2020 Toyota Sienna Review; Redesign, Hybrid Engine, Price & Trims

The 2020 Toyota Sienna offers driving comfort, with a spacious interior and reliable engine performance; if you want a more powerful one, Toyota provides an All-wheel drive as an option. There is nothing wrong with this minivan.

Toyota Sienna has been on the market for twenty years. The first Sienna was launched back in 1998, and it has become a minivan of choice for many families. If you are a fan of Sienna, the good news is that we will see a new model soon: the New Toyota Sienna.

While not many exact details about the upcoming minivan are known, there are things that we can expect from it. Here in this article, we will discuss its redesign, performance, release date, and price. Interested? Just read on.

2020 Toyota Sienna Hybrid XLE Minivan Exterior Changes

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2020 Toyota Sienna Redesign Exterior & Interior

On the one hand, the Sienna lineup has been in the market for years. As such, we expect the 2020 Toyota Sienna to have the main formula as its predecessor.  On the other hand, as it is meant to be a 2020 model, we will see some major redesigns for its exterior and interior.  After all, if Sienna doesn’t keep up with its competitions, it will negatively affect its sales number.

What can we expect from the redesign? First, the redesign should change the minivan’s look, albeit not to the point it became unrecognizable. Second, the redesign will improve the level of comfort and driving experience for the passengers. Third, the redesign will have a modern touch in it both for the exterior and interior.

  • Exterior Changes

Speaking of the exterior redesign, you can see it directly when you look at it at its front. The 2020 Toyota Sienna comes with a brand new grille. This new grille extends from the lower part of the front bumper up to the hood line. With a matte black finish, it gives the minivan an imposing, aggressive look.

There are also two air-intake scoops at the front bumpers. Without a doubt, this pair of air-scoops gives a sporty look for the minivan. The upcoming minivan also comes with two LED foglights, which also have a matte black finish. Moving up, you can see the hood is quite short. It doesn’t mean it is bad, though. In fact, the short hood blends very well with the minivan’s contours that run along its sides and back.

On both sides, the upcoming Sienna has side mirrors that look futuristic, which further enhances the minivan’s overall look. And just like the fog lights, the taillights of the upcoming minivan also feature LED technology.

As you can see, these redesigns improve the appearance of the minivan. The redesigns make the minivan aggressive, imposing, and sporty; they also make the minivan fit look very well for a modern car. Thanks to these redesigns, the minivan looks even better than its predecessor while preserving the formula of the Sienna lineup.

  • Interior Updates

The exterior gets various interesting redesigns. What about the interior? Will it get the same treatment? Apparently yes. The interior also comes with various redesigns. We expect these various redesigns will improve the level of comfort and driving experience for the passengers while looking great.

Let’s start with the steering wheel. The 2020 Toyota Sienna’s steering wheel has a sporty design. It features a 3-spoke design with curves and several rows of buttons that can be utilized to control the minivan’s various systems.

2020 Toyota Sienna Interior Features

In the center of the dashboard, there is an 8-inch display that provides the passengers with the infotainment system, the navigation status of the car, and other features. On both sides of the screen, there is an air vent.

Below the large screen, there is a row which consists of 3 control buttons. These control buttons allow the passengers more direct control over the infotainment system and the minivan’s comfort. Between the control knobs, there is a 3-inch screen that provides the data of the interior conditions.

The above are the features. What about the look? The look of the interior is quite good. It looks premium, at the very least. There is a wooden panel located between the center stack and the front passenger’s section.

That’s not the only appeal of the interior, though. The dashboard and the seats come with leather upholstery. The leather upholstery is available in several colors, such as white, beige, brown, grey, and black.

In terms of carrying capacity, the minivan can carry 8 adult passengers. Of course, with comfort for all of them. The roof above features a sliding glass, a great addition for the minivan, and an airy appeal. With all these redesigns, the 2020 Toyota Sienna is a joy to ride.

Engine Performance & Fuel Economy

Will we see a change under the hood? It seems likely. There is a good likelihood that the 2020 Toyota Sienna will have a better engine than its predecessor.  As far as we know, the upcoming Sienna’s planned engine will be a 3.5L V6 engine capable of generating as high as 266 horsepower. With this kind of engine, the new Sienna will reach 60 mph in no more than 8 seconds. This is quite a feat in the minivan segment.

The engine is going to use gasoline. As far as we know, diesel and hybrid engine seems unlikely. For the transmission, the engine will be paired with an eight-speed auto transmission gearbox. In terms of fuel economy, the engine is rated to have a mileage of 20/25 (city/highway) mpg.

2020 Toyota Sienna Release Date and Price

The New Toyota Sienna Already Available at the Toyota Dealership near you. the Price of this minivan starts at $31,640 for the L trims. 

Configurations & Price

  • L: $31,640
  • LE: $34,460
  • LE Auto Access Seat: $40,400
  • SE: $37,800
  • XLE: $37,790
  • XLE Auto Access Seat: $43,925
  • Limited: $44,535