2023 Ford Excursion Reborn; All We Know So far

The New Ford Excursion is getting ready to hit the SUV market. It would appear with a new design, the inside and out. Not only that, but the new car would also give a better performance. It is because of the upgraded machine within.

The new Ford Excursion would be the biggest SUV in its category! The car’s length is 226,7 inches, with wide 80 inches and a height of 77,4 inches tall.

The latest model from the previous type was produced in 2005. After more than 15 years, it finally comes with a new design and technology. No wonder the market is curious about the new Ford Excursion. For those who might be wondering about the car, here are some reviews about it.

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2023 Ford Excursion Redesign

The company has not yet announced the specific details about the exterior design. However, it has already published some images of the new car. It has a new redesign that looks massive and manly. Even though the company has not released its length yet, it is the longest and largest SUV.

2021 Ford Excursion Concept

Another noticeable thing from the image of the exterior look is the model. It looks nearly like the Ford F-250 and the Ford Super Duty. However, it does not come with a trunk on the back. The new car would also have a unique and modern design. The new design is menacing and cool with the new bumper, grille, and hood.

Taking a closer look at the design details, the front body of the car is simple. It does not come in a complex design. Even though it is simple, the design makes the front side neat and sleek. It is also equipped with some exterior accessories suitable for off-road.

2023 Ford Excursion Interior

After looking at the outside, it is now time for the interior. For the dash design, it would look similar to the Ford F-250 as well. It is big, near and has several functions. The dash has a combination of both touchscreen and buttons. While on the driver’s and front passenger’s middle side, it also provides wide space and several buttons.

However, Ford Excursion has a bigger space for the seating and cargo space than the Ford F-250. The Ford Excursion has three lines for the seating, which could also load up to 8-10 people! Moreover, the cargo space is so big that users can carry big items into the car. It provides up to 165 cubic feet!

As for the interior details specification, it uses premium materials. It uses several materials in it. The interior also combines several dark and light colors. Overall, the interior looks sophisticated, comfortable, and cozy for passengers and the driver.

Ford Excursion Engine Specification

Since the 2023 Ford Excursion is a huge SUV car, people are curious about the machine inside. The car has a 5,4 liter and 6,8 L Triton powertrains. However, the manufacturer also added a 6 liter with 7,3 liter diesel-powered. This makes the engine have an equal power of 384 horsepower.

Users could do more heavy-duty trucks with this SUV car. The new engine would improve the performance of the car. Moreover, the car also has a 10-speed automatic transmission. With the great powertrain, the car could run standstill at 60 mph in only 10,2 seconds.

Remember that this is a big and heavy car which this record is a great speed. However, its top speed does not save fuel well. Like other SUV cars, the Ford Excursion is quite a spendthrift in the fuel economy. It is between 10 and 13 mpg. The number of fuel-saving is still a prediction. The market hopes that the official spec of it is better than that.

New Upgraded Technology

The technology is also upgraded for the Ford Excursion. Users could use the drivers more easily because of the new cameras and sensors. Besides that, the steering wheels are also quite light enough for an SUV car. The upgraded technology on the new Ford Excursion is something to pay attention to.

Moreover, Ford has paid more attention to the car’s safety. Behind and below the front bumper, tubular steel could protect the car from rolling over in an accident. The back part of the car is also equipped as well. As for the edition of the car, it provides each passenger with seatbelts and airbags.

Ford Excursion Price and Release Date

The lowest version of the new Ford Excursion would cost $50,000. As for the highest version, it would be around $80,000. However, there is a rumor that at the end of 2022, there will be an early sale price. Users could also buy the car in a preorder system and get a discount. But there is still no official announcement yet from Ford.

As for the Excursion release, it is predicted that Ford will release it at the end of 2022 as the 2023 ford excursion model. The public would, however, need to wait for the official date from Ford. The release would hit the market since there is no true competitor for the excursion car.


The new Ford Excursion would be a great hit, especially for the SUV market. Not only would it appear with a new design but also with a great machine upgraded. Moreover, the car is present with a great technology that is excellent in safety. Who else is also waiting for the release of the new Ford Excursion?