2020 Lincoln Aviator Release Date, Redesign & Specs

Lincoln Aviator is a dream car that most Americans want to have. The current Lincoln Aviator may be available in the market, but if you want to buy 2020 Lincoln Aviator, then you must be waiting for the release date. There are so many features embedded in this new generation of Lincoln Aviator. For the first time, Lincoln embeds a more “green” powertrain along with a number of the latest features in the Aviator. Lincoln Aviator finally implants a hybrid plug-in system with a twin-turbo engine. This step is hard work of Ford to provide a luxury emission-free SUV.

2020 Lincoln Aviator Cost and Availability

At the same time, it is a Ford series that targets dozens of full hybrid and electric cars in the next five years. Separately, Lincoln will begin using hybrid models on its products in the US by 2020. Unfortunately, the 2020 Lincoln Aviator specifications cannot be explained much. How does this lincoln aviator look like compared to the previous model?

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 2020 Lincoln Aviator Redesign & Changes

The new Lincoln Aviator 2020 will look more masculine and futuristic with its powerful black accent. It is designed with one color to make it more manly. Thus, when you see the grill, it may look better than its predecessor. As you can also see the front lamps which look sharper and more alive. This new generation of 2020 Lincoln aviator is also bigger and heavier. If you see the back side, it may look more futuristic with dark glass windows. By the design, this new Lincoln aviator will be more superior and attractive.

Exterior Changes

In details, the exterior design of 2020 Lincoln aviator looks fantastic with its grill with honeycomb style despite it looks so classic. However, this style is the characteristic of Lincoln series that is also used in Lincoln Navigator. Fortunately, this car is completed with 22 inches wheels with turbine style that make it more elegant. A pair of headlamps can automatically adjust the power and the direction of the lighting. When you turn left or right, there is a light that helps the driver see the surrounding. In general, the exterior can really make you impressed thanks to its black body accent selected.

Interior updates

As a big SUV, New Lincoln Aviator must have a larger cabin and flexible setting. This modern car supports 7 passengers who can control the cabin temperature on each seat. Moreover, the passenger can also enjoy entertainment feature that they can connect wirelessly to their Android devices. It will also be completed with USB ports and charging port. Meanwhile, the luxury in the front cabin is completed with sync 3 communication system that is connected to Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The dashboard itself is completed with 12 inches touchscreen display.

2020 Lincoln Aviator Interior Capacity

Engine Specs & Performance

Though it is not released officially yet, 2020 Lincoln Aviator is rumored to equip a twin turbo engine that can produce 350 hp. However, this new Lincoln aviator generation seems to use a rear wheel drive configuration. Somehow, there is also a chance that Lincoln also produces all wheel and front wheel drive. In addition, the latest information, this new modern car will also be equipped with a plug-in hybrid engine. This can be one superiority that New Lincoln aviator will offer to the next modern city SUV.


Talking about the features, it seems that the 2020 Lincoln aviator is quite promising because the maker will embed some new modern features that you cannot find in other SUVs. The first feature is the bigger cabin that feels more spacious to carry eight people. This car is also completed with seats coated with high-quality leather to make it more comfortable. Furthermore, it is also completed with the Sync infotainment system along with a large touchscreen display on the dashboard. In addition, there is also Lincoln’s CoPilot 360 system that helps the driver check the surrounding area. So far, this new generation of Lincoln Aviator has some amazing features that everybody wants.

Safety features

Safety becomes the most important aspect that you must pay attention to when you want to buy a new car. Speaking of safety, 2020 Lincoln Aviator is also designed and equipped with full safety features such as lane keeping assist, automatic high beams headlamps, a reversing camera, blind spot monitoring, cross traffic alert, and automatic emergency braking. Of course, seat belts and airbags are also available for the main safety.

 2020 Lincoln Aviator Release Date & Price

When will New Lincoln Aviator be released? It seems that the maker still keeps it a secret about the release date because this car is basically still under production. So, you must be patient to wait for the official release until next year. At least, the release date may be informed in the quarter fo 2019. When the officials finally inform the date, you can immediately get one and find out the exact features available.

The price always becomes the last thing to consider when we are welcoming a new car. As you also wait for the release date of Upcoming Lincoln Aviator, you must be wondering how much this car will cost. Even though it is not released yet, we may estimate the price despite it is just an opinion. We suggest that the 2020 Lincoln Aviator will cost about $55000. Wow, it seems so expensive for a middle-class SUV. But, you may feel satisfied with the features offered because there are so many features which still become a secret.

Finally, the 2020 Lincoln Aviator seems a perfect choice if you want to buy a modern and futuristic SUV, especially for those who live in the USA. Somehow, this car is not available now, but it is clear that Lincoln will be released soon in the next year. You only need to wait for it and hopefully, this information can help you decide whether this car is good enough to replace your old car. At least, you know the estimated price so that you can prepare the budget. It may be lower than we imagine or it can also be more expensive than we expect.