2021 Mercedes GLS Price, Configuration, Specs & Redesign

Mercedes is a big car company in this world. We may know Mercedes as a company that produces a lot of luxury cars at a high price. It is true because Mercedes has produced some sports cars with the newest technology to this day. However, Mercedes has a new product, 2021 Mercedes GLS, the third generation of the old version GLS SUV.

The new upcoming Mercedes GLS has a big muscle body like another SUV. The design will fit into nowadays society because it has a great look. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about the technology and security system. Above all, the infotainment systems in this car are the most advanced technology. However, we will try to tell you the detail about this car. here we go!

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2021 Mercedes GLS Specs & Performance

The first thing you may think when heard about Mercedes is power and its speed. The 2021 Mercedes GLS has a better performance than the latest version. It is equipped with almost 483-horsepower and used twin-turbocharged that makes it can run so fast. Mercedes said that this car can reach 60 mph from 0 only in 4.1 seconds.

On the other hand, this car also produced a great voice when you stepped the gas pedal. This car has so many advantages that make you should bring this car into your garage. Above all, the best thing in this car is the air suspension system. With a big body, this car will resistant and not wavy while you bring it at high speed.

2021 Mercedes GLS Pricing and Which Type that Worth to Buy

Mercedes has not released yet the exact amount and type of the upcoming Mercedes GLS. But, we are sure that Mercedes will release the best car for you. It will be the best car than ever before. Mercedes will offer you a good car with the newest technology and put your comfort in the first place.

However, we know one secret about the future release of Mercedes GLS and its price. It is a GLS63 Matic that appreciated in $130.000. You don’t need to be worried about the performance because Mercedes will never give you a disappointed. This high price is reasonable because you get the highest technology and good looks car.

Interior Design

As you imagined from Mercedes cars, the 2021 Mercedes GLS will give you an awesome look at its interior. The interior design is not far away from the older version but it still looks fit with this car. The steering wheel is like the usual one, you will get a Mercedes logo in the middle of it.

On the interior, you will get one stylish speedometer, that has a modern look. Besides, there also available one touch screen called MBUX interface on the front seats. Not only with touch, but you can also control those screens with voice. Mercedes-Benz User Experience ( MBUX ) interface can be connected with your phone like a usual car.

Exterior Design

When people buy a new car, at first, they usually put attention to exterior design. The new Mercedes GLS is a great car with a big muscle body but still stylish. One of the most eye-catching parts is its wheels. The wheels have a shape like a star with 10 tails, look match with the body.

On the front of this car is also great too. One usual Mercedes logo looks luxurious with some vertical line touching on front. On the other hand, its lamp design success makes this car looks more frightening. You can bring this car wherever you want. Above all, you will not be ashamed if bring it into a big event or when meeting your friends.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Mercedes build this new Mercedes GLS car with the newest technology and they offer you some safety features. You don’t need to be worried about your safety factor while driving. One of the best safety features in this car is a semi-auto driving mode. It makes your car can control itself and it will help you while you are sleepy or drunk.

Not only that feature, but this car is also equipped with other safety features. You will get an auto emergency braking, it can avoid you from a crash. Besides, Mercedes also equip this car with a lane-keeping assistant. It will make your car walk in the right lane and prevents you from getting off track when you’re not focused.

Crash-Test Result, Comfort, and Carg0

Some agency still has not reported this car crash-test officially. That’s why we still do not know what the impact for the driver when this car is crash. But you should not be worried because this car has the best driver-assistance feature. Above all, it still based on you and what you did while driving.

However, with this car, you can put almost your whole family and bring them together. Because this car has six seats that ready to accommodate them wherever you want. It also equipped with some space behind the third seat row of this car. The space is not different from the oldest version, as big as the usual SUV car.

Mercedes still doesn’t announce the release date of this 2021 Mercedes GLS car. If you want to buy this car, then you should not be doubtful again. This is a high-technology car with a lot of beneficial features. It is okay to spend a little bit much money to buy this car because it is very useful for your whole family. This is the best luxury car with utility performance and awesome design.