2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara: What We Know So Far About the Crossover

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara: What We Know So Far About the Crossover | The Grand Vitara is one of Suzuki’s many lineups. The lineup’s history can be traced back to the late 1980s. While Suzuki is a Japanese vehicle manufacturer, the main market for the Grand Vitara is Europe and Australia. In other markets, such as Japan and India, the Grand Vitara doesn’t sell much. Because of its low sale, many people ask “Will there a 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara?”

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a direct answer. Instead, we will tell you the information that we know so far about the crossover including the possibility of a 2020 model, its possible design, engines, and price. Okay, without further ado, let’s get into the facts.

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The current Grand Vitara is no longer produced

The CEO of Suzuki Motor Russia, Yuta Takahashi, has confirmed that the production of the current model of Grand Vitara has been ceased. While the production has been ceased, there is still stock of the crossover SUV in some markets, one of them being China.

It is still unclear whether there will be a 2020 model, but…

At the moment, the public hasn’t got any details from Suzuki yet regarding the continuity of the Grand Vitara lineup. The General Manager of Suzuki Australia, Michael Pachota, said that while he can’t confirm whether there will be a new generation model for the Grand Vitara, he thinks that the lineup is dead yet.

Japanese brands typically don’t abandon their nameplates. And the Grand Vitara is one of Suzuki’s nameplates, albeit only in the Europe and Australia market. At the moment, we can say that there is still a possibility of the 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara coming out.

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara Design

If the Suzuki decided to continue the lineup, there are three possibilities for the lineup. First, it will come with an all-new design to cope with the competitions. Second, it will come with a refreshed design. Meaning, it will continue the design of the current Grand Vitara but refreshed so it will fit enough to be a 2020 model. And third, it will come with an all-new design under a new name.

In all possibilities, it is unlikely that the Grand Vitara will have a 3-door version. It is more likely to have a monocoque body and a ladder frame construction. The current Grand Vitara is fun and comfortable to drive but it has neither sophisticated nor glamorous design. The design is among many factors that Suzuki can improve upon. That is, assuming the Grand Vitara is continued.

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara Specs

We expect the new Grand Vitara to come with at least two engine options. These engines should be capable enough of doing daily tasks of an SUV. More likely than not, the engines will be petrol rather than diesel. Suzuki has removed the diesel engine option back in 2015 and we don’t think it will make a comeback for 2020.

The first base engine will be a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine. This engine has an output of 110 horsepower. The second engine will be a 1.4-liter, four-cylinder engine. This engine is a bit more powerful with an output of 139 horsepower.

Both engines are likely to be mated with a manual gearbox with a front-wheel-drive system. Automatic transmission and the all-wheel-drive system should be available as optional.

These engines may not seem powerful but they are quite decent for a crossover SUV. A crossover SUV is typically used as a family vehicle. With such outputs, the 2020 Grand Vitara should be able to handle daily tasks thrown at it.


The 2020 Grand Vitara should come with updated technology. It should have at least features such as a touchscreen display with an infotainment system, cruise control, satellite navigation, smartphone connectivity, and Bluetooth as the standard.

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara Price

Assuming the design and engine are not drastically changed, the price range of the 2020 Grand Vitara should be more or less the same as the current Grand Vitara. We expect the price range to be between $24,990 for the base model and $33,490 for the higher trim model.


Unfortunately, the 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara is still in limbo. Suzuki has neither confirmed nor denied the continuity of the lineup. If Suzuki continues the lineup, it will likely to compete against SUVs like Mitsubishi Outlander and Honda CR-V. What do you think?