2022 VW ID.4 – Everything we Know, Interior, Release Date & Price

2022 VW ID.4 Exterior Look

The 2022 VW ID.4 is the second electric car from Volkswagen, expected to be available in 2021. Under the flagship of VW’s electric car, the next generation of ID for the US market is ready to be produced locally. But the plan has to wait for the expansion of VW’s Chattanooga factory finish, which now reached 70%. Thus, how about we take a further look into the 2022 Volkswagen ID.4?

As you all know, as one of the top players in the automobile scene, Volkswagen also tried their luck with the recent trend of electric cars. You launched the ID series, Volkswagen aiming to give a groundbreaking performance with the pure electric vehicle. Just like her sister, the hatchback ID.3, the ID.4 is everything you want in an SUV with for future driving experience.

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What is VW ID.4?

We can say that the ID series are VW’s representative to compete in the robust vehicle with a future in mind. Because usually, the electric car is more into sleek form. Significantly, the 2022 VW ID.4 that aim to give the flexibility of an SUV but with the electric car’s sustainability. So, while waiting for the local assembling, check out some facts about the ID.4 below:

It’s a common knowledge that fueled engine car is terrible for our environment. But with human’s basic need for mobilization, we don’t have any choice on that matter. That’s was the reason what driven the automobile factory to build something that can lessen the environmental damage, and we got the electric cars now.

Therefore, VW launched the fully electric car series, including the IDs that represent the robust vehicle with electric car technology. ID.3 for the hatchback and ID.4 for the SUV following the older ID series and the other VW’s electric cars.

2022 VW ID.4 Powertrain – Battery & Range

For the upcoming production of the 2022 version of ID.4 in the Chattanooga factory, VW plans to use the battery produced by SK Innovation. Since using a lithium battery, ID.4 doesn’t have the usual longer nose compared to the regular SUV because the battery and engine are integrated on the floor, which centers the car’s gravitation.

Meanwhile, for the driving force, VW offered two different types, rear and all. Therefore, you can choose between rear-wheels-drive (RWD) or all-wheel-drive (AWD). Yet there’s a rumor that VW would produce AWD for the US market. Also, the car designed for around 310 miles ranges in maximum. But there’s no official information about the charging time yet.

id.4 Exterior & Interior

At a glance, the exterior look of ID.4 looks so much like the ID Crozz and the same size as Tiguan Crossover. Thus, it’s pretty much like the usual SUV with a robust and sporty outlook. But we all know that it’s not your typical SUV because of its electric!

While the design is similar to the other SUV out there, you can trust that the color is very futuristic that oozing the commanding force. VW even went to a different length by collaborating with Nonotak Studio to interpret the ID.4, and the result is outstanding.

As we look further, we couldn’t find the information about how the future of ID.4 interior would look like. But since it will not need any room for the fuel tank, then there will be enough room for the cabin. Also, knowing VW, we don’t think that you will find anything that too much. We predict it all would decent but elegant at the same time.

2022 VW ID.4 Interior Pictures

While ID Crozz came out three years ago, we find it hard to predict what kind of entertainment that we would find in this car. But the standard of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay would be mandatory since most cars have it now. Also, we couldn’t leave out the Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless phone charging whatsoever.

The ID.4 would also have the driver-assistance as a standard for the futuristic vehicles. Thus, even though it hasn’t even tested for safety yet, some people predict it would have autopilot mode.

2022 VW ID.4 Price and Release Date

The Price likely starts from $50,000, which the range has $5,000 different for each the regular one, the special edition one, and the special edition limited. Although they branded differently, we don’t think there are many differences with each version.

From the information that we’re able to gather, the VW ID.4 would be ready for the US market around 2022. Some said late 2021; we can see this car hit the road already. But since the ones for the US market would be assembled in the Chattanooga factory, then we have to wait for it to finish first.

Back then, when we say about the electric cars, our mind drifts into the tiny vehicle that far from efficient. But luckily, we’re living in the best era with technology because we have a choice to give a small contribution to not adding emission levels into the air by getting the new 2022 VW ID.4 for a start.