2020 Ford Fiesta: New Model, Specs, Hybrid & Price

2020 Ford Fiesta: New Model, Specs, Hybrid & Price – When it was first launched in the Asian automotive market, the early generation of the Ford Fiesta immediately took a lot of attention from the public because of its modern and luxurious design. In fact, on several occasions, the Fiesta was able to win many prestigious awards, one of which was the Car of the Year in 2010 and the Best Compact Hatchback in the same year. But, today we are going to welcome the new Ford Fiesta that gets a lot of upgrades compared to the old model. Let us check the specifications of this new generation of Ford Fiesta and the features offered.

2020 Ford Fiesta Model - Specifications

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2020 Ford Fiesta Redesign

When it first arrived, indeed the Ford Fiesta offered a futuristic design with a compact form that was thick in European aura. The impression of sportiness is also able to appear perfectly through dynamic body curves. Still maintaining the same exterior design concept, this time Ford gave a fresher touch to this flagship hatchback. If the exterior still has the same design concept, then it will be different from the engine that has better performance. Moreover, Ford will also present New Fiesta in two different engine variants, they are the 4-Cylinder 1.5L DOHC Duratec petrol engine and the Ecoboost Duratec 3-Cylinder 1.0L. The 1.5L capacity engine will certainly provide powerful performance while the Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0L will provide effective and efficient fuel consumption.


Presented as a new patterned hatchback, obviously, the next Ford Fiesta will be able to steal the public’s attention. At first glance, the Fiesta design concept looks like many other hatchbacks. In the front fascia, this car will carry a face design that looks aggressive. This can be seen from the design of the 2020 Ford Fiesta headlamps which have a sharp shape with multi-reflector technology. Then, the front grill is designed with an overhanging concept that further reinforces the sporty impression. The horizontal chrome accent on the grill also creates an aura of luxury. In addition, the Ford Fiesta foglamp will also be designed with a minimalist style that adjusts the design of the small front bumper. Next, the side of its body looks more sporty and designed aerodynamically through the indentation of the body lines that are not interrupted from the front to back.

Interior Changes

The exterior sector of 2020 Ford Fiesta really looks cool and impressive, so you must wonder how the interior sector looks like. Just like the exterior, we will also find a luxurious impression on the interior of the New Fiesta. For interior specifications, the Ford Fiesta comes with a variety of classy interior features like other Ford cars. Starting from the dashboard design, this car carries the dashboard concept which is dominated by elegant black colors using best quality materials. Then, for the front cabin, the Ford Fiesta dashboard is occupied by the SYNC panel, multimedia, AC, to the panel for security functions. Moving to the steering sector, the steering wheel on the New Fiesta is designed with a minimalist feel but still able to provide comfortable control. Furthermore, on the Ford Fiesta speedometer panel in each cluster is designed with a more attractive and easy to understand design. In the center of the speedometer, there is an indicator to show accurate information to the driver such as information on temperature, hours, or others.

2020 Ford Fiesta Interior

2020 Ford Fiesta Engine Specs

As it is mentioned before, the 2020 Ford Fiesta engine sector has two different types of engines. For the first version of the 2020 New Fiesta, the engine used will be the type of Duratec engine, 4 DOHC Cylinders (In-line) which has a capacity of 1,498 cc cylinder. This engine used for the Ford Fiesta  Style, Trend, and Sport can produce maximum power of 112 PS at 6,300 rpm and 140 Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm. This type of Ford Fiesta with inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine is certainly very suitable for those of who want a hatchback concept with a powerful city touring car. Meanwhile, the second New Fiesta variant will carry the typical Ford engine, the Ecoboost. The engine on the New Ford Fiesta Ecoboost is a Duratec type engine, 3 DOHC Cylinders (In-line) that has a 998 cc cylinder capacity. The engine on this New Fiesta Ecoboost carries an environmentally friendly engine despite it only has a smaller cylinder capacity. This engine can produce maximum power reaching up to 125 PS at 6000 rpm and 170 Nm of torque at 4500 rpm.


To support the driver’s comfort, on the interior of the New Fiesta, there are also functional features such as seat height regulators and Audio Control which is integrated with the entertainment panel. The entertainment console of the 2020 Ford Fiesta also has a good quality audio system that is integrated with CD, USB, AUX Input, 6 Speakers, and also Dot Matrix Display (3.5 ″).  Moreover, there is also an AC that has carried Electronic Automatic Temperature Control which will keep the Ford Fiesta cabin temperature remain cool. In addition, for its own security features, the New Fiesta has also come with standard car security features such as Manual Parking Breaks,  Keyless Vehicle, Immobilizer features, and Child Door Lock. Almost all of the supporting features are available on all types of Ford Fiesta.

Safety Equipment

2020 Ford Fiesta really offers cool exterior design and powerful performance. Not only that, but the Ford Fiesta 2020 is also equipped with a high level of safety and comfort. Like a modern car, you really do not need to doubt the safety features. To provide driving comfort for users, all types of Ford Fiesta are equipped with so many features that meet global safety and security standards. There are a few safety features that become the mainstay of the Ford Fiesta such as Hill Launch Assist technology that will serve to control the vehicle’s ‘stop and go’  while on the uphill road. Then, there are also other safety features such as Electronic Brake Assist, Electronic Power Assist Steering, Dual Airbags and also Electronic Stability Control. These features are basically already available in the current Ford Fiesta.

2020 Ford Fiesta Release Date

According to its name, the 2020 Ford Fiesta will be the new generation of Ford Fiesta which will be released in 2020. So, you may wonder when the exact release date is. Somehow, we actually have no idea when this car will be released because the officials do not confirm it yet. So, you must be patient until next year.

2020 Ford Fiesta Price

In addition to the release date, you also really want to know the price of the new 2020 Ford Fiesta. Anyway, nobody knows the exact price of this new car yet because it is not released yet. Somehow, we can refer to the current Ford Fiesta that is only about $15000. So, we can assume that the Upcoming Fiesta will be about $17000 up to $20000.