2021 Toyota Sienna Minivan Price, Redesign & Specs

It looks like Toyota is trying to stay away from the word minivan to describe its product on this one. The proof, when promoting this new generation of 2021 Toyota sienna, they always try to emphasize the word sedan even though, in reality, this Sienna is a minivan.

The Toyota Sienna itself was first released in 1998 as a replacement for Previa. This first generation is on the same platform as Camry and offers in front-wheel-drive format.

2021 Toyota Sienna Seat Features

Sienna has two reshuffles in its development, including the latest generation, like the 2021 version. Although it has undergone three improvements, Sienna still survives on the initial concept that emerged in 1998.

With the sides that tend to be flat, the shoulder lines look more prominent. While the fenders that tend to bulge also add a sturdy front view that fills with a firm line.

The grille’s shape has also become wider with a honeycomb motif that has recently become a trend. Reportedly, this 2021 generation is the work of Kazuo Mori, who supposedly was obsessed with designing a sports car.

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2021 Toyota Sienna Price

The New Sienna Comes in 5 different trims, such as LE, XLE, XSE, Limite, and Platinum.

  • LE: $34,460
  • XLE: $39,750
  • XSE: $42,000
  • Limite: $46,700
  • Platinum: $49,000

2021 Toyota Sienna Redesign & Changes

It’s not only the outside that has changed this time. Although the chassis used remains the same as the previous generation, Toyota made a few modifications to this Sienna’s dimensions. This new generation’s total length is slightly shorter, while the total width also increases, although not too significantly.

Toyota has two types of engines on this Sienna: a 3,500cc V-6 engine and a 2,700cc four-cylinder engine. The V-6, a 3,500cc engine, can produce power of 266 horsepower.

Simultaneously, the engine with a capacity of 2,700cc is only capable of producing power of 187 horsepower. Automatic transmission with six acceleration gears was chosen because it can increase the level of fuel efficiency.

The modern impression is also carried to the inside of this 2021 Toyota sienna generation of Sienna. Toyota Sienna is priced at $31,415. Wooden accents come in various places bring a classic impression on the modern nuances that dominate the cabin of this car.

The interior design is designed to give an airy impression even though it has not experienced much change from the previous generation.

What’s New in 2021 Toyota Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna is an MPV that can disrupt the Avanza and Innova Series markets, given the selling price is in the gap of the two cars. Public curiosity about the advantages and disadvantages of Toyota Sienna was also not separated from the newly present presence.

It has a more attractive and modern design style.

One of the advantages of the Toyota Sienna lies in the physical design of the exterior sector. So that makes it able to show a beautiful exterior. The connection with the advantages of this Toyota Sienna, we can see from several sectors, starting from the front, it looks like the LED headlamp with leveling, foglamp combined with the front bumper and front grille.

Moreover, the Second Row model door brings to the side sector and already uses Sliding door technology or Dual Power sliding door technology. Of course, with all the sophistication and grandeur of the exterior that is so attractive, it makes the advantages of Toyota Sienna in this sector able to captivate the hearts of consumers.

Has a Variety of Types and Transmissions

Talking about the advantages of the Toyota Sienna, of course, in the model that looks attractive and the many types of options offered.  Toyota Sienna has 8 types, namely types E, G, V, Q, and New Q, each offered in two transmission variants.

Namely manual or automatic CVT. Of course, with so many choices or types offered, it is one of the advantages of Toyota Sienna, considering it will be easier for consumers to choose the type of car according to their budget and needs.

Reliable Performance But Still Fuel Efficient

Well, not to forget that one of the things that are an advantage of Toyota Sienna. It is also located in the machinery sector because it’s come with 2NR-FE In-line 4 Cyl, 16 Valve, DOHC. Also, Dual VVT-I engines with cylinder capacities reaching 1,496cc. To be very optimal. One of the advantages of the Toyota Sienna is that it is enough to captivate the hearts of consumers. With its energy that is fairly reliable in the MPV class. Moreover, with engine technology, of course, fuel consumption has become more economical and efficient.

Toyota Sienna’s shortcomings

Public curiosity about the advantages and disadvantages of Toyota Sienna also has space from its presence. Which is never shown in the Southeast Asian market, and it might be like the Toyota Nav1. Which has a terrible sales record?

Market Segmentation is Less Clear

As we all know, one of the shortcomings of the Toyota Sienna lies in its market segmentation, which is still gray or unclear. Because the MPV presented at the 2016 IIMS in the country has a selling price located between the Avanza Series and Innova Series, this becomes the lack of Toyota Sienna, which is enough to make consumers have to think repeatedly before buying.

Head Unit Not Equipped With GPS

In addition to the unclear segment. The Toyota Sienna’s shortcomings also lie in the incomplete GPS features on the head unit. We know the availability of GPS features is critical to determine the location when the driver does not know the way to the target location. In the absence of such GPS features, it becomes a lack of Toyota Sienna that must be favorite consumers.

If you examine the advantages and disadvantages of the 2021 Toyota Sienna above, you can surely consider everything before buying it? Therefore, knowing all the advantages and disadvantages owned by Toyota’s MPV is not a taboo thing.

Because it is very beneficial for consumers as their consideration before bringing it to the buyers’ garage, I hope it can be useful until here, the first review of the advantages and disadvantages of the Toyota Sienna.