2021 Dodge Durango Release Date, Specs, Interior & Photos

In the last few days there have been spied photos on the internet and social media, we suspect they are photos from 2021 Dodge Durango. Looking for the right car is sometimes tricky and hard. People will surely want the right car for their needs, whether it is for the family or themselves.

For people who are looking for a family car or a big car can consider an SUV car. A new SUV car will be coming to go against other SUV cars in the market. For those who are looking for an SUV car with a wonderful design can check out the new Dodge Durango.

This Durango SUV has come with many great new designs and interiors. It also has great engines and features to support great design. So, what are all the new features and designs in the new coming Dodge Durango? Well, check this out to know more about the SUV Dodge.

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2021 Dodge Durango Redesign

Many people do not know about the design of the Dodge Durango exterior before. But what people can know is that the design will be significantly different. This is what the company has confirmed, and they said they will surely give a strong and sharp look of the exterior. Well, peaking at the exterior now, the Dodge Durango exterior now is quite strong and ready for off-road.

Overall the design looks like a mini pickup but in an SUV version. So, it is quite big but with a good looking exterior. Both the left and right of the car have sharp LED lights to lead the way. As for the models, they say they will provide two kinds of the model which people can choose from. As for the colors, they didn’t release the colors, but rumors say one of the colors available in red.


The interior of the car will also be very different from the previous one. The car consists of the three layers of sitting which can fit up to 7 people inside. The first layer consists of two seats, second layer two-three seats. As for the back can fit up to 3 people. So, overall it can consist of 7-8 people in this car.

The whole interior of the car is made from very fine fabrics, so it is comfortable for the whole passengers. For the front part of the car, the board is black colors making it look elegant. It is a neutral color, so it can fit both women’s and men’s designs. The space in each layer is also wide, from the front to the back. Not only space but the trunk is also big enough to bring everything inside.

Engine Specs

The 2021 Dodge Durango is completed with great engines to support the speed and machine of the car. It is one of the rare cars that have V6 and V8 engines. The base engine is the 3.6 Liter – V6 engine that people will get when they buy the basic car. It also produces power up to 295hp and 290 lb which is normal if people use it for in town only.

However, if people want a more advanced engine they can upgrade the engine to V8. If you choose the V8 engine for your car, then you will get a 5.7 Liter mill with a 360hp and 390lb. Of course, power is more increased which is suitable for people who like to go out of town. But one thing that most people are waiting for is the hellcat engine in the SUV car.


Safety is one of the priorities of the Dodge Durango car. Inside the car, there are seatbelts for all the seats from the front to the back. So, everyone in the car can use the seatbelt for their safety. A screen is also available to help people when they park and drive.

The camera is provided in front and back of the car, so it very useful. And like another kind of car the front car has airbags to complete the safety. The car is also very safe for kids as it has a child lock for the doors in the back. With child lock, kids can’t open the door from the inside. Therefore, if they want to open it they will have to wait for someone to open it from outside.

Features of The Car

The features inside the Dodge Durango are also an innovation in this series. One of the features they offer is controlling everything from the front screen. With the screen, people can control almost anything they need. For example, they can control volume, radio and what they watch. There is also a map in the car that can guide people to where they like.

People will just need to insert the place they want to go, and the map will show the directions. There is also a voice to help, so people don’t need to look at the map on the way. Because this can also be dangerous for the driver. The audio inside the car is also very good quality, so people can also enjoy the music.

2021 Dodge Durango Release Date & Price

For people who are waiting for the car must prepare at least $40,000 – $60,000 for this SUV. It is quite pricey compared to other types of SUV cars, but it is worth the price. With all the design, features and things people will get the price is worth. So, wait until the mid of 2020 to enjoy the new luxurious SUV.

Overall the 2021 Dodge Durango is a very recommended car to purchase for those who have the budget. With this car, people can get a fashionable car but with a great design. The car itself is completed with great features for both the driver and the passengers.