2020 Toyota Highlander; Redesign, Concept, Hybrid & Release Date

New Toyota Highlander 2020 has been released; however, the car seems to look older every day because the crossover needs many improvements. It has competed with the new Subaru Ascent as a new player on the market, and it is not easy for top models to keep pace with new lines.

2020 Toyota Highlander Redesign & Changes

Although it seems like the previous 2019 Highlander, the rumor says that the 2020 version will come in a hybrid system. The improvements of the newest version will include the concept as well as the design. The one you see now is the third and comes from 2013 time. So, after seven years, we can wait and see that there will be many facelifts of the Highlander.

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The 2020 Toyota Highlander is mentioned to have a concept as the new generation of SUV. It is still a three-row mid-size crossover with a better redesign and in every way. However, Toyota never meant to move or replace the other segment or SUV. The tool for a hybrid is made at the Indiana plant since the previous 2013 was produced here and the existing Sienna minivan and Sequoia SUV. The innovation production will start in fall 2019, and the company will add 40,000 Highlanders each year. This shows that Toyota produces a vehicle with some advancement as a piece of Toyota’s limitation methodology for manufacturing automobiles, where they are offered to the market.

2020 Toyota Highlander Redesign

The 2020 Toyota Highlander has a more attractive exterior than its predecessor. It comes with an improved entrance fascia with the whole new grille with the directed front lights on both sides. Different from its rivals, this car comes with a sharp hunting sheet metal with a dynamic personality. The futuristic design will be seen from the numerous Toyota concepts which have been presented these two years.

You will also notice the ensuing discourse inside and outside of the car. Aluminum is chosen for the amalgam edges so that they will be lighter than the recent version. It is still like the typical SUV cars, which are huge and bulky for the common look.

Talking about the colors, the auto will be offered at the market with some shade options. The rumor says it might be silver and ruby. Those colors indeed match the people taste nowadays who likes to have a great looking and powerful vehicle.

Interior Changes

The 2020 Highlander version will get from the firm’s modern style when it comes to the interior. It won’t only focus on a pleasing interior, but also the advantageous capacity. This relative hauler will also manage the straightforward to use the setting. Therefore, the stunning heart console stays in a sleek-seeking central multimedia display. You will also see that the cabin offers more recent and effective substantial-high-quality materials.

2020 Toyota Highlander Interior Concept Styling

The seats are set to be more comfortable for rationale power and travelers. The dashboard also comes with useful functions that combine navigation and beguilement support. While at the back of the front line, the traveler’s lodge shows an amazing space. With the 0.33 column, the car is expected to comfort various travelers.

The main color of the interior would be the soft dark-colored shades on almost the entire lodge. The exception to the dashboard is in a dark shade, and the combination of those colors brings an elegant feel for the driver and passengers.

Engine Specs – Hybrid

It is said that the 2020 Toyota Highlander brings a hybrid system for the buyer. So you can use it in different systems and combo. Due to the changes under the hood on the conventional model, this new unit will improve the entire performance. Moreover, Toyota supports it to use more suitable electric batteries for combining them with the drivetrain, which results in better features.

So, what are under the hood? There is a 4-cylinder engine with 2.7 liters capacity for the first place. Then, it is followed by the V6 3.5-liter engine. Technically, the electric motors will be associated with the 6-velocity automatic transmission for another opportunity. To support better performance, the car is supported by tough tires 18.19”.

To sum up, the 2020 version changes are imminent, although it is still early to show the final results. As we saw in 2018, Toyota was making the first tests of using the current drivetrains. It was far away from the production, though. The engineers should work well to boost the power and fuel economy until the date comes.

Safety and Technology

The common security and safety systems are still prolonged relatively just lately. Simultaneously, the big upgrade will occur inside the car, including the latest infotainment and entertaining supports. You will get the Android Auto and Apple car play as certain features. At the same time, the navigation is still optional and provided for the top trims.

Other highlights include the antilock machine of braking, which is valuable for grasp and safety. While inside the car at the back, you will get a back view camera machine. Its main function is to stop or inverse the car easily. That’s it; the information on other equipment and accessories are not yet revealed much. Just wait for the first signs next year.

2020 Toyota Highlander Release Date & Price

The most robust lorry, 2020 Toyota Highlander, will be ready to hit the market at the beginning of 2020. It will be available with the press procedure on all tires, but the company still has plenty of time to work on the improvements for the new item within the period of time.


This car is bundled at around $38,000 as a starting price. No more estimated price since it is too early to list a lot of price courses. It is also because many details are still unleashed, making it impossible to predict the price precisely. Nevertheless, modern features and redesign will surely boost the starting price.

Toyota offered 191,379 Highlanders all over the United States last year, which you could see in Indiana. As a result, in 2016, the Highlander became the third-top ranked average size hybrid, after the Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee. So, wouldn’t the 2020 Toyota Highlander be better? Only you who can answer.