2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee New Generation Review & Price [ New & Used ]

Here is The Overview of an Upcoming 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Which Will Amaze Its Loyal Followers. Chrysler Corporation brings a new present for the loyal follower: New Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is a manufacturer that has underpinned the Dodge Durango and the Jeep Jeep Grand Cherokee since 2011. Even the designer proved that his design was very well-shaped for a vehicle.

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Release Date and Price

At this moment, the company thinks that the Jeep Grand Cherokee needs a new bone. At an investor conference in Italy, the CEO of the company Sergio Marchionne revealed that there would be the next Jeep Grand Cherokee, which he confirmed as the Giulia sedan and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV.

Sergio explained that the new Jeep Grand Cherokee would originally start with Alfa architecture but with a little modification and is extended to cover both a two-row seat and a three-row seat of Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It is to say that the platform of the car has adapted from the typical Jeep basic model. What are the modifications and the improvements of the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee? Check the details over here.

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2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Redesign & Changes

Engine Specs

Before viewing the plan of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, let’s take a look at the current model, which is supported by five engine options. Therefore, the new car is planned will have the same options. There are only a few changes that will occur and be unleashed by the company in detail soon.

There are 3 options for the car engine:

  • Referring to the engine, the car will be supported with a 3.6-liter V-6 engine, which provides 295 hp and 260 pound-feet of torque. This first option also has the rear-wheel-drive, which reaches 19 mpg on the city ordinary road and 26 mpg on the highway. Even the AWD model is pointed at 18/25 mpg.
  • The second engine option is a 5.7-liter V-8 unit, producing 390 lb-ft of torque and 350 hp. AWD also comes in this unit, and it is rated at 22 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg in the city for the rate.
  • The third option is a 3.0-liter V6, and it can bring power to 240 hp and 420 pounds of torque.
  • The SRT model is coming with a 604-liter V-8 engine and brings 470 pound-feet of torque and 475 horsepower. The standard system of the all-wheel-drive at least 19 mpg on the highway and 13mpg in the city.
  • The Trackhawk model will be facilitated by a 6.2-liter V-8 of the supercharged engine, which produces 645lb-ft of torque and 707 horsepowers. The AWD itself is the only option with a rate of 11/17 mpg.

To sum up, all the engines could work with an automatic transmission of 8 speeds. However, it is still possible for the new 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee to get a hybrid engine with more supporting details.

Exterior Changes

Although there is no official revelation about the exterior redesign, the rumor says that the new Jeep Grand Cherokee will likely come with a new platform, as we call an Alfa Romeo “Giorgio” design.

This design comes to the current Stelvio and Alfa Romeo Giulia models. The new D-pillar or shark fin design will come to this model as like on Renegade. However, this new jeep will come with a lighter bodyweight, which, of course, will affect the entire performance.

Headlights and Rear Tail Lights. Besides, it is believed that the new bone of the car will be more attractive in design and look more muscular; it is likely will have a seven-slot grille and tall profile. The styling might be changed, too, and it will get some minor adjustments at the front and the back of fascias, such as the headlights and the rear tail lights.

The headlights probably have a similar shape and look to the Previous Cherokee. It means you will get a “switchback” signature lighting when the white LED lights flash while the turning signal is activated.

The rear tail lights still follow the current Jeep lines with the long but narrow lenses set closer.

The bumpers might look more aggressive than the Summit, and the wheels would be pushed further to the corners to improve handling.

Interior Updates

The new jeep will offer a three-row seat design with E-segment SUV in a mid-size for the seats. You will essentially notice the continuation of the WK series with a new body code in one set.

You will also see that the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee will share much more with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio with some differences. It is because some Jeeps will have lower prices but must be practical off-road.  In fact, there is not much contradiction between the two.

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee New generation Interior

New Features

The Level 2 self-driving technology will amazingly support the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This technology enables you to steer, brake, accelerate, and change your lines when you drive on the long highway, as you can see in the Cadillac Super Cruise system.

The Level 2 self-driving is predicted to come in 2020, while Level 3 is planned for 2021. Other than technologies of the new car include:

  • 360⁰ views from inside the vehicle
  • A 12-inch vertical center screen, although it could be optional
  • The LED headlamps are on higher-end models and likely will across the board, although it remains on the standard model
  • The Uconnect updated system will offer a new Uconnect with a heads-up display and an improved parallel and perpendicular park assistance
  • A hands-free power liftgate

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

this version is not designed for trails; it is made to conquer city streets with their fierceness and wild performance. With 707 horsepower produced by the V8 Hellcat Supercharged in it, making it the most powerful and most expensive Jeep ever.

Even though he is an SUV equipped with excellent agility abilities, he can tow up to 7200 pounds.

Cherokee Trackhawk has not received any changes since it was sold in 2018 ago, 2020 Cherokee Trackhawk will receive a few updates, including:

  • New yellow Trackhawk badge on its liftgate
  • Single-pane sunroof
  • New 20-inch wheels options
  • Two-tone black-gray premium leather interior
  • Upgraded exterior lighting package

Finally, the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee is redesigned to be lighter, improved fuel economy, and upgraded on-road handling. It is also said that this new Jeep Grand Cherokee will target the current market with the same size, similar body construction, and two or three rows of seats with an optional V8.

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Price & Configuration

  • Laredo E 4X2: $34,000
  • Laredo E 4X4: $36,000
  • Upland 4X2: $37,000
  • Upland 4X4: $37,800
  • Altitude 4X2: $38,490
  • Altitude 4X4: $40,790
  • North Edition: $38,895
  • Limited 4X2: $40,200
  • Limited 4X4: $42,200
  • Limited X 4X2: $45,295
  • Limited X 4X4: $47,295
  • Trailhawk: $45,400
  • Overland 4X2: $46,940
  • Overland 4X4: $49,940
  • High Altitude 4X2: $43,685
  • High Altitude 4X4: $52,685
  • Summit 4X2: $53,090
  • Summit 4X4: $56,090
  • SRT: $69,140
  • Trackhawk: $87,645

You can also get a second-hand 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee at a lower price. Which is starting around $ 27,000 to $ 50,000.