2024 Buick Skylark; All I know About This Buick Muscle Car

Buick has always been my favorite muscle car brand. Each of their products is considered the best in this category. This time, I found that this brand has a new model ready to release to the market. It is a 2024 Buick skylark. Of course, as a Buick lover, I must learn more about this model and try it.

Here, I want to share information about this model with you, who also need a new muscle car and are in the middle of finding one you can buy. Let’s start!

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2024 Buick Skylark Design; How does it look?

2024 Buick Skylark
2024 Buick Skylark Reborn

GM is famous for the retro concept of the Buick car. Therefore, this model also has the touch of that old classic design. One of the trademarks of that retro touch is the nameplate.

It is so iconic, which I also find beautifully placed on this 2024 model. If you see the details, you can find that the nameplate on the new Buick Skylark is similar to the second generation of this nameplate.

Other than the nameplate, I also like several accents on its exterior. One of the most noticeable accents is the long crease that flows down from the top of the front fender.

Then, it goes to the rocker panel right in front of the rear wheel, creating a strong and impactful accent that stands out among the crowd. It also likes the highlight of the muscle of this muscle car.

Moving back to the rear side, I also love the design of the taillights. Buick uses big-sized rectangular tail lights. It is similar to or inspired by the second-generation Skylark, as seen from its iconic nameplate on the grille. The big-sized rectangular tail lights also are the reason why this model oozes a retro vibe.

Yes, the long crease might highlight its muscle. But, in general, I think Buick has toned its masculinity. It is still there but feels much subtler than the previous model, even more like the second-generation Skylark that inspired this new model.

However, I understand why they make this car less muscular. Buick tries to accommodate the practicality of the nose part. Thus, it has the face of the modern car. It is reasonable, though. They also know that the market is different than in the past. Of course, a retro vibe is good. But adding modern touch will make this car feel more personal and closer to today’s buyer.

The interior is more likely similar to the previous model. Buick uses comfort and has a minimalist design. Convenience is the main concept of its interior. So, the exterior looks great and beautiful.

Then, you also get a comfortable interior. That should be enough to put this car on your buying list. But wait a minute! You also should know about its features and specifications.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information, official or leaked, about the features of this model. Therefore, I think you should wait until Buick announces it officially, at least at the end of 2024. At that time, I believe they will reveal everything about this car. I can still predict what you can find under the hood.

Engine Specs (Hybrid, Phev, Electric)

The theme of this car model is retro to a modern car. So, I also expect that this car has a similarly powerful engine as the previous Skylark. So, 6.2-liter V8 has the highest chance of landing in the engine compartment of this new model. If it uses this engine, you can expect a 495 horsepower output. Or, if Buick wants to go even further, they can easily use the similar CT5-V engine and give the new Buick Skylark a 695 horsepower output.

Even though that prediction sounds fun and cooler, I also realize in the next few years, and the car market trend will tend to enter the electric car category.

So, Buick will also release the electric or hybrid model for the next generation of Skylark. It will have an electric powertrain under its hood. And if I were to look for a compatible comparison, I would choose Dodge-E-Muscle as the reference.

It is not only about converting the muscle car into a hybrid or electric car. But Buick also needs a top-performing electric car. Because of that, Dodge-E-Muscle is a good reference to see what kind of electric or hybrid model the new Skylark will have.

Moreover, the V8 engine might be powerful. But, in the long term, this engine is not a wise investment for the modern car market. I believe many people will use more electric cars in the future.

But I also believe that Buick can solve that problem by keeping the V8 in the Skylark.

However, they can turn this model into a limited-type model. It might be difficult because its release has already been announced. So, maybe for the next Skylark, you can expect the limited edition model.

Release Date & Price

The exact release date has not been announced yet. However, Buick has announced that the two new models they will release in 2024 will enter the production stage in 2023.

So, you can expect the 2024 Buick skylark to be available on the market early to mid-2024. As for its price, I assume it won’t be different from the previous model. It most likely will start from around $70,000.