2020 VW Golf MK8 Redesign & Changes

2020 VW Golf 8 Release Date – The New Golf MK8 is Coming Out – The VW Golf R is among UK’s best-selling cars. In the first half of 2018, almost 40,000 cars are sold. With this solid number, the lineup entered the hatchback markets and is likely to stay for a long time. The lineup just got a facelift recently. What about the 2020 VW Golf R? Will there be any changes in the upcoming VW Golf R? We expect so.

2020 VW Golf 8 Redesign

With the recent facelift, we don’t expect the 2020 model to get a major redesign. That being said, the redesign will still happen but rather than changing the overall look of the car drastically, the redesign will make it look even better.

We can see the sporty look of the VW Golf R to be even more emphasized with a larger grille and/or pinched lights. We will not be surprised if the 2020 VW Golf 8 gets a more aggressive look. Same goes for the interior. It will not change drastically but will be even more emphasized.

Exterior Styling

For the exterior, the redesigns should feature sharper creases, which further emphasize its sporty and aggressive look. Since major redesign happens once in a few years, the 2020 model will not get it. We can only expect some updates here and there.

We can say that the 2020 model will look more or less the same with the 2019 model albeit the sporty and aggressive look will be more emphasized. With such a look, the fans of VW Golf R will be able to recognize the 2020 model as one of VW Golf R immediately.

Interior Changes

Currently, there are no interior spy shots for the 2020 model. While that is true, we can expect that it will not be too different from the 2019 model’s interior. Just like any VW Golf R, there will be a digital driver’s display which shows navigation and media-playback info.

The 2019 model is a bit different from its predecessor in its interior setup. With its front and rear axles placed a bit farther apart, it provides more space for the rear legroom. The 2020 model is likely to carry on this setup. The boot space of the 2020 model should be similar to the boot space of the 2019 model.

There is a trend in modern cars: more and more cars come with fewer and fewer interior switches compared to their predecessors. This trend happens on all trim levels, from the base models to the highest trim level models. In fact, highest rim level models have very few or even no switches at all.  For the upcoming VW Golf R, we expect it to come with no switches at all. After all, there are officials of VW who said that the interior of the lineup will be a digital environment.

Engine Specs – GTi With 1.8 TSi

The engine of the current VW Golf R is quite weak compared to its competitors. For this reason, we expect the upcoming 2020 VW Golf 8 to get a much stronger engine. Currently, the engine used for the lineup is a 2.0L. There are rumors that suggest the upcoming VW Golf R engine will be paired with a 48V battery, making it a hybrid car. This is possible, considering the manufacturer’s move to fully electric cars.

The current 2.0L engine is capable of delivering 135 to 201 horsepower, depending on its tweak. There are petrol, diesel, and hybrid engine. The 2020 model is likely to carry on these setups. Some rumors suggest that the hybrid engine model will be quite powerful, capable of delivering up to 400 horsepower. These rumors are not far-fetched. In fact, they may be true considering VW Golf R’s competitors have outputs in that range.

As for transmission and wheel-drive-system, all types of engine, regardless whether it is petrol, diesel or hybrid, will be paired with a seven-speed auto gearbox with a four-wheel-drive system.


Other than the standard features, the 2020 VW Golf 8 will come with eSlim. With eSlim, the car is always connected to the internet. Yes, permanently. Being connected to the internet permanently, the car will be able to show advanced three-dimensional satellite navigation mapping. It will allow the engine coasting when the car is heading downhill or getting closer to junctions as well.

In case you are running out of fuel, the eSlim can help you as it will find the nearest petrol stations and their prices. Lastly, eSlim can help in accelerating, braking, and steering the car in case it goes on a motorway.

2020 VW Golf 8 Release Date and Price

There is no official release yet from VW regarding the release date of the 2020 VW Golf 8. That does not mean we can guesstimate when it will be released, though. As a 2020 model, the upcoming VW Golf R is likely to enter the market somewhere in 2019. For the higher trim levels, we expect to be released in 2020.

In terms of price, while there is no statement from VW yet, we can estimate it using the price of the 2019 VW Golf R. A new model’s price is usually in the same range as the previous model. So, for the 2020 VW Golf R, we expect it to be in $50,000 range for the base model with the higher trim levels higher than that. Although we do say that the price is likely in the same range as the previous model, we expect there will be increased as there will be improvements in the 2020 model.

So far, these are what we know about the 2020 VW Golf 8. Since the car will not be released soon, there may be some changes to it. What we can expect from the upcoming VW Golf R is that it should deliver at least the same capability, comfort, and style as its predecessor. Hopefully, it will deliver more. What do you think? Are you interested in the upcoming VW Golf R?


we need to tell you that what you read here may or may not be true. As its name suggests, the 2020 VW Golf R is a model for 2020. Since the gap between now and 2020 is long, there can be changes that we don’t include or no changes that we do include. Also, the image we include is an illustration, not the real image of the upcoming VW Golf R.

2020 VW Golf MK8 Redesign & Changes Pictures

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