2021 Toyota Sequoia Redesign, Price & Release Dat

2021 Toyota Sequoia is one of the most popular SUVs by this concern. And, logically, many people are interested in its technical characteristics. However, he can meet the average driver’s requirements. And this topic must be discussed in more detail.

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2021 Toyota Sequoia Preview

I would like to note one interesting point before discussing the technical characteristics. “Toyota Sequoia” is an interesting engine, so you have to tell about the history of the model and interesting points about its production. So, the car debut took place from 2000.

The price was somewhere between well-known SUVs such as the Land Cruiser and 4Runner. But this car is very time, so to speak, appears in the world. Ordered immediately by Canadians – Land Cruiser cars are no longer sold in their markets. This car is born in Priston (Indiana), in the same place where they assemble another model, which is no less famous – the Toyota Tundra. The design is similar, especially if tuned in a car.

The “Heart” Model

Well, it’s good to start with this story machine about technical characteristics. “Toyota Sequoia” has an excellent power unit. He proved himself very well. And this is TOYOTA 4.5 turbo.

Until now, this car is equipped with a powerful 5.7-liter V8 engine. The full name is 5.7 DOHC 32 i-FORCE V8 VVT-i. Even people who don’t understand cars can understand that motorbikes are sound. That’s it – it produces 381 horsepower.

According to various sources, there is a version with a diesel power unit of 4.7 liters. However, this model is still not available. Maybe they will be released. Or only in the plan. However, such a model will be popular (because of the current economic and fuel crisis).


PPC – this is another point on topics such as technical characteristics. 2021 Toyota Sequoia comes with a good transmission. Well, if a model with a 4, 7-liter engine comes out, it will come with a 5-speed “automatic”.

And in the version mentioned above, a 6-band automatic transmission. The idea came from the new Lexus, known as the Lexus GX570. It should also be said that novelty offers a box function called TOW / HAUL. That makes it possible to change the gearbox to a mode that is very useful for many people. Namely, towing cargo. Because this useful feature turns out to save fuel significantly.

2021 Toyota Sequoia Fuel Consumption

The car “Toyota Sequoia” is equipped with a good 100-liter fuel tank. Refueling a car requires unleaded gasoline. The octane number is 86. Even though most know it’s only 92nd gasoline. But Russia, which owns this SUV, critics, experts, and car owners currently refuel the 95th model. And hope it fully complies with the 92nd America.

“Toyota Sequoia” reviews are pretty good, and in terms of fuel consumption – also, quite strange. After all, SUVs usually consume an immeasurable amount, sometimes more than 25 liters per 100 km, and this is on the highway!

Well, this car can please the owner. Driving through the city requires 19 liters of fuel per “weave”. If you drive around the city during rush hour (with traffic jams and other inconveniences), then you need to rely on 25 liters.

And, finally, about the flow with active maneuvers, starting suddenly and fast acceleration. 30 liters per 100 km is certainly a lot, but for car owners. People who already know what an SUV is and how to “need” fuel using for. And this is a small indicator. But on the highway – pleasure, a little more than 15 liters per 100 km. And, by the way, this whole SUV accelerates to 100 km/h in just 7 seconds. And it affects a lot – on this and that size.

2021 Toyota Sequoia Redesign

The length of this car is 5209 mm. Width – 2026 mm. And the height – 1894 mm. The wheelbase of this SUV is impressive – 3098 mm, because the cabin is very spacious, and there is enough space for everyone. Solid ground clearance, because it has to be in a car like that – 24, 38 centimeters.

It should be noted that the car body is made of high-quality galvanized metal. The thickness significantly exceeds the performance of Japanese counterparts. Apparently, for this reason, Americans are approaching the problem of more practical car production.


His appearance is impressive, I must say. The grille looks bright, which is somewhat similar to the one equipped with “Doji”, yellow marker lights, the same spectacular direction indicator, comfortable doors, aggressive design, even sporty – the exterior is successful. Right, the body is not aerodynamic. Because of this, and explains the considerable fuel consumption at high speeds.

But the suspension is happy. There is the pneumatic and normal version. Although the first option is better. Management is different. The car runs so smoothly as if it were not an SUV. By the way, there are three modes of operation. As always: comfortable, sporty and casual.


Special attention deserves for the salon “Toyota Sequoia”. Inside, apart from strong and inspiring respect, it looks very comfortable and comfortable. Drivers feel safe, confident and comfortable in the “cabin”. True, there are no innovative features in any form and strength. But everything you need is there. Electronic seat arrangement, practical dashboard, comfortable steering wheel, strict design style. All to match the appearance.

And, finally, a few words about one more thing related to the Toyota Sequoia engine. Price is also an important nuance. Especially for people who want to buy this car. What is the “Toyota Sequoia”? The price of a used car in a complete set with a 4, 7 liter 240-liter gasoline engine.

And this is a complete set. With audio systems, immobilizer, cruise control, TV, ESP, EBD, ABS, power windows, drive, seat adjustment, sunroof, xenon lights and more. In general, every single thing that you need or may need is inside. So, if you want to buy a good and reliable SUV, you can choose a model like the Toyota Sequoia.

2021 Toyota Sequoia Price

For this 2017 model, Sequoia offers 3 choices. The SR5 standard model costs $45,460 excluding shipping. This price is fairly cheap with a very large display car, but do not expect there is sophisticated technology in this car.

Car facilities are very standard such as steering wheel audio control, Bluetooth, weather control equipment, moonroof, towing package, seats for 8 people, and 8 levels to adjust the driver’s seat.

2021 Toyota Sequoia is not a bad car, but its appearance looks old. One of Sequoia’s biggest problems is its wasteful use of gasoline. Fortunately, the full-size SUV doesn’t get too much attention in terms of appearance, so it’s no wonder that a model like Sequoia can last until now.