2020 Lada Vision 4×4 Price, Specs, Design & Release Date

There is interesting news about 2020 Lada Vision 4×4. One of the Lada’s lineups, the Niva, has been on the market for almost five decades. Yet, it hasn’t been changed at all. It has been sold for nearly five decades with the same form it has from its debut in 1976. Quite impressive isn’t it?

Recently, the Russian automaker has revealed that it will change the Niva lineup. Not only will it get goes under a new name, but it will also get significant changes too. Called Vision 4×4, the concept SUV is planned to arrive in the near future. Want to know more about the 2020 Lada Vision 4×4 concept? Just read on. We have gathered what we know so far about the concept SUV.

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2020 Lada Vision 4×4 Design

First and foremost, the design. Of course, the design will get a complete redesign. The Niva lineup has been keeping its original form since its debut. It is about time the lineup receives a drastic redesign.

Nods to the Past

According to the concept, the Vision 4×4 will sport a rugged and sporty appearance. It no longer has the boxy look that the lineup has keeps for nearly five decades. Don’t worry. Albeit the redesign will be significant, the new SUV will have some nods to the original form. For example, while the old Niva has its turn signals above its headlights, the upcoming one has lights at the same spot.t

The upcoming Vision 4×4 will also have air vents on its C pillar. This is another reference for the old Niva that the upcoming SUV has. It seems Lada is planning to attract both its existing customers as well as potential ones.

Lada’s Design Language

The Vision 4×4 will have lots of X-shaped design features. At the front, there are an X-shaped grille and LED headlights. On the sides, there are also X-lines across the body. This is quite interesting as these X-shapes are the current design language that Lada uses.


The interior looks so fresh. It has grey as the main color and bright orange as the accent. There is also aluminum trim, making the interior look even fresher. A panorama glass roof and ambient lighting are also included in the concept.

On the dashboard, there is a display with Lada’s infotainment system, a digital instrument cluster, a climate control system (dual-zone), and multifunction steering wheels with three spokes. The inside is something that you’d expect from a modern sporty SUV.

Engine Specs

Unfortunately, Lada hasn’t revealed yet what kind of engine will power the 2020 Lada Vision 4×4. That being said, we can expect the upcoming SUV will have a capable engine that will plow through any terrain. The engine’s power output might not be high, but the torque will be. This is a trend we can see on many SUVs with off-road capability today. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Vision 4×4 goes that way.

2020 Lada Vision 4×4 Release Date and Price

At the moment, the 2020 Vision 4×4 is still nothing more than a concept. As such, it is still too early to say when it will enter the production phase, let alone the release date. If Lada is serious about making the Vision 4×4, more details should be announced soon.

It is too early for the Russian automaker to announce the price as well. However, unlike the release date, we can more or less guess the price of the Vision 4×4. Since it is planned to be an SUV with the off-road capability it should have the same price range many other SUVs in the segment. Assuming it will be a mid-range SUV, the price will probably be in the $20,000 to $30,000 range.


So far, the above is what we know about the 2020 Lada Vision 4×4. While currently being a concept, the return of the Vision 4×4 is quite probable especially since the Russian automaker now has been a part of Renault Group.

From the concept revealed, we can say that the upcoming Vision 4×4 will be a capable SUV with off-road capability. It will have a rugged, sporty look, comfortable and roomy interior, and many new technology and features. The Lada Vision 4×4 has proven its quality for literal decades now. There’s no reason for the new SUV not to be a good SUV.