2020 Renault Espace Concept design & restyling

2020 Renault Espace: Concept, Interior & Release Date – Some of the people may not know that Renault has an MPV that looks so incredible and elegant. Well, Renault has recently been revised the design of their car models and make some changes, despite once again, when we talk about the design, it is depending on people taste. Anyway, an MPV from Renault called Renault Espace is about to get some upgrades in 2020. Let us call is 2020 Renault Espace that will bring new concept and features on its new generation. Now, you can check the specification details for your information.


2020 Renault Espace Redesign & Changes

Renault Espace belongs to the Renault Initiale Paris Concept which was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013 and went on sale globally in 2014. After that, the new generation of Renault Espace was released in 2017. So, it means that Renault Espace does not get some upgrades since three years ago, and of course, it’s time to get a refresher.

The first thing that 2020 Renault espace needs to upgrade is the exterior sector. As you see that the latest model of 2019 Renault espace brought modern concept which looks so incredible with its style. It looks big as Kijang Innova. The front grill is also low that make it more sporty. It is not a big deal if the front side gets no upgrade. But, it may be necessary to put some upgrades on the back side of this car. It still looks so classic with huge back lamp. We expect that the maker wants to resize it to make it look slimmer and more adorable.

Interior updates

When we get into the cabin, you will be amazed at the interior design. We take an example from the latest model of 2017 Renault Espace that will still be used in the next 2020 Renault Espace with some additional upgrades. Well, you can check the seat design that really looks futuristic made from soft leather and memory foam for comfort. As a big MPV, this car is also designed with three rows of seating while the rear row is convertible into a trunk. Now, you can check the dashboard part that also looks so futuristic with a vertical LCD screen with some button functions. Moreover, the wheel also looks so compact. Overall, the interior is really attractive, but we expect that the new 2020 Renault Espace will bring new interior concept.

Engine Specs

Renault Espace 2017 received several changes, including the engine sector and the features embedded. Renault Espace 2017 introduced the new Energy TCe 225 EDC engine that had displaced its old engine of Energy TCe 200 EDC. This engine has a capacity of 1,800 ccs with a similar turbo used by Alpine A110. This engine is capable of producing peak power at 225 hp and 300 Nm of torque, of course, this engine is far more powerful than the 1,600 cc Turbo engine that can produce 200 hp and 260 Nm torque. The powerful engine will be combined with the 7-speed EDC-Dual Clutch transmission. But, will the maker still use this powerful engine in 2020 Renault Espace? According to a rumor, the next generation of Renault Espace will still use the same engine with a little upgrade. But, we do not know if this information is true. Maybe, the maker has a new concept for a better engine to produce more power and performance.


Certainly, when we talk about car upgrade, we expect some new features that will be included in. As you can wait for the release date of 2020 espace, you also want to know the features offered. Anyway, this car looks so incredible when it gets new upgrades on its exterior, especially in the part of back lamps, grill, and the wheel. Moreover, it is also good if the maker provides more color options for the body. Now, you can check the interior that also offers so many features. Talking about the features, you also will notice that the new Renault espace will still use the same features as the 2017 model. This car is designed for 7 passengers and it has a low profile concept. Fortunately, the seats are really extraordinary, not only because of the design, but it is also due to the material used. Furthermore, this new generation of Renault espace also has a simple control panel for easy operation using a larger touchscreen display.

Safety Equipment

Talking about features, safety also becomes the most important features that a modern car should have. Somehow, the safety features of 2020 Renault espace are similar to the 2017 model. In this case, this car will be equipped with a rearview camera so that the driver cannot carefully part the car and it is connected to the screen. Then, there is also easy part assist, blind spot monitor, lane departure warning, hill start assist, seat belts, and of course airbags. Perhaps, in the next model of Renault espace, the maker will include more safety feature such as cruise control, surround view sensor, and much more. But, you have to wait for it until next year because this model is not released yet.

2020 Renault Espace Release Date & Price

When will the new 2020 Renault espace be released? It seems that nobody knows about the release date because this car is still on a plan. According to a rumor, this new Renault espace will be released in the quarter of 2019 or at least early 2020. So, there is still a chance to prepare your budgets. Once it is released, you will notice the different features offered.


How much will 2020 Renault espace cost? Since the officials do not inform the release date yet, so we also have no idea the price of this new Renault espace generation. It can be a bit expensive from the model 2017. For your information, the 2017 Renault espace was about $51300, so we can assume that the new model of Renault espace 2020 will be about $60000. It is a bit expensive because this new model will bring a new concept with more features.

2020 Renault Espace Concept design & restyling Pictures

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