2021 Acura MDX Redesign: New Specs, Features & Price

2021 Acura MDX Redesign: New Specs, Features & Price | The Acura MDX has released its latest iteration, the Previous Acura MDX. The Previous MDX has been proven to be a reliable and powerful vehicle. It also carryover the major redesigns that the 2018 MDX got. It has a sleek, stylish exterior, a nice interior, a powerful engine, and various safety features.

2021 Acura MDX Changes & Restyling

Soon, we will see the next iteration of the lineup, the 2021 Acura MDX. The questions are, what kind of redesign will it get? What kind of engine will come with? What safety features will come as standard? Below, we will give you some possible answers to these questions.

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2021 Acura MDX Redesign

Will we see any major redesigns? Unlikely. The reason is that the lineup just got major redesigns recently in 2018 and major redesigns happen once in a few years. The Previous Acura MDX is ‘just’ a carryover model. So will the 2021 Acura MDX. That being said, the 2021 MDX should not be a carbon copy of the Previous MDX. While there will be no major redesigns, we expect there will be some changes, updates, and tweaks here and there.

Exterior Facelift

The Previous MDX has a good looking exterior. It has lots of well-placed creases and generous curves, all of which give it a sleek look.  At the front end, it has a grill with diamond patterns all over it. Added with unique LED headlights, the front end of the Previous MDX looks very recognizable.

There is a rumor that suggests the upcoming MDX to get some small changes on both of its fascia that will make it better. If this is true, this is not surprising considering the latest reports said that the 2021 MDX will take inspiration from the CDX model.

Interior Redesign

Inside, we are likely to see a clean, functional, and simple interior. The most important features inside can be accessed easily and quickly. The materials used for the interior will have a premium quality. Of course, the higher the trim level, the higher the quality will be. As for space, the inside should be roomy enough for most passengers.

2021 Acura MDX Interior Features & Safety

As for the feature, the upcoming MDX should come with features such as an 8-inch display, keyless ignition, tri-zone climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, an 8-speaker audio speaker, USB ports, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay as the standard.

2021 Acura MDX Specs & Gas Mileage

We can expect the 2021 Acura MDX to carryover the engine of the Previous Acura MDX. The Previous MDX is powered by a 3.5L, V6 engine capable of generating up to 290 horsepower with up to 267 lb-ft of torque. It is very likely that the 2021 MDX will be powered by the same engine. If this is true, the engine will be paired with a nine-speed auto transmission gearbox, just like the Previous MDX. Front-wheel drive will be the only option available.

In terms of pulling power and fuel economy, the 3.5L, V6 engine is measured to have a towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds with the fuel economy of 20 mpg (city) and 27 mpg (highway). We don’t expect these numbers to change for the 2021 MDX.

There is also a rumor that said the 2021 MDX will get a hybrid engine. According to the rumor, the hybrid engine will consist of a 3.0L, V6 engine paired with electric motors. This hybrid engine is said to generate up to 321 horsepower with up to 289 lb-ft of torque. It will be paired with a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. All-wheel drive will be standard. The fuel economy is expected to be 26 mpg (city) and 27 mpg (highway).

Safety Features

The 2021 MDX will have various safety features, including navigation system (with real-time updates) blind-spot monitoring, front parking sensor, rear parking sensor, rear cross-traffic alert, emergency braking systems, forward collision warning, side mirrors with an auto-dimming feature, a 360-degree view camera, and more.

Currently, we don’t which safety features will be standard. What we do know is that the higher the trim level, the more safety features will be included. Also, the lower trim level may get more safety features with several available package options.

2021 Acura MDX Release Date and Price

As of now, there is no official statement from Acura regarding the release date of the 2021 Acura MDX. Although we don’t know the exact date, we can expect the upcoming MDX to hit the market somewhere in late 2019. It is also possible that it will be released in early 2020, but we think it is unlikely to happen.

As for the price, the price of the upcoming MDX should not be too different from the Previous MDX. The starting price for the base model of the Previous MDX is about $45,000. The starting price of the base model of the 2020 Acura MDX should not be too different. We can expect the price to increase slightly, considering the upcoming MDX may come with more features.


The Acura MDX lineup has given many people with reliable and powerful vehicles. We expect the upcoming iteration, the 2020 Acura MDX, to be at least as reliable and as powerful as its predecessors. Hopefully, it will be more to the table than its predecessor.

In terms of redesigns, we are unlikely to see major redesigns. The latest major redesigns have been done to the last MDX. Since these major redesigns happen recently, the 2020 MDX is more likely to carry over what the Previous MDX have. It should not be a problem, though. After all, the Previous MDX has proven to be a reliable and powerful vehicle. The 2020 MDX should be able to be as reliable and as powerful, at least. What do you think?


we would like to remind you that the 2021 Acura MDX is meant to be a 2021 model. As there is a gap between today and 2021, what we say here may or may not be true. What we present here is more of an expectation rather than facts as official information regarding the model is still lacking. The image we use is an illustration as there is no real image of the 2021 MDX at the moment.