2021 Subaru Forester Impression, Release Date & Price

It debuted in the industry in 1997 ago. Forester knows enough about how to win the hearts of consumers. Now, twenty years have passed since its debut, Subaru returned to reminisce by launching the brand-new Forester series that is 2021 Subaru Forester.

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2021 Subaru Forester Redesign Exterior

As previously explained, Forester has a very attractive exterior design. Stout and very competitive for those who have a high adventurous spirit. On the outside, Subaru as the manufacturer does not display many curves.

Headlamps & Grille

On the front side, for example, the hood of this car is made so straight. There are only two curves on the left and right. And two thin curves in the middle so that the engine cover does not look naked.

While on the side of the grill, Subaru pinned a medium-sized grill. With air cavities that are ready to channel the wind into the engine. So natural cooling occurs. To beautify this side, a medium-sized chrome accent crosses the middle of the grill.

While in the headlamp, the design used is arguably quite classic and far from the futuristic world. Nevertheless, its function as a vehicle lighting when crossing a dark field cannot be underestimated.

the article, the main light already come with LED technology that is ready to provide maximum lighting.

On the side, Forester doesn’t give many touches. Except for a pair of straight lines with long, thin curves. One embedded in the door handle and another under the door. To give a touch of elegance, also presented side skirts under the door which also provide color gradations on the sides.

Rear Angle

Moving to the back, Forester appeared calm by presenting a spacious room on the door, as a complement to the stop lamp with a slightly sideways modern design presented to beautify the stern side.

2021 Subaru Forester Interior

Moving to the interior side of the Subaru Forester 2021 also offers comfort and spaciousness like most SUVs. Leg and headspaces presented by the car can accommodate five people.

In the dashboard, it comes with various practical features that presenting to support the needs of users’ infotainment. Full-sized LCD screen complete with various menus in it.

As a complement, 8 active speakers have been integrated with connectivity such as Bluetooth and USB ports. So, users can play favorite songs through the gadget.

Moving slightly to the side of the wheel, we will also be presented with Switching Steering Control. This allows the driver to set various features in the dashboard through the steering wheel. As a complement, MID also comes with a simple design that is ready to provide a variety of the latest information.

Seating & Trunk Capacity

In the seat, Subaru pinned the best material to support user comfort. Also, additional AC is presented in the middle to provide maximum coolness.

Not only comfortable, but security also seems to be a concern of the Japanese manufacturer. By providing seat belts on all seats to minimize the risk of injury if the car has a pretty severe collision.

Besides the comfortable seats, Subaru also provides plenty of medium-sized space. for the existence of ample space that also provides comfort for those who often carry a variety of medium-sized objects in driving.

As for cargo, Subaru Forester has a maximum storage space. As information, the Trunk space provided is quite large at 505 liters.

Standard Features

As a brand-new SUV, of course, Forester comes with ready features. As a start, SRS Airbags also come inside throughout the seats. Also, the airbag is present at the front to protect the driver.

To maximize braking itself, this car is equipped with ABS, brake assist, EBD. And the electronic stability program, locking differential and traction control. As a complement, the front brake also uses a ventilated disc, while the rear brake uses a solid disc.

Do not stop there, Subaru Forester 2021 also protects passengers in the cabin. With a ring-shaped supporting frame protecting the main supporting parts in the car. The framework also comes in several parts such as poles.

The roof and floor so that the car can withstand the hard impact due to fierce collisions. Finally, Pedestrian Protection was added with the function to absorb shocks through the bumper. Not enough features of this Subaru Forester 2021?

Engine Specs, Gearbox, and Fuel Economy

Related to the operating system, this SUV has an operating system that is quite capable. Delivers maximum performance through DOHC 16-Valve, Horizontally-Opposed, 4-Cylinder, 4-Stroke, Turbocharged, Petrol Engine engines. This engine is ready to produce 240 PS of power at 5600 rpm and torque of 350 Nm at 2400 and 3600 rpm.

From the publication side, Forester has a capacity of 1,998cc as a driving force. This car also comes with a transmission lineartronic model (automatic – manual).

Regarding the use of fuel, Forester is quite efficient. Because it only requires 8.5 liters of fuel to devour a distance of 100 km. In addition to being economical, Forester’s exhaust emissions are also quite good. Because it only produces 197 g/km.

Certainly, although not included in the category of the green car, this car was very concerned about the exhaust gas. Quite great isn’t this Subaru Forester 2021 engine?

2021 Subaru Forester Price & Release Date

The Forester 2.0XT is available in Premium and Touring types and uses a 250 Hp turbocharged four-cylinder Boxer engine powered with 250 Hp.  The 2.5i Premium model comes starting with a price of $26,370. While the Limited type comes at $30,070. The top type the Touring 2.0XT, which comes with the best price, starting at $35,170. we expect the New Forester SUV to be available on the market in the summer of 2020.

Overall the 2021 Subaru Forester can be an option for those of you who love adventure but don’t want to have a car with a striking shape. Subaru itself will indeed feel right for those of you who want to be different in the SUV-ria in various fields to be passed.