2021 Ford Courier Small Pickup Rumors, Specs & Pictures

Do you miss the Courier? Wipe your tears and smile, because there will be the new 2021 Ford Courier. Since it was discontinued in 2002 in Europe and in 2013 in South America, now people expect more for the new series. They hope this small pick-up truck will come with the same foundation, but more new things added too. Recently, the spy shooters have tried to capture the look.

Due to not so many pictures floated on the internet, here we want to share a little information about this car. Rumor has it that the upcoming Ford Courier model will be smaller than the Ranger. However, there is still no exact size yet, but the body keeps for the urban drive standard.

Surprisingly, this 2021 Courier is noticed to have no competition in the market. Even though since its first production Ford produced a high-quality performance compact truck, the upcoming car will have a more segmented market. So, you might not able to guess the competition and a certain reaction.

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Know More About the Ford Courier

If we take a look back, actually the “Ford Courier” was already used by Ford since the early 1950s. At that time, Sedan variants used that nameplate to answer the US’s mainstream vehicle market. But, in the early 1970s, Mazda manufactured a compacted pickup and the Ford Courier became the nameplate.

Even though the vehicle was from Mazda, Ford Motor who sold them to the public. Seeing the success in the market, this moment became the beginning of “Ford Courier” on a pickup vehicle. Started for the second generation in early 1977, finally, Ford produced a fresh look by changing the style and increasing the size.

Until its fourth generation, Ford Motor kept improving their pickup trucks. But, the “Ford Courier” nameplate was only for Australia and New Zealand market. It was because Ranger trucks have replaced all Courier pickups, whether produced by Mazda or Ford itself. In 2003, Ford released the SUV car based on the Courier concept, but it was only for Asia and Central American. And now, the good news comes to you that the 2021 Ford Courier will be released soon.

2021 Courier Specs and Design

There are lots of good news from the upcoming Ford Courier. Before we inform you more about the specs, all we want to say is this car would be fuel-friendly. Moreover, it is saver than its bigger siblings, the Ranger. Wherever you do your task, in the urban area or anywhere, this new Ford Courier will help you very well. Within its smaller size, you won’t be difficult to face any field. Contrarily, you are getting more flexible in parking and handling things with pickup.

1. Exterior Look

The length is roughly expected in 185 inches long with the wheelbase is 112 inches. As we told you that Ford Courier brings a new look in its 2021, so, you will find a “white space silhouette” as its fresh design. It seems like Ford wants to show how the future vehicle looks should be. There are two types for the vehicle which are the two- and four-door versions. Both of them are coming with one or two-bed lengths.

2. Interior Sensation

Come into inside the car, the interior design is nearly similar to the Range pickup. But, hold on, there is still a difference between them. As the spiers saw, the upcoming Ford Courier will have more comfort and a modern interior look. Space is wider than the last Ranger. Also, you cannot avoid the amazing 8-in touch screen for entertainment. Enjoy the music in the car by the SYNC3 infotainment process, the premium music system, and a seat on the leather-based furniture.

3. The Power of Engine

Now we look deeper into the new Ford Courier engine. This model will be available in two engine alternatives, but, still, this is a probability from the spiers. The first engine is a 2-liter turbocharge EcoBoost core, while the second one is based on 1.5-liter EcoBlue powerplant.

Let’s talk with the first one. The 2-liter version will result in 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft with torque. And, for the second option, it seems like the best choice. Because the engine is also a hybrid drivetrain. Even though there is still no formal confirmation yet about the escape power, the EcoBlue powerplant is a great thing to have.

4. Other Details

Actually, there is no information related to this car. Ford Motor really keeps the secret very well. They want to surprise the market with its new generation. But, two more details we can tell is about the efficiency and the trim. Indeed, before we discuss this further, we have mentioned that the 2021 series is fuel-friendly.

It is due to a hybrid or PHEV which works very great inside. On the other hand, talking about the trim, this car is expected to come to the showroom with two trim options, which are Courier as the base and XLT.

2021 Ford Courier Date Release and Price

Until today Ford Motor has not released the date yet. No one knows the exact date just like its price. But you might wish that along the 2020 year, your near showroom already puts this car inside. While for the price probably you can predict from the latest Ranger price. If you desire a number, well, we can say the range is about $19,000.

Those are about the 2021 Ford Courier details you might want to know. Even though we said that this car might not have a competitor, you must prepare yourself to get ready before the SUV lovers. Because, seeing from the capability and this vehicle personality, the SUV people probably will put their hearts too on it.


Is Ford bringing back the courier?

Ford is preparing a small and compact truck, which can be used for more flexible activities. and that vehicle could be the Ford Courier.

When will the Ford 2021 Ford Courier be released?

Rumors have suggested the truck might land in 2021 as a 2022 model.

Who made the Ford Courier?

Ford Motor Company

What engine is in a Ford Courier?

The first engine is a 2-liter turbocharge EcoBoost core, while the second one is based on 1.5-liter EcoBlue powerplant