2020 Seat Leon Cupra Redesign and Changes

The Golf’s twin will release the latest version, which is 2020 Seat Leon. This car certainly has many differences from the previous version of the car in 2019. You will have a sporty hatchback complete with a digital configuration.

Even though you don’t know when this car will be released, you better know various information about this car. Then, you can consider many things if you know a lot of information about this car. Let’s jump in about the next year’s Seat Leon review below:

Many people look forward to this car after they are satisfied with the previous version of the car. However, before deciding whether they will upgrade their car, you should first know the details about this car. Details that will be mentioned below are specifications, design, interior, performance, and also rivals:

2020 Seat Leon Specs

This car certainly has a much better performance than the previous version. There are 1.0 and 1.5-liter petrol units and 1.6 diesel that you can choose later. Everything is combined with a lightweight hybrid system with 48v. This car also provides a hybrid variant plug-in.

The system on this car will produce 245 hp with a range of pure electricity up to 31 miles. DSG dual-clutch transmission in this car serves to feed power to the wheels. In addition, the dynamic chassis setup on this car will complement the capabilities of this car.


This car will produce around 245hp of its sophisticated electric engine. Therefore, this car can go at speeds exceeding 150mph. Starting from 0 to 60mph, the car only takes less than seven seconds. So, this car has outstanding performance and will satisfy you.

The performance of this car is very striking if you compare it with the previous version of the car. The existence of large brake discs on this car indicates that this car has a sporty look with agile performance. So, this car is the best for you to choose in a car with the latest sporty performance.

Car infotainment is performance-oriented, such as transmission temperature or oil pressure. The sporty steering wheel of this car also supports the sporty performance of this car. In addition, there are a pair of sports seats that can grip you even if you are on a winding road.

2020 Seat Leon Design: Exterior & Interior

If you like sporty hatchbacks, this car is perfect for you. The design of this car is so sporty, sportier when you compare to the MQB Golf type. Therefore, you can include this car in your trendy choice of sporty cars.

This car has a perfect sheet metal surface with smooth folds and flat panels. The design of this car looks more handcrafted than digitally. Therefore, the design of this car looks quite rough but has a good design.

You will love the front of this car. This is because this car has a very dynamic LED lighting. There are a full-width lower air intake and a chiseled hood also in front of this car.

From the side, you can see that this car model has shoulder lines and doors that are deeply scalloped. The rear design of the car is like an SUV with dual exhaust and at the corner, there is a diffuser panel.


Many car fans want this car to follow its sibling, Golf, in terms of technology. In the previous version, this model of car did not have so many digital features. Therefore, many features can only be run using the manual. For example, for instrument clusters, each feature should be operated digitally.

This car will also have touch-capacitive surfaces and will have fewer physical buttons. The cabin of this car has a Formentor concept. The interior surface details are sewn and there are swathes of chiseled trim detailing.

There are bump dimensions on this car that make the passenger of this car more comfortable. So, the interior of this car is far more stylish and modern if you compare it to the previous version. You can enjoy a hatchback with classy interiors.

Rivals of Seat Leon Cupra

Each car must have a rival and one car that has many competitors in this car. The main competitor of this car is the VW Golf GTI. The VW Golf GTI not only a major rival but also a sibling.

Other cars that rival these cars are the Hyundai I30, Peugeot 308, Mazda 3, and Audi A3. However, Leon has anticipated his rival by releasing interesting and sophisticated specifications and features.

By knowing the rivals of this car, you can compare the weaknesses or strengths of this car compared to other similar cars. However, if you are a big fan of Leon, you will still choose this car.

2020 Seat Leon Release Date and Price

This year will end soon, and 2 more months will get into 2020. That means it is also getting closer when the car is released. According to the news, this car will be released in 2020.

However, there has been no news about the exact time when this car will be released. You can hope that early next year you will find out information about the exact time of the launch of this car.

This car has a price of under £30,000, cheaper than the VW Golf GTI. As your information, this car has two available variants, the five-door model and the ST family sized version. Then, the price of each variant is different.

Those are the complete review about 2020 Seat Leon you need to know. This car is suitable for those of you who like hatchbacks but have a very sporty performance and design. Keep track of information about when the car’s releases date so you do not miss it.


2020 Seat Leon Cupra Redesign and Changes Pictures

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