2020 VW T-Cross SUV – What We Know So Far | Specs, Redesign, Price

2020 VW T-Cross: What We Know So Far About Volkswagen’s Upcoming SUV  | The VW T-Cross is among the newest lineups that Volkswagen has. Debuted in 2018, the lineup seems to be Volkswagen’s attempt to gain a market share in the SUV segment. And as expected from a Volkswagen vehicle, the VW T-Cross has proven itself as a great SUV despite being new.

Next year, the VW T-Cross will have a new iteration. That is, the 2020 VW T-Cross. What kind of vehicle the upcoming T-Cross will be? Will it be as good as the current T-Cross? There is no definite answer to that yet, but here are what we know so far about Volkswagen’s upcoming SUV.

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2020 VW T-Cross Redesign

In terms of design, the T-Cross is not among the most stylish in the segment. It is not something to be frown upon, of course. After all, when it comes to looks it is all about personal preference. Some people will find the design great and some others may not like it.

So what kind of style the 2020 T-Cross will have? Rather than being a stylish SUV, the upcoming T-Cross is reported to have a clean, simple, and unfussy design. This kind of design usually aged nicely, probably lasting for many years.

At the front end, the T-Cross has a large, wide and bold-looking grille. Combined with its headlight, these exterior design elements look as if they come from a larger, more expensive vehicle. At the rear end, there are taillights with square edges, which are joined with a reflective strip.

Inside, the cabin is just astonishing. Usually, a small car will have a cabin that looks and feels small. Not with the T-Cross. Despite being a rather small car, it can pull off the large car looks and feels. There are a black-edged touchscreen, a sizeable steering wheel, and a simple and clean dash layout.

Engine Specs & Performance

At the moment, there is only one known engine that will be offered for the 2020 VW T-Cross. That engine is a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine. For an SUV, this engine is quite decent. It can produce up to 113 horsepower with up to 147 lb-ft of torque. The engine is going to be paired with a seven-speed automatic DSG gearbox.

In terms of performance, the T-Cross should be able to get to 100 km/h in 9.9 seconds. The engine is estimated by Volkswagen to consume 6.1 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers on a combined cycle. The SUV’s carbon dioxide emission level is estimated to be around 139 g/km.

Some may find that the power output and speed of the T-Cross seems low. They are not wrong. However, the T-Cross is an SUV has always been designed for city driving. So it makes sense and understandable that the power output and speed are not as high as other SUVs. Additionally, the T-Cross can reach the legal speed limit quickly and unobtrusively, making it a great choice for urbanites alike.

2020 VW T-Cross Release Date and Price

The exact release date hasn’t been announced. Well, at least not yet at the moment. Although the exact date isn’t yet known, the upcoming T-Cross is scheduled to enter the market in mid-2020. That’s right. It will come soon.

Similar to the release date, the price range of the new T-Cross isn’t yet known either. With the price, however, we can guesstimate it based on the current model. The price of the current T-Cross starts from $20,000. The price of the upcoming T-Cross should be in that range.

What Can Be Expected in New 2020 T-Cross

We can expect the upcoming T-Cross to come in two trim levels, which will share the same engine and gearbox. At $20,000 price range, you can expect features such as an 8-inch touchscreen display, 16-inch wheels (alloy), fabric seats, remote keyless entry, Android and Apple CarPlay connectivity should be standard.


These are what we know so far about the 2020 VW T-Cross. It seems that VW’s upcoming SUV is going to be a great SUV. It has a superb design, a decent engine, and lots of features to accommodate everyone. We can expect the new 2020 T-Cross to be just as good as the current T-Cross, at the very least. Overall, the 2020 T-Cross is a great choice for those who want an SUV that looks clean, simple, and unfussy.