2020 Chevy Traverse: Changes, Hybrid, Release Date

2020 Chevrolet Traverse: – The Chevrolet Traverse is a favorite mid-size crossover SUV for many families. It is not surprising. After all, the lineup emphasizes a comfortable interior and large cargo space, both of which every family needs. The previous Traverse has shown as that the model stays true to the lineup theme: a capable and comfortable mid-size crossover SUV.

2020 Chevy Traverse Price and Release Date

The question is, will the upcoming 2020 Chevy Traverse does the same? What kind of redesign, performance, and features will it come with? When will the upcoming Traverse is going to be released and how much will it cost? Don’t worry. We have the possible answers below.

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2020 Chevy Traverse Redesign

Will the 2020 Traverse get a major redesign? It is unlikely. The lineup just got a major redesign in 2018. Since a major redesign happens once in a few years, we are not likely to see a major redesign for the 2020 model. In other words, the exterior and the interior of the 2020 Traverse will resemble its predecessor.

Although a major redesign is unlikely to happen, that doesn’t mean there will not be any changes. As the 22020 Chevy Traverse is designed for 2020, we can expect some minor changes in its exterior and interior. These changes will not change the overall look of the mid-size crossover SUV. Rather, it will emphasize what the lineup has all this time: comfort, large cargo space, and capability.

For the exterior, the 2020 model will look more or less the same as the previous model. Since it is designed for 2020, we can expect Chevrolet to give the 2020 model some emphasizes such as more distinguished linings to make it look more fitting for a 2020 mid-size crossover SUV. The exterior is decent, but it is nothing more than that. After all, the emphasis of Traverse lineup is always in its interior.

2020 Chevy Traverse Interior

The overall look of the interior will look similar to the previous Chevrolet Traverse. The lineup is known to be able to carry a lot of passengers. For the 2020 Traverse, it should be able to accommodate up to eight adults passengers in its three-row seating just like the 2019 Traverse.

Not only the interior will be spacious enough for passengers, but there will also be enough space for the cargo as well. If the passengers’ seats are full, there is a cargo space of up to 23 cubic feet available. This cargo space can be increased farther to 58.1 cubic feet by folding the second row, and almost 100 cubic feet if the seats are placed out of the way. There is also storage with 10 inches depth under the floor, too.

The materials used for the interior and features included will depend on the trim level. As usual, the higher the trim level, the better material, and more features included.

2020 Chevy Traverse Interior Capacity

2020 Chevy Traverse Engine Specs

The base model of new Chevrolet Traverse is powered by a 3.6L, V6 engine capable of delivering up to 310 horsepower with 266 lb-ft of torque. This engine is mated with a 9-speed auto transmission gearbox.  The fuel economy with front-wheel drive is rated 18 mpg for city, 27 mpg for highway, and 21 combined while all-wheel drive is rated 17 mpg, 25 mpg, and 20 mpg, respectively.

There is also another engine, a 2.0L, four-cylinder engine capable of delivering up to 255 horsepower with 295 lb-ft of torque. This engine does not come with all-wheel drive and is limited with front-wheel drive only. The fuel economy is rated 20 mpg for city, 26 mpg for highway, and 22 mpg combined.

As for the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse, we expect it to get the same engines as the previous Chevrolet Traverse. These engines are quite capable of doing their tasks. As such, it is unlikely to be changed. Some tweaks and/or updates are possible, though.


The base trim level should come with features such as 18-inch wheels, a 7-inch display for MyLink infotainment system, keyless entry and start, LED running lights, tri-zone climate control, a rearview camera, outside heated mirrors, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, and six USB ports. The higher trim levels will get these standard features and more.

2020 Chevy Traverse Release Date and Price

So far, Chevrolet has yet to make an official statement regarding when will the 2020 Chevy Traverse makes its debut. Although currently, we don’t know when will the release happen, we can safely expect that it will be released somewhere in 2019. It is also possible that the upcoming Traverse will be released in early 2020. However, we think it is less likely to happen considering the general trend of car release.

As for the price range, it will be very close to the price range of the previous model. The starting price of the previous model is in $30,000 range for the basic trim level and over $50,000 for the highest trim level. The same can be expected for the upcoming 2020 Traverse.


As a mid-size crossover SUV, we expect the 2020 Chevy Traverse to be able to provide comfort, large cargo space, and capability at least at the same level as its predecessor. It is likely that the 2020 model will carry on most parts of the 2019 model, with possible minor changes, tweaks, and updates here and there.

That being said, we hope that the 2020 model should be able to provide more than its predecessor. The competition in the SUV segment is quite fierce with many manufacturers fight for market share. If Chevrolet wants to get a good market share, it should improve the 2020 Traverse so it can stand out from the rest. What do you think?


The 2020 Chevrolet Traverse is designed to be a 2020 model. Currently, no one knows exactly how the upcoming Traverse will look like. What we tell you here are things that you can expect from the 2020 model. That being said, we try to be as close as possible to reality using the previous models in the lineup as a basis for our expectation. Also, the image we use in this article is merely illustration as there is no real image has been released yet.