All-New 2024 Dodge Charger; Everything We Know So Far

Dodge Charger is one of the premium-class models in the Dodge car collection. It has everything, from beautiful design to top performance.

This time, this manufacturer will release a new version of this model. It will be the 2024 dodge charger model.

Before you get excited about this new Charger, I want to share some information I have been collecting about this car. So, I hope you can use them as a reference when you buy this car later. Let’s see what this car offers to the buyers.

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Redesign Exterior & Interior (What’s New?)

According to Stellantis, the new Charger will use the STLA Large architecture. They spoiled this information during the EV Day 2021 presentation. The STLA Large architecture itself is the platform used on Alfa Romeo “Giorgio”. Therefore, I expect that the new Charger series will have a more balanced body.

2024 Dodge Charger Images

When they announced this information, I remember Stellantis modifying the Giorgio architecture to adapt to various powertrains (mHEV, PHEV, and BEV). So, I predict that the 2024 Charger will have those options, plus the standard options of RWD and AWD.

How about its appearance? From the insider source, I found information about this Charger’s appearance. The source said Dodge would use a modern design similar to the previous and current models. What they showed on EV Day 2021 also could be the best reference regarding the new Dodge Charger design.

At that event, I saw the Dodge CEO, Tim Kuniskis, explain the next generation of this series. He said it would have a vertical air intake on the lower passenger side.

The design of this Dodge Charger also was teased way in 2015 at a car dealer event in Las Vegas. According to my friends that attended that event, the new concept will have a B-pillar backward. It has a similar fascia design to BMW 7-Series.

In general, the new looks will be even bolder than before. The presentation and leak also came from several years ago. It means Dodge has several years to change various design elements of this model. One thing that I expect the most is the LED lighting design. I believe it will have a new and more aggressive design than before.

Moreover, this model also will come in a coupe format. Therefore, you only get the two doors concept. Based on this design, I expect it will have a different interior design than the previous model. At least you get a trunk lid-type door with a liftback-style piece that allows you access to a bigger cargo area. Then, Dodge also revealed that the rear seats are foldable into the flat level. It means more space in the cargo area if you need one.

It will also have a large panoramic glass sunroof for you to enjoy your trip. The cockpit seems awesome as well. The cool pistol-grip shift lever is one of the best additions. Then, Dodge also uses the fighter-jet-style cap that covers the ignition switch. Flip to open, and press to start your engine!

Yet, Dodge doesn’t forget about the classical value of this series. Thus, they also incorporate elements you can only find on the retro Charger in this new model. It includes the textured trim that you can find on the 1968 Charger.

New Standard Features (Infotainment, Safety, Driving Assist)

Dodge has not released official and detailed information about its features. However, from the concept image, this model will have a unique infotainment touchscreen shape. It looks like a trapezoid shape in the center of the dashboard. I feel like seeing the cockpit of a plane. Moreover, it also uses the oblong digital gauge display. That adds a cool vibe, plus an easy-to-read display for speed and other conditions of this car.

Like the current Stellantis product, I believe this next-generation Charger also gets the standard Uconnect infotainment system. Then, it will have a wireless feature to connect your device to this car using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Wi-Fi will also be available. And you can update its system and application on the go with this feature.

Engine Options, Specs, etc

Once again, Dodge hasn’t revealed this part. But, I see that the entry-level 340 models have 455 horsepower and the mid-level 440 models produce 590 horsepower. Therefore, this model also has power output around that number.

Furthermore, it most likely uses a multi-speed transmission similar to Porsche Taycan. It is reasonable because this system offers higher performance, range, and top speed.

You might not believe this system, but Dodge tries to keep the wild side of this model. And one of the methods to do that is using multi-transmission. That way, you can feel the gear change and acceleration on this car.

2024 Dodge Charger Redesign

Release Date & Price

As its name implies, I believe this car will be released in 2024 and will enter the production stage in 2023. Unfortunately, I also got some reports that there will be a delay in its release. It seems that the conversion to electric vehicles makes Dodge have to reorganize. From this report, the release date will be 2025.

The price depends on the 2024 dodge charger model and trim. I believe other than the Coupe or two-door model; you also get the four-door variant. As for the trim, it will likely be offered many options. Three of them have been revealed. They are the 340 and 440 trim, which show its powertrain output. As for its price, it starts from around $60,000.