2020 Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ Scion FRZ 0-60

2020 Toyota GT86 is a Toyota sports car which has a simple concept but has good control characters that deserve two thumbs up. The recipe is simple, it places the car’s weight as low as possible with the rear wheel motion. This car is very balanced, convincing and getting wilder at high speed. The height and other sizes are very well made so the driver will not find it difficult when driving it seriously or just having fun. The inside of the cabin is a mixture of a sedan and a sports car which has a lot of storage and made from premium quality materials. Let us check the specification details of this new Toyota GT86.

2020 Toyota GT86 Redesign

Toyota is about to concentrate on the performance that will be available on the new Toyota GT86, so Toyota does not think enough to make some upgrades on its interior. Somehow, there will be a little redesign on the exterior sector despite it is not too significant. Anyway, you can check the exterior and interior sector details below for the new generation of 2020 Toyota GT86.


Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ is two sports cars that have similar characteristics, and both of them also have the same design from front to rear. Both of these cars show the shape of a true sports car by placing similar main parts. The lights are designed in a small pattern with bi-xenon and LED lights while the bottom profile seems simple and not too enthusiastic. On the back part, a smart design gives the impression of being lifted up naturally, and sporty black inserts make it look better. Overall, the exterior concept really looks incredible despite it basically uses a simple design.

Interior Updates

Let us get inside the cabin. When you check the cabin, you will feel satisfied with its first seat row design. 2020 Toyota GT86 will have one of the best seats and is able to ensure the driver sits comfortably in any situations. The placement of the equipment is also very ergonomic on top of the dashboard, where you can access all the gear shifting buttons with a high-quality feel. The audio system has a touchscreen display and supports input from USB, Aux and satellite radio. The steering wheel does not have audio control at all and also looks very basic. But, it looks good because it has a good angle. Meanwhile, the rear row seat is not too comfortable, but you can use this space to put small items.

Engine Specs

Indeed, the new 2020 Toyota GT86 will be available with 2 transmission systems, whether you prefer manual and automatic. If you want to freely drive this car on the highway, we recommend buying the manual version, but if you want to drive casually but you can still drive fast, then you can choose the automatic Toyota  GT86 type which is equipped with a 6 speed transmission system and carries 16 valve engine with DOHC D-4S Boxer technology, and carries a 4 cylinder line that has a capacity of 1,998 cc. The engine capability is also proven to be able to produce maximum power reaching 147 ps at 7000 rpm. Meanwhile, the maximum torque produced reaches 6600 rpm. Interestingly, in addition to being able to accelerate very fast, this car also has excellent fuel efficiency.


Talking about the new 2020 Toyota GT86, you must wonder what makes this car so special with its features. Anyway, you actually cannot doubt the features offered because this new generation of GT86 will be equipped with complete features as you can find in most sports cars. Of course, the cabin is really great with its the seating quality that uses the highest quality leather material. Meanwhile, it will also be equipped with advanced technology such as colorful touchscreen display, good speakers, navigation, USB port, Auxiliary port, charging dock, wireless connectivity, and much more. Overall, you do not need to ask too many questions about the features because you can find them out once this sports car is released next year.


Advanced features will be embedded in this 2020 Toyota GT86, but the most attention is safety and security features because the Toyota 86 belongs to a sports car that will certainly be driven at a high speed. For this reason, Toyota provides ABS technology braking systems on all Toyota 86 wheels. In addition, it also provides Brake Assist (BA), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) technology, and Traction Control (TRC). Meanwhile, it will also be equipped with basic safety features such as airbags and seatbelts with force limiter technology and the addition of special seats for young children. Moreover, it also has a special remote control to open the door with Immobilizer technology.

2020 Toyota GT86 Release Date

Perhaps, you are dreaming of owning this car in 2020, so you intend to buy this car immediately. Unfortunately, this 2020 Toyota GT86 is not officially released yet. According to a rumor, this sports car will be released in early 2020 or at least at the end of 2019. Therefore, you must wait until next year and you can prepare your budgets because this car can be very expensive.


You may know that most the sports cars are very expensive, but you hope that the 2020 Toyota GT86 TRD will be affordable. Talking about the price, there is also no valid information about the price of this new GT86. Somehow, we can estimate the MSRP based on the currently available model. The current GT86 is actually available for sale and it is about $30000 up to $35000. So, we can assume that the new Toyota GT86 will be about $34000 up to $40000. Still, we have to wait until the official release.

Finally, that’s all about 2020 Toyota GT86 review that you need to know just in case you really want to upgrade your sports car with the good one. This sports car is really promising in the engine sector and it is enough for the interior and exterior sectors.

2020 Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ Scion FRZ 0-60 Pictures

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