2020 Mercedes Sprinter Van: One of The Best Vans on Earth

2020 Mercedes Sprinter Van Review | The Mercedes Sprinter is Mercedes-Benz’s lineup for the van segment. The lineup has been in the market for years, which speaks of its quality. The latest Sprinter, the 2019 model, has shown that the lineup undergoes changes. It comes with more modern styling, better capability, and providing more comfort.

2020 Mercedes Sprinter Release Date and Price

Soon enough, we are going to see its successor: the 2020 Mercedes Sprinter. What will it look like? What kind of engines it will get? When will it be released and how much? If you want to know the answers, just read on. We have the possible answers to these questions below.

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2020 Mercedes Sprinter Redesign

Before the release of the Previous Sprinter, the lineup has a basic van look. It all changes with the 2019 model. Now, the lineup looks more modern, has more up-to-date features, a comfortable, plush interior as well as more refined handling and dynamics. As a van, it is more than capable of doing duties such as transporting passengers or carrying dozens of items for delivery for miles daily.

As the changes above are done for the 2019 model, we are unlikely to see any major changes in exterior and interior on the 2020 model. That does not mean there will be no changes, of course. There will be, just don’t expect them to change the overall look of the van drastically. Instead, these changes are more likely to make the van more good-looking, more modern, and more fitting to be a 2020 van.

Exterior Facelift

Appearance is not a major point for a van. Having a good look is, of course, a plus but it is not a must for a van. The latest Sprinter looks very good for a van. Although by no means it looks as stylish as modern sedan or SUV, it has a more modern touch with less sharp corners, more rounded edges and more refined lines.

As for the 2020 Mercedes Sprinter, we can expect it to inherit the looks of the 2019 model. Since the lineup has just got redesigned, we don’t think there will be another redesign for the 2020 Sprinter. This, of course, should not be a problem as the most important thing in the van segment is the function, not aesthetic.

Interior Changes

In terms of interior, the 2020 Sprinter should be at least as comfortable as the 2019 Sprinter. The 2019 Sprinter has a large amount of available cargo/passenger space. This ensures that the van carries a lot of passengers (up to 15 people) and lots of items for deliveries. It is a van made for commercial purposes, after all. We expect the 2020 Sprinter can do this as well.

For the 2020 Sprinter, there should be a tiered dashboard, stylized, circular HVAC vents and HVAC buttons on the middle of the dashboard. Don’t expect the interior to be luxurious, though, as Sprinter is a working van. Instead, expect the interior to have a very organized look.

2020 Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van Capacity

2020 Mercedes Sprinter Van Specs

The 2019 Mercedes Sprinter comes with three engine options. The first option is an inline-four engine with an output of 188 horsepower with 258 lb-ft of torque. The second and third options are a four-cylinder, turbocharged engine, and a V6, turbocharged engine with an output of 161 horsepower with 266 lb-ft of torque and 188 horsepower with 325 lb-ft of torque, respectively.

The outputs of these engines may seem low on paper. However, this should not be a concern considering the van does not need to be that fast. It is, after all, meant to be used commercially, not to be used for daily routines like taking the kids to the school or buying groceries.

Since the current engines are already capable enough, we don’t expect Mercedes to change it, at least not in a few years. We expect the 2020 Mercedes Sprinter to come with the same engine options as the 2019 Mercedes Sprinter. While there may not be changes in engine options, there should be some tweaks here and there to make these engines more capable and effective. Rumor has it that Mercedes-Benz is planning to ‘electrify’ the lineup but no further detail is available as of now.


In terms of features, it should have at least the following: a touchscreen display with latest infotainment system from Mercedes-Benz (MBUX), forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, a 360-degree parking camera, rear cross-traffic warning system, navigation, USB connectivity, and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility

2020 Mercedes Sprinter Release Date and Price

Mercedes has yet to announce the exact release date of the 2020 Mercedes Sprinter. While there is no official announcement yet, we can expect the 2020 Sprinter to be released somewhere in 2019. Release in early 2020 is possible but unlikely to happen. It is, after all, designed for the year 2020.

There is no official announcement regarding the price, either. The usual trend is that the price of a new model will not be too different from the price of the current model. So, we can expect the price of the upcoming Sprinter to be in the same price range as the current Sprinter. The price of the 2020 Sprinter should be in the $34,985 range.


That’s what we expect from the 2020 Mercedes Sprinter. Major changes are unlikely to happen. The 2020 Sprinter will look more or less the same as the 2019 Sprinter. This is not an issue as appearance does not matter much in this segment. What matters most is its capability and the level of comfort it can provide, which Sprinter has been able to provide so far. We can see this in the current 2019 Sprinter. The 2020 Sprinter should not be too different. What do you think?

2020 Mercedes Sprinter Van Cargo Model Trims


The 2020 Mercedes Sprinter is meant to be a 2020 model. There is a time gap between now and 2020, which means changes are possible. What we present here as it is our expectation of the upcoming Mercedes Sprinter based on the previous model and the available information regarding the upcoming model. Also, the images we use are mere illustrations and not the real images of the 2020 Sprinter.