2022 RAM Dakota: Everything We Know, Specs, Release Date & Price

Hello everyone, today we will talk about New Dakota Pickup trucks.

So, Is Ram bringing back the Dakota?

Yeah, today we are happy to say that the legendary Midsize Truck Ram Dakota will be coming back to the dealership as soon as possible. Latest Rumors says this New Dakota Cost over $30,000 and below $40,000 and is most likely available in the second half of 2021.

After many rumors outside, the manufacture finally reported that they are planning to bring back their famous RAM Dakota.

This mid-sized truck has been out on the market since 1986 and is famous as the rival of Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado.

If you are curious about how the 2022 RAM Dakota would be, you should read the information below. Because here where you find some details about this car.

One thing you should know about the upcoming RAM Dakota is this car will be introduced as “Dodge” instead of “RAM” or “Dakota.”

Due to the company marketing it with the “Dodge” name in 2009 and successfully getting a nomination as North American Truck of the Year in 2000.

Seeing that the reintroduce strategy got a good response from the public, now it is popular with its new calling.


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RAM Dakota History

RAM Dakota is the same as Dodge Dakota, a mid-size pickup truck. The truck had a conventional design with a body-on-frame look and a leaf spring rear end at its first model.

The car was for police and fire departments, patrol trucks, until those who have a hobby in off-road. Its first generation in 1987 was not impressive. But, it already took the market’s attention. Moreover, when they upgraded the car for the 1991 model.

In the same year, the company was planning its second generation, which came in 1996. People knew it as a 1997 model with several updates, such as the steering rack and pinion. The most surprising update was from the engine. People remained that that model rivaled its competitors with the V8 engine.

In 2005, the third generation was like a company’s proof to beat the competition. The car was redesigned, so it got longer and bigger. Also, there are more features inside and available in two engines: V6 and V8. Now, you should be ready for the new 2022 RAM Dakota version after the last generation was discontinued in 2011.

2022 RAM Dakota Specifications

The mid-size truck fans must be in waiting for the 2022 RAM release. It is not a secret anymore that this car desires a smaller entry-level model on its range.

But, surprisingly, this new model is not only to answer adventure purposes. The new 2022 RAM brings more promises to solve people’s problems, cost-efficiency, and everything you might never guess before.

Even though it is too early to talk about the details, hopefully, the information below can answer your curiosity.

Like the other details, there is no specific confirmation about the engine. But, if you want speculation, a 2.0-liter turbocharged with the four-cylinder engine is what you get from this 2022 Dakota.

This engine is possible to work well with a hybrid setup. Or, it could be possible with a 3.6-liter V6 unit too.

By seeing this engine type, you can expect to get 285 horsepower as the maximum output. We think it is still good in its range competition.

2022 RAM Dakota Exterior & Interior

The New Dakota Will be based on RAM 1500, one of the best pickup trucks right now. Even though some rumors say that the RAM 1500 is available in almost all parts, the exterior is attractive from the 2022 Dodge.

People predict it would be like a twin, but the Dodge mixes the old appearance with the modern style. Nobody assures the final look will be. If you see from the RAM 1500, the wheel is 18-inch as the standard.

While for the overall body, you will see a well-rounded muscular at a glance. The chrome grille, LED headlamps, color-coded lower bumper, and other modern details will be completed too.


The new RAM Dakota will offer you an upgraded cabin feel. Inside this car won’t be classic and traditional again. In contrast, the manufacture provides you with an upscale interior design with plenty of modern and latest features.

Inspired by the old brother, RAM 1500, you might find some same features there. It is due to the RAM 1500 was already the right weapon for luxury and everyday driving.


If you want to imagine, the RAM 1500 brings a large 12-inch touchscreen with premium finishing. Seeing from the room, it is plenty spacious.

Moreover, some features will accompany you when on a trip, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, panoramic sunroof, rear under-seat storage, a full suite of driver-assist functionality, and many more.

2022 RAM Dakota Release Date and Price

You can wish that this 2022 model will come in about two years ahead. Before you get the exact date, we advise you to pray that the prototype can come in about next year.

So, all questions in your mind get their answer. While about the price, the number is in the range of $30,000 until $40,000. Some people are optimistic that the price won’t be more than $40,000.


Here you are with some leaks of 2022 RAM Dakota. It is impressive that this car proves its competence battling Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, Jeep Gladiator, Toyota Tacoma, and other rivals.

While waiting for the car is available in the nearest showroom, you are better ensuring yourself to own this car in the future.