2021 VW Atlas Dimensions

The Refreshed 2021 VW Atlas is in preparation to immediately get to market with prices starting at $ 31,545.  Deliveries of the Redesigned Atlas begin in the second quarter of this year.

Have you known about VW? VW or we can say Volkswagen is one of the best car brands that exist among the automotive world. It is one of the luxury cars which has a high price with a lot of specifications. Commonly, VW has many fans and many people like VW, but not all people are able to buy. Some of them just know and understand about this car because VW has a high price. Then, recently, the company makes a new design of VW named 2021 VW Atlas.

2021 VW Atlas Preview

The release of the new VW Atlas will happen for next year, in 2021. This car still has the same image as the previous that becomes the luxury and high priced car. Well, from the high price and the luxury, you will get more together with the car. If you think that VW Atlas just has a high price without having something, you are totally wrong. Cause, everything is included inside this car. You will never expect before that this luxury car is total luxury.

VW Atlas is not totally different from the previous that is VW Atlas 2018. 2018 VW Atlas is the newest model and design at that time. Then, the VW Atlas for 2021 doesn’t have much difference because not all components are different from VW Atlas of 2018 and VW Atlas of 2021. Even though, VW Atlas keep being the great car with great specification.


VW Atlas is known has a Car-net 2.0 of the infotainment system. That is a standard system complete with a Wi-fi system. VW Atlas also combines with 2 SE, SE with technology and SE with R-line. The SE with tech has 20 inches of wheels. Moreover, VW Atlas also has the best bumpers from the best bumpers’ industry. That bumper is the same bumper that is used by the previous. The bumper has warranty amounts 5 years or you can say amounts of 50.000 miles.

2021 VW Atlas Price & Release Date

Wondering about this luxury car, people will always think about how much they should pay to get this car. Then, in order to have this car, the buyer should pay amounts of $31,545 for the base version and $50,695 for the Top Trim. Those are the levels of VW Atlas that you see. They have different prices based on the level. Deliveries of the Redesigned Atlas begin in the second quarter of this year.

Interior Changes

Almost the same as many big cars that exist in the automotive world, VW Atlas has a big body that intended to be a family-friendly car. It has a straightforward layout of the control which makes the driver easy to control with the straight control. Moreover, VW Atlas has 6 seats or 3 rows of seats. Therefore, this car will be the best family car with a large space. For addition, the third row is special for adults. It has a selling feature that makes an adult feel comfortable with.

In addition, the interior of VW Atlas commonly suitable for families, it is clearly comfortable and utilitarian. Except for the large space and many seats, VW Atlas also has big storage to carry out your luggage. From the research, it is known that VW Atlas can accommodate 3 big suitcases behind the third row. It is so amazing space.

The Connectivity and Infotainment of VW Atlas

We cannot ignore that the infotainment system and the connectivity also become an important aspect when choosing a car. It occurs because the infotainment will entertain the passenger and the driver while driving inside the car. Therefore, we need something interesting inside the car that is an infotainment and connectivity system. Then, how about the infotainment system of this wonderful family car?

VW Atlas provides the touch screen interface which makes the driver comfortable in using the interface. It has a 6.5 touch screen with the auto of android and apple car play. VW Atlas also contains the great speaker, Bluetooth for the phone, connectivity of audio, Wi fi connection and also the portable of USB. By all of that equipment, you will feel like in a home.

New VW Atlas Exterior Facelift

After elaborate on the interior of VW Atlas, it’s time to elaborate more about the exterior. Well, the exterior of this car can be guessed easily from the interior. The big space of the interior can determine that this car has a big body. Therefore, VW Atlas is called as the family car. The exterior design is great with glossy color. It has a big bumper and a big body which makes a beautiful combination of design. It is available in some colors such as white and dark grey. All of the exteriors look good and luxurious.

Safety System

The VW Atlas get the five stars from the traffic safety administration of national highway. VW Atlas contains a forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking. Then, this car also provides optional driver assistance. Those, you will drive in safety while driving this car. You will not be a worry when having your vacation with your family by driving this car.

Those are the elaboration about 2021 VW Atlas. All of those explanations about interior, exterior, specification, price, connectivity, and many others are a simple explanation of VW Atlas. You can find more on another source. I recommend for you who have a big family to have this car. The large space and luggage can make you comfortable to drive to some places without worry about your luggage. You can bring anything because your car is available for it.

2021 VW Atlas Dimensions Pictures

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