ford Raptor Review  –  Ford is the brand that stole the most attention at the ongoing 2015 NAIAS. In addition to the cool and controversial 2017 Ford GT, there is another Ford F-150 Raptor that is already released in 2018, the giant Ford pick up truck is not only but, but now it has a bigger dimension.  Still, with a large and rigid body typical of the F-150 Raptor, the new 2020 Ford Raptor is about to be released in the next two years. It brings the new modern concept compared to the current model. So, how will this new model Ford Raptor 2020 look like? Let us check the specification details of the new Ford Raptor as your favorite minitruck in the future.

2019 Ford Raptor V8 Diesel Engine

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2020 Ford Raptor Redesign

Everything starts with the design whether it get some changes on both the exterior and interior sector. Will Ford give new redesign on the new Ford Raptor? Actually, they still keep it as a secret, but according to a rumor, the new 2020 Ford Raptor will get some changes to its design. Also, there are also additional features in the interior sector. You can check the details of the redesign on the following exterior and interior parts.


In the sector exterior, this new generation of Ford Raptor really looks so tough and manly with its modern concept. This modern design is actually already applied to the current Previous Ford Raptor and Ford will keep this design for the future. Meanwhile, the cargo box is also quite bigger with 66 inches long and 65 inches wide. The cargo box looks so simple just like other Ford minitruck. Meanwhile, when you check the front side or the head, this car really looks so masculine, especially when it still keeps the Ford symbol.


Now, we get inside to the cabin that really looks amazing with some futuristic features as you can find in many other modern cars. This nice 2020 Ford Raptor is designed with 4 doors and it can load up to 5 passengers. The redesign may be applied to the dashboard function and it will get extra features for communication. Meanwhile, you can check the seats and the seats are really comfortable thanks to the high-quality material used in dark accent. Then, you can also see the steering wheel that looks so elegant with a perfect coating made from leather. Overall, the interior design really looks competitive as it will also be used in the new generation of 2020 Ford Raptor.

2020 Ford Raptor Engine – V8 Options

To support the performance, this modern minitruck by Ford is equipped with a powerful engine. Of course, this pickup truck has a four-wheel drive system for off-road driving. Meanwhile, the engine itself uses 3.5-liter turbocharged V8 engine. Anyway, since this mini truck already has a strong engine with turbocharge feature, it certainly can produce great power too. For your information, this engine is actually also used in the current Ford Raptor. With this engine, this car can produce power up to 450 HP and the torque can reach up to 410 lb-ft. Meanwhile, for the transmission, this mini truck uses 10-speed automatic transmission. Overall, this car is no doubt when you check the engine sector and it belongs to one of the most powerful minitrucks made by Ford today.


When you want to have a minitruck, it is also important to check the features. What are the features offered by this new 2020 Ford Raptor? Well, you can start with the performance that is designed with auto start-stop technology. There are also other features such as electronic transfer case, 200 amp alternator, 2 skid plates, full time four wheel drive, and much other. Meanwhile, you can also get other features in the other sectors. The interior sector, it is completed with some features including Regular Box Style, Steel Spare Wheel, Clearcoat Paint, Variable Intermittent Wipers, Aluminum Panels, Black Grille, and much more. Then, you can also get some features in the interior sector such as 2 LCD Monitors In The Front, Applink and 1 smart charging USB port, 4.2″ LCD display in the center stack, enhanced voice recognition communications and entertainment system, and much more. Overall, the feature is enough for such a modern minitruck that looks so incredible for off-road action.

2019 Ford Raptor Interior Images2019 Ford Raptor Interior Images

Safety Equipment

Well, you also need to consider the safety features because safety is very important to protect you when driving this mini truck. It seems that the new 2020 Ford Raptor will be completed with many safety features and  functions such as ABS And Driveline Traction Control, Side Impact Beams, Electronic Stability Control, Dual Stage Driver And Passenger Seat-Mounted Side Airbags, Tire Specific Low Tire Pressure Warning, Rear Parking Sensors, Airbag Occupancy Sensor, top Speed Limiter, Early Low Fuel Warning, Audio Volume Limiter, Safety Canopy System, Dynamic Hitch Assist Back-Up Camera, and Outboard Front Lap And Shoulder Safety Belts. So far, the safety is enough and you do not need to doubt it. Anyway, these features are actually already available in the current 2018 Ford Raptor.

2020 Ford Raptor Release Date

Of course, you want to know when this minitruck will be released because you really wonder the new upgrades embedded. Anyway, talking about the release date, we also do not know the exact date and time because the officials do not inform us yet. It seems that you need to wait for it until next year. According to a rumor, this new generation of Ford Raptor will be released in early 2020  or at least at the end of 2019.

2020 Ford Raptor Price

How much will the new Ford Raptor cost? Well, nobody knows the exact price of this new minitruck, but we can estimate the price based on the current 2018 Ford Raptor price. Anyway, the price of the 2018 Ford Raptor itself is about $52000. Thus, we can assume that the price of 2020 Ford Raptor will be about $55000. It is more expensive because there are some additional features that will be equipped on this mini truck. Moreover, it also comes with a fresh design and some color options.