2024 Lexus TX; New Lexus 8-Passenger SUV

In the Lexus RX, Lexus offers a two-row luxury SUV. It can be too small for a big family or users who love to go with friends and colleagues. That’s why Lexus is working to release the 2024 Lexus TX to accommodate more passengers. 

This SUV will be in a three-row seat model with up to 8 passengers. I am wondering if this SUV is similar to the new RX, especially in its mechanism and aesthetics. Indeed, I expect that this new TX will come with something new, such as an advanced powertrain. Check the detail below to get an overview of how this car would be.  

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2024 Lexus TX Design; How Does It Look? Exterior and Interior 

I think that TX will be a big vehicle. At least, it is more than 112.2 inches since this car is the bigger version of the RX model. Just like the goal, this car should accommodate passengers in the third row. Due to the goal, I predict that the size of this SUV will be between 117 and 120 inches between the axles. 

Lexus 3-row SUV Pictures
The dimensions of the Lexus TX will be slightly smaller than the LX

In the interior, I expect something spacious and functional. So far, I know that the TX model will have three seats in the last row. It means that the passengers will have comfortable legroom. You can only get this sensation in this car and not in other Lexus SUVs, even the new LX model. 

Lexus will also bring the dashboard in the RX model into the TX model. This dashboard seems to accommodate the tech and features. I predict that Lexus will install a 9.8-inch infotainment screen, wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. In case Lexus comes with higher trim levels, the manufacturer will install a 14.0-inch infotainment screen, navigation, and a high-quality sound system.      


Lexus designs this SUV with an additional third-row seat. It means that there will be more passengers who can join the car. There is still so limited information about the features Lexus will use in this vehicle. Nevertheless, the standard features should be similar to the RX version. 

Lexus Luxury Interior 7 seat Pictures
The Lexus TX will have the same spacious, technology-filled interior as the LX lineup

Due to the design and the features, Lexus wants to design a family-oriented premium vehicle. Because of that, comfort and safety become the focus of this car. That’s why Lexus may install an intelligent assistant system. 

This feature helps the driver to control other features by only using voice commands. It means that drivers can keep focusing on driving while making other passengers comfortable.

The Japanese manufacturer may also bring the Available Advanced Park system from the RX model to the Lexus TX model. This feature is so effective to help drivers who want to park or move out of their car, especially in crowded conditions. 

As a driver, I know how difficult it is to control a car in a crowded parking area. Since this feature controls the steering, acceleration, braking, and great changing, it will be easier and faster for me to park this car in the best position. Indeed, I don’t need to waste my time for too long only to move the car out of the crowded parking area. 

Lexus understands that people can’t leave their mobile phones right now. I am sure that the TX model will have all features that allow me to use my mobile phone comfortably while driving or sitting in the car.  

Engine Specs (Hybrid, Phev, and Electric)

Lexus comes with three different engines. It is based on the model. For example, the base model is powered by a turbo-four engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission. This engine can produce up to 275 horsepower and 312 pound-feet of torque. 

The Hybrid TX model comes with electric motors and a turbo-four engine. This engine is more powerful and can produce up to 367 horsepower. Unlike the base model. The electric model will be paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. 

There is also a TX model that will use the same plug-in as the RAV4 Prime. The output of the engine is 302 horsepower. This SUV will have a 2.5-liter engine and CVT. You can also choose the TX SUV with the 550h+ moniker. Unfortunately, there is no information yet about this engine. I think this TX model will have the most powerful powertrain compared to other TX models. Lexus may use a turbo-four engine or something more powerful than that.   

Release Date and Price 

Seeing the progress and information I get so far it seems that this TX model will be in the market in the second half of 2023. How about the price of this luxury SUV? Lexus often gives a big surprise to its fans.

With all the revealed and new features, Lexus will include in this car, the price will be starting from $55.000. It is worth it with all the features customers will get from the TX model.

On the other hand, this SUV has to compete with other models, such as Volvo XC90, Acura MDX, Audi Q7, and other luxury SUVs with three rows. There will be tight competition among midsize luxury SUV brands. Each SUV is about to show its features and benefits to the customers.

The SUV with the most interesting offers will win customers’ attention. Lexus should consider this competition when designing the TX model.

Indeed, I can’t wait to see this SUV on the road and the special features Lexus offers on it to surprise the automotive industry. I expect that the real TX model will be more than just what I have written here.