2020 Nissan Quest Van Preview; Specs, Redesign, Price & Release Date

The Quest lineup is Nissan’s attempt to gain market share in the minivan segment. Since the Quest lineup needs a redesign, we expect the 2020 Nissan Quest to get some redesign.

We expect it to get a finer design both for exterior and interior and a more powerful engine. After all, Nissan is known to be good at redesigning its vehicles. If you want to know how the 2020 Quest will look, its performance, safety, release date, and price are just read on. We have it all here.

2020 Nissan Quest MiniVan Concept Design


Before we start, we need to tell you that what you read here may or may not be true. As its name suggests, the 2020 Nissan Quest is a model for 2020. Since the gap between now and 2020 is long, there can be changes that we don’t include, no changes that we do include, or maybe even the Quest lineup is stopped being produced altogether.

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2020 Nissan Quest Redesign

Yes, a redesign is likely for the 2020 Nissan Quest. While the redesign is incoming, we expect the Quest lineup’s main idea will be carried out to the 2020 model. Both the exterior and the interior of the 2020 Quest will be redesigned.

Exterior Changes

What kind of exterior redesign that the 2020 Quest will get? Again, the main idea of the Quest lineup will not be replaced. Rather, it will be even more emphasized than in the previous models. For instance, the 2020 Quest exterior will be made of better quality materials, such as aluminum, hard steel, and even carbon fiber. We will likely see some new, refreshing details as well. From what we know, these redesigns for the 2020 Quest make the new Quest to be closer to Nissan’s ideal for the Quest: a luxury minivan.

The 2020 Quest will get finer yet sharper edges. Of course, these finer and sharper edges will improve the appearance of the upcoming Quest. Not only that, but these refined edges will also improve the aerodynamics of the minivan as well. It will improve the performance surely, albeit we don’t know to what extent.

Since the 2019 Quest is going to have prominent front fascia, so will the 2020 Quest. At the front end, the front fascia of the 2020 Quest will get a wider grille and larger headlights.

Under the grille, you can see a redesigned bumper. There are larger, circular fog lamps under the front lights, available on all Quest trim levels. At the rear end, you will see that the 2020 Nissan Quest sports longer taillights. All of these redesigns give the new Quest to get an even better look than its predecessors.

Lastly, since the 2019 Quest is available in various color options, we expect the 2020 Quest. The 2020 Quest will have various color options; hopefully, it comes with more color options than the 2019 Quest. If all these are proven to be true, the 2020 Quest will look prominent, classy, and of course, attractive.

Interior Updates

What about the interior? What kind of redesign will the Quest get for its interior? We expect there will be changes inside. The cabin should come with soft details, seats should become more comfortable, the infotainment system should get updated, and the climate vents should be bigger than its predecessors.

The 2020 Quest’s dashboard should resemble the 2019 Quest’s, at least in terms of design. The 2019’s dashboard is designed to look and function great. It is a great dashboard, aesthetically, and functionally. The switches are sufficient and reachable, making the minivan easy to manage. We expect this to be carried out to the 2020 model.

We expect features such as cruise control, traction control, blind-spot monitors, parking sensors, rear-view camera, overtaking assist, Bluetooth, USB ports, and an improved audio system to be included in the new Quest.

The 2019 Quest has many trim levels, from basic trim (which already comes with many features) to most equipped ones. With these options, consumers will be able to pick the features they want from the Quest. The 2020 Quest should have these, too. After all, more options mean that Quest can attract more people.

2020 Nissan Quest Interior Dashboard Feature Update

2020 Nissan Quest Engine Performance

The engine is an essential part of a vehicle. It is also one of the things that consumers consider when they are buying a vehicle. As such, vehicle manufacturers will likely use engines that make their vehicles capable and compete with their competitions.

There is a good chance for the 2020 Nissan Quest that Nissan will offer a few engine options. Currently, we don’t know what kind of engines that Nissan will use for the 2020 Quest. We expect one of the engine options will be a 3.5L V6 DOHC engine capable of delivering up to 253 horsepower with up to 236 lb-ft of torque. This engine is likely to be paired with a 2-speed CVT gearbox. The all-wheel-drive system will be available.


The safety features should be improved. This is expected since Quest is a minivan, a widely used segment by families. Without good safety features, the new Quest will not compete with its rivals and keep its current buyers, let alone attract new ones.

So, what kinds of safety features will the 2020 Nissan Quest came with? We expect the new Quest to come with safety features such as High Definition assist camera, improved front lighting fixtures, auto-dimming features, and so on.

Release Date and Price

At the moment, there is no official statement from Nissan about the release date of the 2020 Nissan Quest Van. Although we don’t know exactly when the 2020 Quest will be released, we expect the new Quest to enter the market either in late 2019 or early 2020.

There is no official statement about the price, either. However, we can use the current model to base our expectations on. Since even the base trim has many features, we expect the starting price not to be less than $29,500. On the other hand, most equipped ones will be more than $50,000.