2020 Dodge Journey: Redesign, Features, Pictures

Dodge is again reported to be presenting a new product that carries the name 2020 Dodge Journey. Luxury crossover, which was officially introduced first in 2013, will be made with a more classy and modern design in its newest generation. In addition, the crossover made by the automotive factory from the United States will also come with a display that is so dashing and carries the ability of a super reliable race engine. On the other hand, the price of Dodge Journey is also known to be expensive enough. This is reasonable considering that it is in accordance with the specifications embedded. Let us check the specs details of 2020 Dodge Journey that will be released in the next two years.

Dodge Journey 2020 Model Year Trims Model

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2020 Dodge Journey Redesign

If we check it more detail, it seems that the 2020 Dodge Journey will be equipped with better design, engine, and super reliable features. In the term of design, this luxury crossover carries a design style with a concept that emphasizes the impression of elegance and luxury on each side of the body. Not only that, when you look at its engine sector, the new 2020 Dodge Journey will also be equipped with a powerful 3.6-liter engine with V6 technology that is ready to eject powerful power.

Exterior Styling

First of all, we are going to see the physical exterior side of the 2020 Dodge Journey SUV Model. The sharpness of the sporty aura reflected from the car seems to be increasingly strengthened by wrapping luxury and stylish design that combine and complement each other. It is clearly visible on each side of the body. From the front, it seems clear how powerful the Dodge Journey car is with the Blacktop Headlamp and Bezels headlamp design that are so unique and look macho that it carries High Beam Daytime Running Headlamps technology. It will also have fog lamps also add to the elegant impression. Moreover, the front grille is also designed with a distinctive Dodge Series stylish concept surrounded by chrome layers so that the real elegant impression and dignity will be increasingly achieved. On the other hand, on the side of the 2020 Dodge Journey, a firm and muscular body line also looks tickling and more masculine with a modern door handle.

2020 Dodge Journey Interior Changes

In addition to the exterior design that looks attractive, the interior sector of the 2020 Dodge Journey will also look awesome. According to a rumor, the interior sector in the crossover is also quite spacious so that it can accommodate up to 7 passengers. In fact, the cabin wall coating will also be made in such a way which can present a luxurious cabin style. Not only that, the luxury Dodge Journey cabin is designed in harmony with the modern chrome-plated dashboard with instrument panel loads, entertainment systems and drawers making it even more attractive. Moreover, it is also designed with an 8.4-inch touch screen with features in the form of the SiriusXM Satellite Radio operating system that will entertain passengers with songs and important information.

2020 Dodge Journey Interior & Seat Capacity

2020 Dodge Journey Engine 

Besides carrying an attractive design with luxurious interiors and ideal dimensions, the engine sector of the 2020 Dodge Journey will also be equipped with advanced and super reliable engine racing components. In this case, Dodge will equip this SUV with a 3.6 L capacity engine that carries VVT type V6 technology with 4 cylinders and 24 valves. Of course, there is no doubt about the greatness of the Dodge Journey and the toughness of the power that it can produce. How much power does it can produce? This new generation of Dodge Journey is claimed to be able to produce maximum power of up to 280 hp with maximum torque performance of up to 342 Nm. The powerful performance produced by the engine will be channeled through the 6-Speed Automatic 62TE Transmission transmission system.


It is undeniable that the new Dodge Journey SUV has good engine performance, but it is not enough because this car will also be equipped with some amazing features. First, to give a sense of comfort to the passengers, Dodge will equip this crossover with a variety of interesting features on the dashboard, such as audio players and touch screens with a variety of functional panels. Moreover, the seats are also made from the high-quality material which can provide real comfort for the passengers. In addition, there are also some safety features that will be equipped with this new crossover.


To support the safety of the passengers, the 2020 Dodge Journey Crossover will also be equipped with safety features, such as Airbags and advanced braking systems. In fact, the braking system itself will rely on ABS, EBD and BA technology, so it will make it easier for the driver to control the speed of the Dodge Journey when the driver goes so fast to prevent tucked tires. Of course, there are so many safety features that you can get from this new Dodge Journey including rear vision camera, Electronic Roll Mitigation, Electronic Stability Control, Keyless Entry, Keyless Go™, Latch Ready Child Seat Anchor System, Security Alarm, Trailer Sway Damping, Traction Control, Tire Pressure Monitoring Display, Supplemental Side-Curtain, and much more.

2020 Dodge Journey Release Date

Certainly, when you want to buy a new car, it is important to know the release date, especially if you prefer this 2020 Dodge Journey. Somehow, you need to wait for the official release date until next year. According to a rumor, this new crossover will be released in early 2020 or at the end of 2019. Still, you must be patient because the officials do not confirm it yet.

2020 Dodge Journey Price

How much will 2020 Dodge Journey? Since the official release date is not confirmed yet, so we also have no idea the price of this new crossover. Somehow, we can refer to the currently available model to estimate the price. The current Dodge Journey is only about $25.000, so we can assume that the next generation of 2020 Dodge Journey will be about $27.000 up to $32.000. But, we expect that it will be more affordable despite it offers a lot of advanced features.