2020 VW Amarok Pickup Truck with V6 Engine – Price & Release Date

2020 VW Amarok Highline Trim Level Review – Are you an avid fan of the VW Amarok? If the answer is yes, then there is something you need to know: the lineup has a new member. That’s right. The 2020 VW Amarok has been released. Want to know more about the new VW Amarok? Just read on.

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2020 VW Amarok Design

Let’s start with the design first. How does it look in terms of design? Does it look good? The short answer is of course yes. The Amarok always looks good. There is no doubt about that. Of course, this also includes the 2020 iteration as well. Not only that, but the lineup has also got many updates and refreshes, allowing it to keep up with time. We can see this in the 2020 Amarok Highline.

VW doesn’t design the 2020 Amarok Highline to have a truly rugged look. Indeed, it doesn’t look as rugged as the HiLux or Ranger. As “compensation,” VW makes the design of the 2020 Amarok to be more refined and stylish. It has many edges and curves, sharply defined lines, and several squared-off angles. The new Amarok retains all of the things that define the Amarok lineup and at the same time, has stylish and modern touches to it.

The Inside

Next question, what about the inside? The Amarok Highline is a cab. But, you would think that you were inside an SUV when you sit in the cab. The interior is passenger-friendly, comfortable and spacious. For the equipment, there is VW’s typical switchgear that we all know and love, cloth seats, steering wheel wrapped in leather and many more.

The 580 and Ultimate versions have more amenities to them. For example, there is black headlining that adds a moody feel to the cabin in the 580 version and color multifunction screen, paddle shifters and adjustable heated leather seats in the Ultimate version.

As for the interior’s practicality, it is quite practical for a pickup truck. There is ample space for every passenger (each seat has its own contour, which is impressive), excellent headroom, decent legroom, a massive trench up front and a wide storage bin.

Engine and Driving

The engine of the 2020 VW Amarok is powerful. It is a 3.0-liter, turbo diesel V6 engine. It has an output of 254 horsepower with 427 lb-ft of torque. Incidentally, if the amount of torque is converted to NM, the number is ‘580.’ A 580 of torque for a 580 Amarok Highline. Sounds so fitting, doesn’t it?

Need a quick slight boost? VW got your back. Amarok’s engine has an ‘Overboost’ feature. This feature allows the pickup to disables some of its restrictions temporarily. The result? An increase of output, from the original 254 horsepower to 268 horsepower.

The Amarok Highline may not have the usual off-road running gear but it does brute force to makes up for what it is lacking. Thanks to the powerful engine, you can speed up as much as you like. Better yet, you can drive comfortably on- and off-road on this pickup. Not to mention it is also unbelievably quiet and responsive, too.

The steering and suspension are both well-sorted. Yes, they are so well-sorted you won’t realize you’re riding on a pickup with a ladder chassis underneath. Overall, the 2020 Amarok is a well-refined pickup outside and inside. When you ride on it, you will be comfortable, regardless of the terrain. Rough or smooth, wet or dry, the level of comfort won’t change that much. You probably won’t feel it.


If you ask us what is lacking in the 2020 Amarok, our answer will be its safety equipment. The V6 versions don’t have ANCAP ratings yet. Active safety items, especially rear airbags, are lacking as well. This is a real shame, considering the new Amarok is meant to be a 2020 model. Also, HiLux, Ranger, and Triton come with safety features like automatic emergency braking, which the Amarok doesn’t have. According to VW, we will see more safety equipment on the next-generation of pickups.

2020 VW Amarok Price

Last but not least, the price. How much does the 2020 VW Amarok? At the moment, the starting price of the Highline trim level is around $64,990. Compared to its competitors, the 2020 Amarok Highline is quite pricey. But considering how good-looking, capable and comfortable it is, we say it certainly worth the price.