2021 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid, Specs, Features & Price

This is a preview of the latest generation of Infiniti luxury sedans, the 2021 Infiniti Q50. come with complete features but very competitive prices, quite promising.

Maybe you forget, in 2014 ago, Infiniti which was under the auspices of Nissan. Released a luxury product Q50. The celebration begins at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. That time, it is ready for the Europe market at that time. If you see the designer is one of the F1 champions, of course, the performance will perform optimally on various sides. To find out more, let’s take a look at the 2021 Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid review.

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2021 Infiniti Q50 Design

Most of the opening review of the Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid 2021. We will see the exterior first. First, the exterior design of the Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid 2021 looks amazing. However, with aerodynamic curves and luxurious ornaments on each side of the body. Then, from the body, the message successfully conveyed to the wider community. That makes this car looks elegant with different concepts typical of famous designers.

Front Design

The front exterior features a firm black Honey Comb. That comes with a chrome finishing. So that the appearance looks classy and suitable for the use of executives who aspire to a sense of prestige. In terms of lighting, the Infiniti Q50 combines the functions of LED Fog Lights. It also has Halogen headlights and Daytime Running Light (DRL).

Side View

Aerodynamic curves on the sides have a significant impact on the performance of the race. Practical things are also found in the rearview mirror. It is solid with the body’s basic color and support with the Manual Folding and LED Turning Signal features.

Rear Angle

The rear body can not be separated from the luxurious charm with embedded Twin Exhaust Tailpipes. It also comes with Chrome Finisher. Even if judging from the lighting features, the stern sector support with LED Rear Lights.

2021 Infiniti Q50 Interior

With the Wheelbase at 2,850 mm, the interior space of the Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid 2021 looks roomy for all its passengers. As for the appearance, the cabin atmosphere looks quite luxurious and elegant by marrying the dominance of the black color and the interior trim of the Kacchu Aluminum.


When entering the cabin space, you will see a minimalist design dashboard panel with full features. From both sides, there are 2 Blower features to support the coolness. The artistic curve was successfully conveyed from the side to the Head Unit in the middle.

Unmitigated, the Cockpit is nicely packaged with 2 screens. The top screen measures 8 inches with navigation functions and a 7-inch dimension screen for multimedia operations. Meanwhile, if you glance at the bottom, there is a conditioning feature with Dual Zone Adaptive Climate Control configuration.

Steering Wheel

In this latest Q50 model, there is the latest technology in the steering wheel. The results of the research process for more than 10 years, applying the Direct Adaptive Steering Wheel (DAS) technology. Thus giving a significant impact on the steering wheel rotation with the wheels so that the Q50 riders can feel the sensation of responsive and reliable control.

Seating & Trunk Capacity

Clad in luxury leather material, the seat can provide comfort for passengers. As for the rear seats, there are 40/60 folding features and the Head Rest feature on the front seats.

Infiniti Q50 2021 luggage capacity is at 400 Liter. That making sufficient and able to carry 2 large bags. Of course, you can use it to fulfill your daily activities.


Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid 2021 features mixing with attractive technology. Both in terms of entertainment and safety. However, it combined with 2 technology, Traction Control System (TCS) and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) technology. Able to provide maneuver performance that is not only precise but also soft and reliable. While from the safety sector.

Safety Features

There are a series of qualified features like 6 Airbags. Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Departure Prevention (LDP). Then there are Blind Spot Warning (BSW), Distance Control Assist (DCA) and Back-up Collision Intervention. All the technologies intended are capable of providing a guarantee of safety for the driver and all passengers.

Entertainment Features

Cabin space is also embedded with interesting entertainment features. That can be felt from the Dual Touch screen (VGA VGA 8 “and LCD VGA 7”). It also integrated with 14 speakers configured with BOSE Premium Audio System.

It seems to be able to provide sound quality as if on orchestra stages. On the other hand, the conditioning feature can be operated automatically with Dual Zone Adaptive Climate Control.

Engine Specs

The engine configured with Direct Response Hybrid. That embedded in Infiniti Q50. It is also adopted by Q70. Integrating the capabilities of the main engine and motor. The function to produce a more powerful and efficient runway.

Equipped with 3,498 cc V6 engine capacity. It can have an impact on the final maximum power in the 364 PS with a torque of 546 Nm. The superior power will later be distributed to 4 wheels. With a 7-level automatic acceleration transmission system. So that it can provide acceleration to reach speeds of 100 Km / Hour in just 5.4 seconds.

On the other hand, the performance of its Hybrid engine is also demand. However, it is to appear efficient in terms of fuel. Mated to the High-Flow Tuned Induction System, so that it can look economical at 6.8 Liters to reach a distance of 100 Km.

2021 Infiniti Q50 Price & Release Date

For automotive buddies who have lots of money, and want all the luxury in a classy car, certainly, Infiniti is one of the right choices. We don’t know the price of the New Q50 yet, but we expect not to far from the price of 2020 MY which starts at $36,500 for the most basic variants. Seeing the current economic conditions that are not conducive, we can not predict with certainty when this luxury sedan will be launched.

However, Infiniti’s desire to get the attention of the international community looks quite large. Even from the cabin, embedded the latest technology namely DAS which can provide more responsive and reliable maneuverability. Many people agreed that 2021 Infiniti Q50 has its charismatic element that is ready to enchant you.