2021 Kia Telluride AWD Performance

This 2021 KIA Telluride is the second generation of Telluride series while the first generation had its debut in spring 2019.

Kia motors which build KIA Telluride plan to release a new generation of KIA Telluride. The concept doesn’t differ too much from the previous car, which is a mid-size crossover SUV.

The newest Telluride will have three rows of seats with seven chairs. And compared to the predecessor, there will be no drastic change. So, how about a little peek of the latest KIA Telluride?

What’s New?

As the newest version of Telluride, the 2021 KIA Telluride will have a slight change regarding the style of this. That because its aesthetic is the strongest point of this car. And that also applies to the cabin. If talking about the change, the thing that will stand out the most is the new colors option. Unlike the old generation, it will have various choices of colors.

A new thing from this car includes interior schemes and new standard features. For the engine of this car, there is a possibility that the KIA Telluride will add the engine.

2021 KIA Telluride Redesign Exterior & Interior

The exterior design makes one car look different from the other cars. And it can be said that the outer look of the car is the first thing that attracts people. As the car with good style, KIA Telluride has a bold and near-luxurious look. With a vertical headlight, large mesh grille and large wheels, KIA Telluride looks muscular and masculine.

This car is painted in dark pyrite color and has the LED headlamps. KIA Telluride, like the other SUV car, has a five-door SUV. And the door’s model is car’s suicide doors that open 90 degrees in all operations.

Interior Design

While the exterior design doesn’t change that much, there re some noticeable changes in the interior of this car. When entering the car, the first impression that comes to mind is what a spacious car it is. Not only is spacious, but KIA Telluride also has nice look even in the inside. Moreover, the model of the interior also looks attractive.

The chairs in this car use standard synthetic leather that has been guaranteed as comfortable materials for the car’s chairs. Moreover, there is a power-adjustable front seat that makes the first row of the seat comfier. In addition to power-adjustable, the front seat of this car also has a heated and ventilated seat.

Not only that, it seems that the developer of this car wants to spoil the passengers by giving spacious second-row seats. And like the first-row seat, there’s also a heated and ventilated seat in the second-row seat. Yet, it seems not enough as there is an option in the second row to use the captain’s chair that will bring coziness to the maximum level.

The 2021 KIA Telluride still uses standard features such as an eight-inch touch screen, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. And for the audio, this car uses a six-speaker sound system. There are also six USB port and Bluetooth included as the features of KIA Telluride car

Size and Capacities

When talking about the newest KIA Telluride’s size, there’s not much different from the other SUV car from the same class. With the wheelbase measures reach 114,2 inches, while it is slightly bigger than its rivals, it’s still not the biggest. But, when entering the cabin of this car, the impression change drastically.

Start from the first row, there is a space for about 41,4 inches for the legroom. It is quite big for the car in the same class, though not the biggest.

Next is the second row. The legroom in this second seat is very amazing. It has 42,4 inches of space just for the legroom. And that brings KIA Telluride as the mid-size crossover car that has the highest rate for the second-row seats.

As for the third row, there is 31,5 inches for the legroom. While it may be not as big as the first and second row, it still considers acceptable for the third-row seat.

As for the capacities, there is nothing to worry about it. In the backside of this car, behind the third-row seat, there is a space that capable to hold for about 21 cubic feet for cargo. And this car can hold for about 87 cubic feet cargo in total. This is very impressive as there is no car in the same model that has the same cargo capacities as KIA Telluride.

The Latest KIA Telluride Engine

There is no official announcement yet for the powertrain that uses to move the latest KIA Telluride. But, there is a high possibility that KIA Telluride will use 3,8 liter and V6 gasoline direct-inject as its powertrain. With this choice, this car can reach 292 horsepower and it is quite powerful. The engine of this car comes with eight-speed automatic transmission. There is also an option to use the all-wheel-drive version.

2021 KIA Telluride Release Date and The Price

Until this day, there still nothing comes about the release date of this latest generation of KIA Telluride. But many people predict that this car will be out in spring 2020. As for the price, everyone who wants to buy this KIA Telluride must prepare some money as it cost about $32.795 till $44.585, that price makes this SUV become one of the most affordable SUV on the market.

2021 KIA Telluride will once again join the competition for the mid-size crossover car. And the developer conducts some updates while still maintain its strong points from the previous generation. With all of these changes, can the latest KIA Telluride challenge its rival and sit at the top?

2021 Kia Telluride AWD Performance Pictures

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