2022 BMW iNext Preview: Specs, Price, Release Date

We all know that BMW is working on a flagship Electric SUV Called 2022 BMW iNext that offers more than 400 miles of range in one battery charge.

If you are looking for a BMW flagship car with a crossover model, the 2022 BMW iNext is the right choice for you. This is because this car can have a range of more than 400 miles and can drive autonomous level 3. So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore because this is the best “i” series car from BMW.

2022 BMW iNext Release Date

The plan is that BMW will start producing this car in 2021. However, before you buy it, you need to find out various aspects of this car, starting from the specs, performance, exterior, and interior. If you are curious about the newest generation of BMW iNext, you can read the review below.

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BMW has not revealed exact information about the specs and performance of this car. However, BMW once discussed the electric drivetrain and also the platform plan for this car. Many people think that this flagship car can fully support an electric powertrain, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and even gasoline.

However, this car is only offered as an electric vehicle with a maximum battery size of 120kWh. The head of the BMW division once revealed that this car was indeed designed for everyday use cars. This will be an attractive car for plug-in X5 hybrid customers to move to full electrification like this car.

BMW has a target if this car has a verified range of 400 miles WLTP. So, this car could be the longest-range electric car in the world. But, of course, the most formidable rival of this car is the Tesla Model S Long Range, which can do 379 miles in just a single charge.

2022 BMW iNext Design – Exterior

This is a large SUV because it has a length of more than 5 meters. So, its size makes this car look like X5 and X6. The wheels of the latest generation BMW iNext are 24 inches and are free of a B-pillar. This is because this car has a suicide hinge on the back.

This car looks more dynamic because it has a window line in the ‘streamflow’ style. So, this appearance makes this car so straightforward as a BMW car with the “i” series. Also, at the front of this car have four pieces of slim headlamps. So, from a distance, you can recognize this car as an electric powertrain car.

Then, a pair of cameras on a traditional door mirror faces forward and another facing backward. There is a GPS feature and an external microphone on the camera that allows this car to drive with autonomous level 3.

2022 BMW iNext Interior

After you know how the exterior of this car, it’s time for you to see how the interior of this car is unique because it has an automatic suicide door. However, the production model will receive a conventional setup for this car. Then, if you step into the cabin, you will see a polygon steering.

The new feature of this latest generation BMW iNext is the presence of two-spoke polygonal steering. This feature offers an automatic driving mode and conventional driving, making you more comfortable driving this car. The squared-off shape of the vehicle also makes it easier for drivers to recognize the car’s steering angle.

2022 BMW iNext Interior WIth Autonomous

The steering wheel of this car is equipped with optical fiber so that the autonomous driver mode is active; the driver can retake control of this car. Moreover, you will be comfortable sitting in this car because each seat has a headrest that you can bend backward.

The cabin concept in this car is very modern and is made from open-pore wood, textile cloth, and crystal glass. In fact, who would have thought if the interior of this car was made of vegan-friendly materials? Uniquely, each cabin seat in this car has an atmosphere like a unique boutique hotel.

Front passengers will find it easier to talk to rear passengers because the headrests can fold 90 degrees backward. The combination of sensors and micro LEDs that respond to the touch in this car is hidden under a veneer of wood in the center console.

This car has an Intelligent Beam feature that you can use for interactive projectors. So, this feature can help you track blank books and estimate information and entertainment as an alternative to tablets and displays. Of course, this is an exciting feature, and you will not be bored in this car.

2022 BMW iNext Release Date & Price

The official price of this car has not yet come out. But maybe this car will have the same price as the Tesla Model X, which starts from $80,000 to $110,000. Unfortunately, BMW also hasn’t announced when this car will be released. However, most likely, the newest generation of BMW iNext will be available next year.

That’s a complete review of the 2022 BMW iNext, which is impressive for you to know. From this review, you will know that this car is a BMW flagship electric car that will make you feel comfortable and safe when driving this car. However, you have to get ready because this car has a pretty fantastic price.